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Can I use eSignature for Construction?

Yes, you can use eSignatures for construction documentation, but only if you carefully choose the right software solution. Electronic signatures are legally equal to handwritten signatures since the adoption of ESIGN and UETA Acts. However, electronically approved documents will only be valid and legally binding if your eSignature service complies with industry regulations and meet the following requirements:
  • It must show that each part has a clear intent to approve a document and provide an option to refuse to do so.
  • It must ask and provide their consent to do business electronically.
  • It must provide an association of an eSignature with the record, meaning it can’t be transmitted to anyone separately from the document that was signed.
  • It must have a detailed audit log for all document transactions clearly showing when, by what user, and from what IP address it was approved.

If all of the above requirements are met, you can legally use your eSignature solution for construction forms. However, if even one point is missing, you should choose another eSignature tool. signNow fully complies with all major eSignature standards, including ESIGN, UETA, GDPR, eIDAS, and others (you can check its compliance with all industry laws and data protection regulations at the Security and Compliance page). Therefore, you can use it to sign an HVAC contract for services online or any other building form and get a legally-binding document at any time.

Are there any legal requirements for eSignature for construction?

No, there are no special requirements for eSignatures used on building forms and agreements apart from those mentioned in the ESIGN and UETA regulations. The only condition is you must use a compliant eSignature solution to ensure your paperwork is legally-binding and court-admissible. You can use signNow to sign a proforma invoice template or other building forms. There’s no need for these documents to be witnessed or notarized like some of the legal forms (e.g., wills or some family law templates). So if you need to sign an engineering proposal template or ask other parties to sign a residential construction proposal electronically, you only need to upload these samples into your signNow account and get your task done in a couple of clicks. The approved copies will be available for all parties for download, as stated in the eSignature legal acts.

How do I write and sign an equipment rental agreement template online?

First, upload a sample to your signNow account from your device or the cloud and open it in the editor. Use the left-side toolbar to add fillable fields for Text, Date/Time of signing, Checkbox, and Signature Fields. Assign Roles to each fillable area and make them conditional if needed. Scroll down the toolbar to add fields for yourself to fill out. Use the My Signature option to approve your form, save changes, and invite other parties to sign an equipment rental agreement template online via the Invite to Sign request or with the Create Invite Link option. In addition to the rental, you can sign an equipment purchase proposal.

How can I sign the construction contract template electronically?

With signNow, you can easily approve any construction documentation online with your laptop or mobile device. If you’re using a mobile device for eSigning, you can even approve your agreement while you’re offline. Then later you can sync your account once your connection is restored to apply any document changes. Upload your sample and open it in the editor. Complete the blank fields by using tools from the Fill Out Myself toolbar on the left if needed. Use the Today’s Date, My Initials, and Text fields to provide your information and the details regarding the document approval, then drop the My Signature field where you need it to appear. You can type in your full name and customize its look, upload an image of your handwritten signature, or draw it to sign your construction contract template electronically.

When done, you can save changes to your document and collect eSignatures from other parties via email request or secure signing links. Provide their email addresses and personalize a message for them. You can also set up dual-factor authentication if needed and ask your contractors to sign an architectural proposal template online, sign a distribution agreement, or send them other building forms for approval. Recipients don’t need an account with signNow to approve your contract — they only need to give their consent to do business electronically, fill out blank areas with their details, and apply their electronic signatures.

How do I write and sign a home improvement contract electronically?

First, you need to upload an agreement template to your signNow account and adjust the template with fillable fields in the tool’s built-in editor. Verify that all fields have Roles assigned to them for every part of the agreement. Drop the My Signature field and select the signing method you prefer: upload an image of your signature, draw it, or type it. Next, share the template with the other party via email request or signing link. If you both are in the same room during the document approval, you can use the in-person signing option for faster and more convenient document signing. To do so, open the signNow app on your mobile device and use the Kiosk Mode feature. It allows you to sign a home repair contract electronically with your contractor on the same mobile device. Check the Help Center for detailed instructions on how to apply this feature.
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