Need to sign a PDF: what to start with?

Documents are something we have to deal with on a regular basis. This does not only relate to rare cases like buying/selling a house or apartment. There are business contracts, service invoices, health certificates, tax forms, etc., and all of them have to be signed. This is where electronic signature solutions come to the rescue.

Digital or electronic signature: which one to choose?

Due to the fact that the majority of documents are now in electronic form, the question arises: how to get an e-document signed? In fact, there is nothing complicated about it. The first thing to do is to find a software for creating eSignatures. A good example is airSlate SignNow. Secondly, it is advisable to clearly understand the difference between electronic and digital signatures to choose the one that suits your needs the most. Both terms digital and electronic refer to something virtual. However, in the case of signatures, there are significant differences:
  1. The main function of a digital signature is to secure a document while an eSignature is aimed at verifying it.
  2. Digital signatures are regulated by certification authorities and are more complicated to use as compared to eSignatures, which only require you to decide how to apply them.
  3. eSignature is mostly about showing intent to sign the document while a digital signature protects the document from unauthorized signing.


What are the benefits of an eSignature?

If to compare the electronic signature with its hand-written predecessor, a number of advantages are obvious:
  • 1. TimesavingHave you ever thought how much time is spent, or better to say wasted, on getting to (and from) the places where you need to sign this or that document? With eSignature solutions like airSlate SignNow, that is not an issue anymore. Within just a few clicks you get a legally-signed document regardless of where you are (at home, the office, on a bus, etc.).
  • save-money
  • 2. Cost-efficientJust imagine how many financial resources are spent on paper, ink and other printing supplies. Besides, you need to include document transportation fees as well as courier services. If to sum up all these expenses you will get a substantial amount of money. eSignature helps you avoid all the extra costs.
  • 3. Easy to useSome of you might think that ‘electronic’ means it can’t be used without certain knowledge. In fact, it can and without any difficulties. With airSlate SignNow, you can easily eSign a document following the simple and clear instructions provided.
  • 4. SecureElectronic signatures can have several forms: full name (any font), uploaded image of a hand-written signature or an autograph you make with a cursor or stylus. To receive access to your eSignature a hacker would have to find out your personal data like email with the password to it, telephone number, etc. Moreover, airSlate SignNow provides two-factor verification making e-documents double-protected.
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  • 5. Universal solutioneSignature is a useful tool for anyone, be it an individual, a big company with hundreds of employees or a private lawyer. airSlate SignNow makes it possible to sign or send for signing an unlimited number of documents per day. Besides, airSlate SignNow works on any device (desktop or mobile) regardless of the operating system.

How to sign a PDF document?

As has already been mentioned, you can send documents for signing to other people as well as receive something requiring your signature. In the first case, you create fillable fields for your recipients, add your signature (if needed) and then send the document. In the second case, with you being the recipient. The process is almost the same, however, the sender would have already added a fillable field for you to execute. Let us take a look at how to execute a document sent to your email with airSlate SignNow:
  1. Open your email and click on the airSlate SignNow invitation letter.
  2. Enter your first and last name in the Text field.
  3. Get familiar with the details of the document you are going to sign.
  4. Select the Signature field.
  5. Decide on the type of eSignature you want to use (typed name, uploaded image or cursor drawing) and add it.
  6. Check whether all the required fields are filled out.
  7. Press the Done button.

The bottom line

Technological progress is something developing really fast. e-Books, e-documents, eSignatures — everything is digitized. We just need to get used to these changes to make working processes easier and more efficient. Choose airSlate SignNow to get all the benefits of an electronic signature in one solution.
By signNow's Team
By signNow's Team
May 07, 2020

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