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How to propose equipment for purchase

come on dr. parish thank you for taking time out of your day to listen to my proposal my name is Naomi that's an upon and I am proposing to purchase new equipment for Tulsa State University's College of Science and Technology the College of Science and Technology is composed of several departments many of the courses of these departments utilize labs to apply hands-on experience for students going through this program and within the lab to commit usage is a major part of the successful completion of the lab the objectives reviewed in the proposal will discuss how recent increase in Sierre only correlates to crew spending within the university and department as well as discuss issues that arise from the condition of the equipment and summarize how the previous goals reflect the need for a new equipment within the college tools or equipment that I use the labs are not in good condition causing students to be unsuccessful in the lab where the expected learning objectives are not met this becomes a problem because students are not able to apply what is being instructed in the classroom leaving the labs this graph is a representation of the university of romanian population through the years at Charlton of 2011 to 2015 30 2018 this steep slope increase represents the 25% increase of population of the years that's Harrelson between 2011 and 2015 working at Tarleton State University as one of the fastest growing public universities in Texas between the years of 2011 and 2016 it grew 32% murky 2016 the highest enrolled same population at 30,000 63 students and as a fall 2018 telethons population decrease from 30 2011 to in 2017 to 32,000 122 students and as tallington that continues to grow Easter probably will increase in size and these results reflects the university's need and accommodating the spike in student enrollment over the last several years there have been major contributions to expand and remodel the campus to accommodate for the spike in population an example which would be the 30 million that was invested into remodeling the Science Building in 2008 as well as the 5 million in constructing the nursery building and the Residence Hall 2010 in 2018 26 point four million in remodeling the football stadium and as I've recently granted by the state 54 million was given to construct a brand new engineering building this pie chart represents the dispersal of the College of Science a technology budget approximately $500,000 is the budget cost where 35% is given to faculty equipment technician and student wages 32% is but towards that several a biological field station where currently is undergoing a brand-new construction of a classroom 19% is given towards grants for example the National Science Foundation and research experience for undergraduates which is a grant given out to undergraduate students who is interested in going through an intensive research program through the college at Timberlake biological field station and the remaining percentage goes...

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