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hey there lavinda here I'm going to use a tool a web app called hello sign to sign a w-9 it has a free version which is three documents a month so if you're just doing a one-off kind of thing like sending someone a w-9 this will be the perfect app for that what you'll want to do is in the part where the requester is just don't put any name in there and then you'll be able to send to many people the same w9 so what we are doing here is we just clicked on a upload document get a copy of the w9 from the IRS website so you will have one you can upload files from Dropbox or Google Drive and places like that which is kind of neat that's how I first learned about it because it was integrated with Google Drive years ago like in 2010 or so when I first started using this application so once the file is uploaded you want to use these tools up at the top to drag into place and type in your information if you notice in the upper right corner there is a little blue indicator that comes up that is it's saving your work along the way so you don't have to worry about losing anything you do want to sign up for the account though because like I said you do get up to three a month so that's really good for something like this so on this one here you put in your name on the top line and if you are doing it as a company then you put that on the second if you're doing as a company you may want to use your EIN instead of your social security number but you can always even with an LLC really you could use your social security number because it does not matter at all so I'm just doing a demonstration here you can also drag and when you're dragging in the text fields then you can move them once you get them typed into there I blurred out my dress but I had already put that in there so okay that's a secret there you go so I'm just getting those things in there and moving them just right and somebody is texting me to pieces so for the e I in here I just typed in the numbers and then I kind of just use the spacebar to get the get the numbers where I need it for them to be just off of the line so that they're just legible right so I'm just moving moving them over getting them in there and there you go so when you're done with that you can drag in the signature block you can draw it in type it in or if you haven't up a scan of your signature that you've always used then I mean that that you've used before so you can just put that in there and that will show up on the document okay you can also use your smart phone to do it so you know there's a lot of ways to get your signature in there okay drag in the date that's going to be Auto populate it for you click on continue and you'll be taken back to the home page here where are you where you just fill out who is getting this document you can also send it you can also decide to send it to yourself and you can put a little message on there as well so we're gonna send that and then it will come in your email and their email and you have a signed document you'll notice at the top here there is a place that you can download it and also forward it okay so I hope that was helpful bye for now

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