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[Music] welcome to the main part of the evening and um i'm very very pleased to invite maria and i'm going to give maria a wave this is the first time she's been on for the many mondays and i asked her to send me a little bit of a cv and uh i'm going to practice that cv that she sent me and said that she's worked in finance for 16 years um and in june last year through circumstances she decided to look at some different career options and got sidetracked because she began to find out quite a bit about climate control about diversity and the massive influences sorry the massive inequalities that not only exist in poorer countries but are right here in the uk um she actually joined the newly formed west cheshire um green new deal and of course met ann and a few other people who were on the on the call this evening um actually volunteered and said to him that she'd like to do a talk on for the many mondays and her talk this evening has been about gdp and dermot economics and maria is no expert she's no expert in this she readily admits it but she's looked into it she wants to um present it to us and she said that she'd be prepared to answer some questions as best she possibly can afterwards we could have a discussion and as i said i said to marie i'm always very happy to welcome someone new to for the many mondays someone who is not used to um speaking probably and giving presentations want to give it a go so please be um you know friendly towards maria all right no expert but let's have a listen to what she's got to say and i'm sure it would be very interesting maria over to you and if it can be recorded now and i'd be very grateful thank you very much indeed maria it's all yours you'll have to unmute yourself first i'll share my screen first oh screen sharing has been disabled that's it brilliant can you see that in presentation mode yes oh we can't we've got the other screen that's it you can see your first slide now right i'll start now i'm here today to share what i've been learning about gdp prosperity and donor economics as uh david's already said i'm not an academic i haven't done a presentation for 25 years so getting to grips with powerpoint powerpoint has been challenging um so go easy on me if you'd have told me 12 months ago that i would be sat here presenting on this topic i would have thought you were mad i had no understanding of gdp thought prosperity only related to how financially well-off you were and the only donor i would have been interested in was a jam doughnut but the last 12 months haven't been ordinary for any of us and for me the realization that i've been disconnected from many of the things that really matter came as a shock i lost my job um working in accounts so i use this opportunity to say take a step back and what i found in the world i found actually pretty frightening the pandemic has made many of us realize that our time on earth is precious and in issues that were previously overlooked are suddenly more important than ever before we're reflecting more on our impact on the planet and understanding that find that resources are not infinite during this time the def divide between rich and poor has grown further those on low incomes who or suffered job losses now have the additional challenge of homeschooling and feeding a family at home all day long food banks have therefore seen an increased demand and it has fallen to communities to provide laptops and other resources as well to those in need in contrast to this amazon has had an increasing net profit of 84 and ceo jeff bezos added 13 million dollars to his wealth in one day is this there scientists found that ethnic minorities were more likely to die of covid and this year saw protests ignited around the world demanding racial justice after the death of george floyd our society became one with polarized views where black lives matter was contested with all lives matter people grappled with conversations about colonialism white privilege institutional and systemic racism as the world came to a stop nature came into its own the air around us became cleaner wildlife returned to cities and for the most life slowed down our use of fossil fuels has increased the temperature of the atmosphere causing melting of the ice caps and increased sea levels if we can't keep within a 1. 1.5 degree increase the devastation will be immense so i've learned a lot in the last 12 months about the problems our planet is facing but it isn't all doom and gloom i hope this presentation educates and highlights how we can tackle these issues without putting additional pressure on the planetaries on the planet's resources so i'm going to look at gdp i'm going to look at gdp and how the continuous striving for growth has contributed to the climate and ecological crisis this is not only an environmental issue but on also an economic racial and social justice issue when we look at prosperity what we should be measuring in addition to gdp and finally donor economics how a new way of thinking about economics could change the trajectory of the climate catastrophe and the societal breakdown that's been predicted by scientists so this diagram is rosto's stages of economic growth he decide he describes five distinct phases that countries pass through in the process of economic development he compares the stages with that other flight the first phase traditional society would be the