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NON-MARITAL COHABITATION AGREEMENT How to complete this document. Option 1: This document is in Microsoft Word format. You should be able to see fields for completion that are gray shaded areas. If you do not, go on your toolbar to “View”, “Toolbars” and check “Forms”. You should now be able to see the fields. If you do not see a gray box here ( ) you do not have forms checked in the toolbars. Next, read the document and make any changes desired to the text of the document that are not fields. Next, click on the lock in the forms toolbar, or go to “tools”, “protect document” and check “forms” then OK. This will lock the document for completion. You may now complete all the fields on your computer and save the completed form. WARNING: If you lock the document and then complete the fields and then unlock you will lose the information you completed in the fields. Option 2: Make sure you can see the fields. See option 1. Revise the document text. Then click on each field to be completed and type the information you desire. This will replace the field with the information and the field will no longer exist.
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