How many documents can I send out? Is there a limit?

Some e-signature solutions enforce document and template limitations to make you pay more while offering something like five documents per month for their basic plans. As for templates, some basic plans may not include them or only allow you to send a couple. To get more templates, you will need to plank down more cash, starting from $40 per month.

This may not be a problem for those who use e-signatures occasionally. But if you work with electronic documents on a daily basis, it’s hard to work under such small limitations. It may even come as an unpleasant surprise if you’re a newbie in the world of e-signature solutions and haven’t taken into account all the subscription pitfalls and potential money wasted.

signNow doesn’t separate documents from templates, which means that you can turn any document into a reusable template. However, signNow also has limitations for sending out documents which vary depending on the subscription:

  • Free trial - 50 documents/invites per day
  • Business plan ($8 per month)  - 100 documents/invites per day
  • Business Premium plan ($15 per month) - 1,000 documents/invites per day
  • Enterprise plan ($30 per month) - 3,000 documents/invites per day

Is there any way I can send more documents?

Yes, there is. Upon request, signNow support may increase the document limit for a user. Before doing so, they will check the user’s history, subscription, and other significant details in order to avoid potential spam from the user’s side. For signNow, it’s important to build mutual trust with their customers and make sure that their product makes customers’ electronic workflows more convenient, efficient, and secure.

Do document limitations affect the features I can use?

No, document limitations have no effect on your subscription’s features. However, be aware of limitations when collecting data with features such as:

  • Signing Link - generating a document link and posting it on the web
  • Bulk Invite - sending out separate copies of a document to multiple people at once
  • Kiosk Mode - collecting in-person signatures while using your mobile device as a terminal

In all of these cases, signNow generates a copy for every new signer. When using Bulk Invite or Kiosk Mode, you can take into account the number of documents available to you and control the number of people who receive copies of your document, as well as the number of in-person signatures you can collect.

If you’re going to post a signing link on a platform with heavy traffic in order to collect information from hundreds of people, at some point signNow will stop generating new copies. To avoid interruptions in data collection, make sure that you have sufficient document capacity. If not, you can upgrade your plan for a more comfortable workflow or submit a request to support to have your limit increased.

September 25, 2020