grounded plane and he's based on early society where output wasn't traded or recorded and barter would have been very common the next stage preconditions for takeoff is based on infrastructure so that development can take place so for example transport network and supplies the take-off stage relates to the industrial revolution so in the years approximately in the 1760-1840 with the introduction of manufacturing industries improved infrastructure and that's basically when culture massively started to change the next stage drive to maturity becomes self-sustaining wealth generation enables further investment in value-added industry and development industry becomes more diversified and increased levels of technology are utilized the final stage high mass consumption probably started around the 1930s to 40s in the uk and in this phase people generally have more wealth and buy more goods and services but there's a few things that we should consider when looking at this firstly although many countries are at the stage of high mass consumption there are many poorer countries that haven't yet made it past the takeoff stage secondly the wealth and infrastructure of britain and many other european countries is due to colonialism imperialism and slavery our railways bridges town halls canals libraries churches were all built on the back of slavery the government only finished paying slave owners in 2015 for the freedom of slaves so for whilst many people see this as historic racism for black people it still feels very recent thirdly high consumption assumes an infinite number of resources but as we are more and more aware the earth is finite and the rate resources are being used is not sustainable and puts many species on earth including humans at risk of extinction gdp measures were developed in this high mass consumption era as a way to value goods and services produced in the uk and estimate the size and growth of the economy the reasons for its development during the depression the second world war and not relevant to today's economy the 21st century needs a wider range of measures than the 20th century and in the donor economics book kate rollworth says that we should be agnostic or indifferent about gdp gdp growth and i'll talk about that a little bit later but finally and this is another very good point rostos diagram suggests never-ending growth but a plane can't stay in the air forever at some point it must land or arrive at its destination and catherine trebek and jeremy williams discussed this in their book the economics of arrival ideas for a grown-up economy what does mature economics look like so before we answer this question we need to look at a little bit of gdp closer so what does it tell us and more importantly what doesn't it tell us the government's always aim for gdp growth as it relates to the wealth of the prosperity of the country weak on negative growth in real gdp output that lasts at least two quarters is classed as a recession and if it turns into a year or more it becomes a depression so obviously governments want to avoid this but the gpd measure doesn't take into consideration the following current levels of consumerism and carbon emissions in richer countries such as ours are unsustainable for the environment in a broadcast that i watched recently george mumbir said that if all countries in the world achieved three percent growth each year continuing at current practices in the world we would be stripped of all its resources within 24 years now that's a stubborn thought this is due to our high fossil fuel lifestyles so whether that's lots of flight for work holidays our personal cars commercial vehicle transport and at the same time as this the earth is being stripped of other resources to feed our addictions to mobile phones laptops computers and our high meat diets land use that has been changed to produce crops for feeding cattle has devastating impacts on biodiversity and climate change and all these materials are finite it also doesn't take into account that britain's gd increasing gdp consumerism and high consumption lifestyles has consequences for other countries and to make this point i want you to look at these maps so this first map shows the co2 emissions per capita the ready the redder areas are the ones being the higher emission countries like usa australia and china the greener areas are those countries that me emit the least africa south america and parts of asia the next slide shows how vulnerable countries are to climate change so those in the yellow to red are those most vulnerable and the green being the least if you put those two side by outside they're almost mirror images so what you can see is that those that contribute the least to climate change are and will be affected more because and these countries are africa asia south america this makes it a racial justice issue our country's wealth was created on the back of slavery and now our wealthy lifestyle is damaging those countries as they are already suffering the effects of climate change wealthier countries also have the resources insurance and infrastructure to bounce back after flooding drought storms and other weather patterns caused by climate change those more vulnerable countries they haven't got those gdp growth doesn't necessarily mean improved living standards for all and depending on government policies there may actually be a lower living standard for many people i like this quote