Turn on the Kiosk Mode on iPad to collect signatures

Activate the Kiosk Mode on iPad to quickly and easily collect in-person signatures from multiple people. Be sure to use templates for this feature.

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How to signnow kiosk mode?

First and Foremost

Kiosk Mode can only be used with templates, so you’ll have to make sure that whatever document you want to use has been made into one. If you have a free trial on the web, download the SignNow app on an iPad, login with the same account, and start Kiosk mode with a template.

Making a Template From An Existing Document

Step 1 – Navigate to Your Documents Folder

Step 2 – Tap On the Document and Select “Template”

Step 3 – Name Your Template

This will be prepended to all the individual documents that are created from it.

Entering Kiosk Mode

Step 1 – Tap on the Template and Select “Kiosk Mode”

Step 2 – Enter a Passcode for Kiosk Mode

This will be used to exit kiosk mode.

Step 3 – Re-enter the Passcode

Just to make sure there are no typos.

Step 4 – Configure Kiosk Mode with Custom Messaging

You can edit all of the messaging to suit your particular needs.

Optional Review Step

This allows you to review the client’s information after they tap Done but before it is finally saved.

Filling Out a Document With Kiosk Mode

Step 1 – Read Welcome Message and Click OK

Again, this text can be customized to say whatever you need it to.

What You See When You Click “How to Sign”

There are three slides that give signers some instructions on how to use to sign.

Step 2 – Fill in the Document and Tap on the Checkmark

Using fields makes it considerably easier for signers and reduces the likelihood of errors while filling out. Learn more about Fields.

Review Step, If Enabled

This is where the Review Step would pop up, rather than the “Are you done signing?”

Step 3 – The “Done” Message Appears

And this, too, can be customized to your liking from the initial settings screen. Once the signer has filled out the document and you click ok, a new document will appear for the next signer.

Exiting Kiosk Mode

Step 1 – Tap the X in the Top Left Corner and Select “Exit Kiosk Mode”

There is also the option to Erase and Restart, which presents the signer with a completely blank form.

Step 2 – Enter the Passcode

This ensures that nobody but those authorized are able to exit Kiosk Mode and access other parts of the app.

Reviewing Documents Created From Kiosk Mode Templates

Step 1 – Navigate to the Documents Folder

Each document created from a template that was used with Kiosk Mode will use the template name with the completion date and time appended to the end.

Step 2 – Review the Actual Document

All of the information that the client entered (in our case, Sonya Chur) is intact.

The crucial conceptual advantage of the SignNow e-signature solution for enterprise automation is a single data area that goes beyond the company but provides a distinctive business procedure. You may turn on the Kiosk Mode on iPad to collect signatures, give an invitation link to your companions, suppliers or teammates. Our innovative solution simplifies the analytical and audit steps. It lets you control the workflow much more flexibly without the assistance of additional . You may indirectly strengthen the relationship between partners and allow them to boost customer satisfaction.

How to fill out and sign a ipad kiosk:

  1. Create your profile free of charge or log in if you already have one particular.
  2. You can sign in with the Single sign-on feature if you possess the PDFfiller profile.|If you possess the PDFfiller account, you can sign in using the Single sign-on feature
  3. Transfer the data file from your portable or desktop gadget.
  4. In addition, you can upload the necessary file from your cloud storage. Our browser-based platform works with probably the most recommended repositories: Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox.
  5. Easily make changes to your form sophisticated but straightforward PDF Editor.
  6. Type the textual content material, include graphics, leave your annotations or comments, etc..
  7. You can set up fillable elements of various kinds: text message or date, calculated or dropdown, and much more.
  8. Organize and put in place the attachment request.
  9. Insert the Signature Field for emailing to sign and gather in-person or multiple e-signatures. You may self-sign the form if relevant.
  10. Complete editing using the Done button and go on to turn on the Kiosk Mode on iPad to collect signatures.

SignNow is the best decision for automation of business procedures and solution to turn on the Kiosk Mode on iPad to collect signatures and speedy challenges concluding for companies of all levels when it comes to workers and complexity. Users can interact both externally and internally with providers and customers. Check out all of the benefits now!



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