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With SignNow's shared document folders, you can easily distribute documents to members of your team both on your desktop and mobile devices.
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What are shared document folders and how do I view them?

Shared Document Folders are folders that allow users to share their documents with team members.

Follow these steps to display your shared documents folder on your iOS device:

  1. Open the sidebar, tap on Teams, and select the team.

2. Turn “Show Team Documents” switch to “on”.

3. The shared documents folder for that team will be displayed on the sidebar
4. Pull to refresh if the documents do not show up

For Web:

1. Select “view teams” and choose the team you want to create a folder for. If you do not already have a team set up, create a team by following these instructions.

2. Once you have selected your team, click “enable team documents” in the upper right corner.

3. Click “enable shared documents folder”.

4. Go back to your documents.

5. Click on “sample team documents” to view the folder.

6. To add documents to and from a Shared Documents Folder, click here.

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Fortune 500 #107
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INC magazine #1 franchise
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