it's time to recognize that the richest countries have already arrived in the world long hope for there are more than enough material and monetary resources yet most economies do not operate in a way that appreciates or shares them very well the priority now is to make ourselves at home a very different task from that of pursuing more and more without regard to quality or distribution the divide between poor and rich has definitely grown with our current government so gdp doesn't take into consideration non-fine non-financial aspects of prosperity so i recently took part in a short course and the participants were asked what prosperity meant to them in one word here's some of the answers what would yours be and if you want to stick it in the chat we could look at it later if there's enough time so as kate rollworth says here's the conundrum no country has ever ended human deprivation without a growing economy and no country has ever ended ecological degradation with one so she goes on to say we we need to be agnostic about growth and by agnostic she doesn't mean simply not caring about whether gdp growth is not co is coming or not nor does she mean refusing to measure when it's happening or not she means in the sense of designing an economy that promotes human prosperity where the gdp is going up down or hold instead so because of the limitations in the danger of measuring a country solely based on gdp alternative methods of measuring prosperity have been developed and here's three we'll put the links in the chat so you can have a look better look at them if you want to so the first the happy planet index this ranks countries based on their ecological footprint the well-being of the people and the life expectancy of people the second one the legatum prosperity index measures economic quality business environment governance education health safety and security personal freedom social capital and the natural environment this was created to show which policies can lift people out of poverty and the last one the social progress index this divide defines what it means to be a good society based on three dimensions basic human needs foundations of well-being and opportunity it doesn't measure based on effort or intention but an actual achievement so for example instead of measuring what a company what countries spends on health care the length and quality of people people's lives are measured instead so these alternative methods should be playing a much more significant role in measuring the whole health of the economy oops the united nations agenda for sustainable development was launched in 2015 to end poverty and promote a healthy plate planet for all so these are the 17 sustainable goals that were adopted in 2015 and they demand a transformation of financial economic and political systems that govern our societies to guarantee the human rights of all so these sustainable development goals or sdgs have been agreed by all united nation member states the result of the paris agreement in 2015 was that 196 governments agreed to work to keep the world's average temperature well below rising to 2 degrees above what had been before the industrial revolution and preferably to keep it below 1.5 degrees the paris agreement represents a legally binding international treaty whereby each nation sets out its own goals and plans for reduction of greenhouse gases these are called national determined contributions or ndc's so the paris agreement signatories recognized that the ndc set weren't enough to limit global warming to 1.5 or 2 degrees and a 5-year cycle was introduced for every nation to renew their ndcs so this is this was postponed because of covid and it's now taking place in glasgow in november this year so and it's called cop26 this is an important date as decisions made here will literally determine the future of our planet the u.n report making peace with nature a scientific blueprint to tackle the climate biodiversity and pollution emergencies was released this week and in the press in the press conference um the un secretary general and the executive director of the un environmental program highlighted some of the problems we are facing these are the problems at the moment we're not on course for 1.5 percent and at the moment we are on course to be at three degrees by the end of this century and that will be catastrophic if we don't change that the 4.46 trillion dollars are spent in subsidies worldwide that damages the environment the world economy has grown fivefold in the last five decades millions of species of plants are at the risk of extinction disease caused by air pollution kills 6.5 million people each year 1.8 million are killed by pollution water pollution each year 1.3 billion are poor and 700 million hunger crop production has increased 300 since 1970 and that will partly be because of our growth in population 10 percent of forest cover has been lost since 1990 and natural capital declined by 40 percent it's a lot of big issues these are the things that they say needs to be done so all government should include natural capital in measures of performance they should all promote the circular economy shouldn't support agriculture that destroys nature a price should be put on carbon emissions for businesses shift subsidies from fossil fuels to low carbon solutions at the moment we're seeing very much a mixed the government's um subsi izing in some green but they're still very