Enable Session Inactivity Timeout on iOS

Using the SignNow mobile app, you can easily configure how long the app will remain active in the background before closing or requiring authentication.
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What’s the session inactivity timeout on iOS?

This feature allows users to configure how long the app should be in the background or closed before requiring authentication.

Follow our steps below on how to require authentication and activate a session inactivity timeout:

1. Launch the iOS app and log into an account.

2. Open the side menu and select Options >> Security >> Require Authentication

3. Select a time interval

4. Press the device’s home button to exit the app

5. Wait longer than the time interval selected in step 3

6. Re-open the app. Depending on the device settings, one of the following authentication screens will be displayed: a) Touch ID enabled for the current user b)Touch ID available but not enabled for the current user c) Touch ID not available.

7a. If the Cancel button is pressed for the Touch ID prompt, the password prompt will be displayed with the Touch ID button enabled allowing the user to choose between either authentication method.

7b. If Touch ID is available but not enabled for the current user, the Touch ID button will be translucent and pressing it will present an error message.

7c. If Touch ID is not available for the iOS device, the Touch ID button will be hidden.

8. Authenticate using Touch ID or password to regain access to the account or tap “Log into a different account” to be signed out and taken to the login screen.


  • Spotlight Search will be disabled unless “Never” is selected in step 3
  • The authentication screen will adjust for the keyboard in landscape mode. For example, if a document is being viewed in landscape mode on the iPhone when the app enters the background, the UI elements on the authentication screen will shift up to make room for the keyboard when the password field is selected.
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