Can I post airSlate SignNow forms on my website?

You can create documents in airSlate SignNow and post them anywhere on the web with the help of a signing link.

How do I create a signing link?

Before creating a signing link, you have to add fillable fields to your document, otherwise, this option will be unavailable. Then, create a template if you want to reuse the form. If you don’t do it, the link will be deactivated as soon as the first signer completes the document. To create a template, click More on the document, and from the menu, select Make Template. Next, simply follow the simple steps below to generate a link.

  1. Go to your Templates folder and find the template you need.
  2. Click the Create Signing Link button.
  3. Tick Redirect after Signing and paste the link to the webpage if you want signers to be redirected there once they complete your form. For example, it can be your company’s main page.
  4. Copy the generated signing link.
  5. Post it on your website, blog, social media accounts, or any other public platform. You can also share it in messengers, chats, and newsletters.

Any time somebody completes your form, you’ll find a new document in your account marked with the green Signed label. The signer will be indicated as a ‘guest signer’ with a sequential number, as documents signed via airSlate SignNow signing links are completed anonymously.

How does the form completion look from the signer’s perspective?

When a signer clicks on the link, the procedure is as follows:

  1. The signer gets to the airSlate SignNow editor and sees the pop-up showing your request for them to complete and sign the document.
  2. They’ll then see the Start arrow that will guide them to the first field. The arrows will guide them throughout the entire document completion, and the number of required fields will be indicated in the header at the top.
  3. By clicking Settings, a signer can turn off the Guide via required fields options so that the arrows indicate all fields in the document, not just the required ones.
  4. In the Settings, a signer can also choose to decline the signing, download the document, check keyboard shortcuts, and select a language.
  5. Once the form is completed, they click Done.

How do I make fields required?

All the fields you add to documents or templates in airSlate SignNow are required by default. They’re darker in color than those fields that are not required and marked with a red asterisk. They’re mandatory for filling out, and the signer won’t be able to complete the signing session if they miss any required fields. If you want to make a field optional:

  • click on the field you want to change
  • on the right, you’ll see a field menu with different parameters
  • remove the tick in front of the Required parameter by clicking on it

In the field menu, you can also add labels, pre-filled text, and different types of validation to make the process of completion easier. You can set a limit of characters for a field as well.

September 25, 2020

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