much subsidizing fossil fuels we need to transform how we view and value nature reflect nature's true value in our policies plans and economic systems investment in policies and activities that protect and restore nature and we need to see nature as an ally if we're to achieve the sdgs they say all is not lost ambitious and coordinated actions by government business and people can restore the planet to health human initiative technology and cooperation can transform societies and economies through shifting sectors like energy water food and support for alternative livelihoods and new business models economic systems can can power the shift to sustainability all these lead to the achievement of the sustainable development goals so this is kate raw worth's donut there's currently a movement of people organizations and cities that's taken the donuts a heart and changed the way that they do life to take into consideration both people and planet so the inner circle takes into account a social foundation of well-being that no one should fall below these are based on the un's sustainable goals the outer circle looks at the ecological ceiling of the planetary pressure which we shouldn't go beyond beyond when we don't overshoot the planetary boundaries and don't fall short of the social foundation we get into the doughnut and this is the safe and just place for humanity and this is what we want for all people but if we look at the next diagram this is the reality we are overshooting on climate change biodiversity and land conversion and billions of people are getting their most billions of people aren't getting their most fundamental needs met i think this is a powerful image in that it brings together two sides of the same coin social justice and climate and economic ecological justice and it shows how globally we need to make changes to tackle these creating city portraits is a methodology on the donor economics action lab website that helps cities to downscale and tailor the donut to their own setting and circumstances so in downscaling the donut you are invited to look at the sitter through these four lenses asking the following questions what would it mean for the people of this city to thrive what would it mean for the people of for this sitter to thrive within its natural habitat what would it mean for this sitter to respect the well-being of all people worldwide and what would it mean for this sitter to respect the health of the whole planet there are many cities amsterdam california cambridge to name a few that have adopted the donut to make changes in their sitter these donuts can be grass roots up where lots of volunteers get involved and make things happen or they can be more formal and involve local councils so no two cities are the same so no two donuts will be the same i thought about including what other cities are doing but then i thought maybe attempting to answer these questions for the cheshire west and chester area would be more relevant quack have declared both poverty and climate and ecological emergencies for our area the covid highlighted and exasperated inequalities in our area unemployment rose and so declines for universal credit food bank reliance double during lockdown and from an environmental point of view we are the fourth highest emitter of carbon in the uk because we have big industry so what can we do as people and organizations so these are my attempts at down scaling and these definitely aren't exhausted and what would you add or change so what would it mean for the people of chester to thrive i've put because because um we have declared a poverty emergency and food has been initial and community allotments growing food in your own garden locally produced food or grown food i'd seen social supermarkets quite recently and this seems like a really really good idea for two reasons um the food in the the products in these supermarkets comes from the main supermarkets but it's things that they're ready to throw out so rather than it going to landfill it goes to the social supermarket and then people who are struggling with poverty get to buy the products at a much much cheaper price so yeah i think that's a great idea so promoting green jobs and training so we could be retrofitting houses um this whole range of green jobs and there'll be lots of jobs coming up in industry specifically to target carbon emissions a recent um meeting i had with councillors they said industry was very on board trying to tackle those carbon emissions these jobs coming up in the energy sector due to the new wind farms and the hydrogen project one thing i thought we we could campaign for in particular is the nhs and in particular mental health we've seen massive increases in mental health issues over locked down and if the government would provide that funding that would provide a massive amount to the economy the other campaigning issues i put a universal basic income so it would cost the government 67 billion but that would virtually eliminate poverty and as um david said earlier if we can spend 22 billion on a track and trade system that really hasn't been very effective then surely 67 billion to completely wipe out poverty would be 67 billion well spent also i think a campaign for a free bus for all um people who are struggling financially get into interviews would be a problem so free boss would make a difference so what would it mean to thrive within its natural habitat there's