Can I change an email address for my account? Is there an admin account that manages the users?

How to change account emails in airSlate SignNow

airSlate SignNow users can easily change their account email address any time they need without requesting assistance from support or an organization admin if they’re under someone’s subscription. All the account’s documents and templates will be automatically transferred from the old email.

To change your account’s email, follow the instructions below:

  • Click on the profile icon in the top right corner of your account and select Profile from the dropdown menu.

  • From the left-handed menu, go to the Settings tab.
  • In the Email section, click Change.

  • In the pop-up window, enter your new email address and current account password. Then, click Change.

  • Next, verify your new email from your inbox. The verification letter will be valid for thirty days. If you don’t pass the verification within this period, your email won’t be changed.

After the verification, you’ll be able to use your account as usual, without any additional settings. Your subscription will not change, and the cloud services won’t be disconnected if you have any. Your old email address will be displayed in the audit logs of documents for actions that were made before the email change.

Keep in mind that invites sent to your old email won’t be displayed in your account. You will be able to receive and sign a document to your old email only as an external signer. If you were a member of an organization with an enterprise subscription, you will be deleted.

Digital admins in airSlate SignNow

In airSlate SignNow, there are admins that manage different subscription types.

Small organization admins

In the case of Business and Business Premium plans, there is only one Admin who is a subscription owner. The Admin Console is available to them in the left-handed menu bar.

By entering the console, Admins can add new seats, view the history of users, and check the subscription type.

To add more users to their subscription, Admins can either click Invite User in the admin console and fill out a form for the new user or upload a file in .xls or .xlsx format to add multiple users at once from their database.

Enterprise Admins and Superadmins

To better manage larger businesses, the airSlate SignNow Enterprise plan offers two types of admins with different responsibilities.

Enterprise subscription owners can create several organizations in their accounts. For example, a separate organization for each company department. Each organization may have several Admins and Superadmins. The same user may become an Admin and Superadmin of several organizations at the same time. These positions are assigned by the airSlate SignNow support team upon request.

Superadmins have access to all documents, users, and other information in the subscription. The Superadmin’s console is available in the left-hand menu. Here’s what Superadmins can do:

  • check the statistics of signed documents and user activity
  • search for documents throughout the entire organization
  • create and customize a unified organization email template
  • choose a team that will be automatically shared between colleagues
  • establish integrations settings
  • view the templates of all Teams in the organization
  • connect to cloud storage services
  • connect airSlate SignNow to payment systems

Admins have the same opportunities, except for:

  • document searches
  • connecting cloud storage services
  • connecting payment systems


September 25, 2020

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