lots of really good things going on just now um in in the quack area so i've put on there we should have some kind of formal protection of natural capital in the commons um i've got active travel because there's lots of things on active travel and use public transport where possible growing trees merseyside forest project is amazing project um i was watching um watching a talk about it a couple of weeks ago and the aim of the forest is to go from cheshire from merseyside all the way over to the east coast so we'll be planting in our area as well as part of merseyside forest this is the wetlands plunder um countess of cheshire country park and the council have invited people to um let them know where they think good areas would be to be rewired i think change of land use to increase biodiversity and they enable a more sustainable self-sufficient food supply is really important and i think that is something that possibly will happen because of changes of rules that's something definite to look out for campaigning on issues again the free bus for all because if we had a free bus more people would choose to use the bus rather than car i'm not saying everyone will and i'm not saying it's right for everyone but a lot more would use the bus and engage with your local mp re cop26 because it's really important that our government stand up and sign up to the highest possible policies to bring us um back in line to that 1.5 percent so what would it mean to respect the well-being of the people worldwide purchase items with a sustainable chain supply avoid fashion fast fashion um fair trade so we've got fair trade fortnight this week so that's a good opportunity to just have a look see what fair trade offers there is fair trade products sold at most supermarkets sponsor a child donate to charities that specifically tackle poverty through sustainable development sponsor a village um you might not want to do it yourself but if you've got a community of people you could do it um i've heard of churches doing it but it doesn't have to be a church support collaborative commons this was fairly new to me but i do think it's great that basically the collaborative commons is where information is made available to people um rather than trademarking it so a lot of people in um the third world countries might use it because it'll give them the instructions on how to build a solar panel panel unit so they can power their house rather than using cutting down trees to burn one of the things that i did see which fascinating is a potato with metal on each side and it's used as a conductor to generate electric like a battery so i thought that was really interesting and campaigning on issues so international aid especially in light of the uk's budget cut from 0.7 to 0.5 and cut world debt what would it mean to respect the health of the whole planet biggest thing i think is making changes to our consumer lifestyles in order that we can prevent the effects of climate change elsewhere or if you want to invest you can invest in solar energy in those poorer countries or donations for sustainable projects ensuring waste problems in the quack area stay in the quack area and are not sent abroad and campaigning on issues such as deforestation of the amazon and using purchase power to make supplies act ethically as david said i am part of the westchester green new deal and we're currently campaigning for green jobs to help the economy recover from covid and also working on a free bus campaign to reduce carbon emissions we're a friendly bunch with a mixed background and we're always looking for new volunteers so the link's going in the chat please get in touch i will end with this quote by desmond tutu which i think sums up how my thinking has changed over the last year bringing people together is what i call ubuntu which means i am because we are far too often people think of themselves as just individuals separated from one another whereas you are connected and what you do affects the whole world when you do well it spreads out it's for the whole of humanity so our economics should reflect that we're all connected all people and the whole of the planet and what we do affects all thanks for listening and i hope you've enjoyed the presentation well thank you very very much maria um absolutely tremendous amount of substance there um i don't really know where to start in lots of ways but i can actually guarantee almost that everyone who's been missing on this will agree with the vast majority of points that you brought up um and i and it's quite frightening when you actually look and i made a note of this somewhere when you actually look at that slide which you brought up about the sustainable development goals and if you actually went through those 17s i wonder how many of them in the uk were actually on target for and the frightening thing which i think is very few and i think it's a political will that we've come up against and and that's when we bang our head against it and also big business we are still getting a situation whereby they want to open a coal mine up in cumbria um and to me that's getting government support and thank goodness the people in cumbria are standing firm against it at this present moment but if we go down that route we're not interested in anything green we're not interested in anything sustainable and it just shows that it once again it's for the few and not the many now what i want to do [Music] you

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How to sign a PDF on an Android

  1. In the Google Play Market, search for and install the airSlate SignNow application.
  2. Open the program and log into your account or make one if you don’t have one already.
  3. Upload a document from the cloud or your device.
  4. Click on the opened document and start working on it. Edit it, add fillable fields and signature fields.
  5. Once you’ve finished, click Done and send the document to the other parties involved or download it to the cloud or your device.

airSlate SignNow allows you to sign documents and manage tasks like industry sign banking california ppt safe with ease. In addition, the security of the info is top priority. Encryption and private web servers can be used for implementing the most recent features in information compliance measures. Get the airSlate SignNow mobile experience and work more efficiently.

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airSlate SignNow
Zack Stevens

What do you like best?

The price of the product is great. Functionality could be made more simple with correct sizing of boxes.

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Fast, reliable, cost effective eSignature systems
Consultant in Management Consulting

What do you like best?

Compared to competitive systems, this one gives me the best flexibility at the lowest cost. Introduced to me by my CPA, I found it easier and faster to use. I highly recommend this system.

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Very user friendly and achieves great results!
User in Leisure, Travel & Tourism

What do you like best?

Our business used to be paper and pen based and dealing with international clients took an age to receive completed documents. This has been a game changer for our business.

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Frequently asked questions

Learn everything you need to know to use airSlate SignNow eSignatures like a pro.

How do you make a document that has an electronic signature?

How do you make this information that was not in a digital format a computer-readable document for the user? " "So the question is not only how can you get to an individual from an individual, but how can you get to an individual with a group of individuals. How do you get from one location and say let's go to this location and say let's go to that location. How do you get from, you know, some of the more traditional forms of information that you are used to seeing in a document or other forms. The ability to do that in a digital medium has been a huge challenge. I think we've done it, but there's some work that we have to do on the security side of that. And of course, there's the question of how do you protect it from being read by people that you're not intending to be able to actually read it? " When asked to describe what he means by a "user-centric" approach to security, Bensley responds that "you're still in a situation where you are still talking about a lot of the security that is done by individuals, but we've done a very good job of making it a user-centric process. You're not going to be able to create a document or something on your own that you can give to an individual. You can't just open and copy over and then give it to somebody else. You still have to do the work of the document being created in the first place and the work of the document being delivered in a secure manner."

How to electronically sign a pdf document?

What is the best way to scan and print a pdf document? How to print a pdf documents? How to digitally sign a signed pdf document? How to scan and digitally sign a scanned pdf document? Why use a pdf for electronic documents? What pdf to use on a desktop, laptop or mobile device? PDF Is there something wrong with my scanned, pdf file? I scanned it with the wrong application. I used Adobe Acrobat, and after I print it, I can't get it to work. I'm getting "Can not print the PDF document" If I get "Can not print the PDF document: this file is already saved", how do I get the file back? Can I use a pdf on a mobile device? I have an iPad, and I'm trying to use it as a desktop for a pdf document. I am trying to use the pdf on my mobile device and the pages don't go along with the paper I'm using for a PDF document. I have read in different places that you cannot use a pdf or any format for a document that is not a word doc or pdf document. But, in the examples that I have looked at, when a printer or scanner was used, the document works without problems. Here are some examples that work: If the pdf can be opened in any program that it is supposed to be opened, including word doc or pdf program, the document will print correctly. It doesn't need the "Acrobat Reader" to view it. Examples: A signed paper is scanned using a scanner that has an image preview in the application that is designed to use the pdf file. A scanned pdf file is opened in Adobe Acr...

How to do a reusable electronic signature?

If you are using an old printer that doesn't have the option to print a digital signature, or a scanner that only allows you to print the first two numbers, you may have to use an Arduino or Raspberry Pi to create the signature from scratch. Here's how: 1. Install Arduino If I was to write this tutorial, I would've written it from scratch. The Arduino IDE is free and open source. It can be downloaded from the Arduino website and the download page has instructions on how to install it. Arduino is a wonderful tool for creating electronic circuits, as well as making electronic circuits out of electronic parts. The Arduino website has a section in the software downloads that has the Arduino IDE installed for free (although you can pay to get a pro version of the IDE which has more features). Download the Arduino IDE, follow the instructions on the page, download the latest Arduino software package (.zip) and unzip it. 2. Install the USB Drivers If you are using an older version of Windows, it may not have the USB drivers needed for the Arduino IDE. Download the USB drivers for your version of Windows and install them as necessary. 3. Download the Arduino software package from the Arduino website The Arduino software package is a zip file which has the .zip file inside of it. Unzip that zip file and copy the contents of this archive to any location on your computer. 4. Create a new software project To create a new project, click File – New – Project. You'll be asked to...