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How do i industry sign banking new york rental application

hi this is Gus wait from Station Cities I'm a lifelong New Yorker one of the great things about using us to rent or buy your first apartment in New York so we have thousands of relationships with brokers landlords and service providers today we're going to go talk to one of them Aaron Victor singer of the guarantors who's especially helpful for foreign nationals who have no US credit history or domestics who have issues with their credit so let's go check it out to see how it can help you hi my name is Gus Wade I'm the managing broker for stationed cities here in New York City and we're a division of dwell works which transfers over 32,000 people a year worldwide and I'm here today with Aaron Victor sin of the guarantors who's going to talk about how he can help some of our clients secure their first apartment in New York so Aaron thank you for joining me thank you for coming on in absolutely now before we get started who are the guarantors what do you guys do so we're an insurer tech company and our mission is to make housing more accessible to people and to lower the financial barriers to entry and we were actually founded by an international student or CEO Julian came over from France you know coming to business school thought this was gonna be the easiest transition of his life whilst into an apartment and was denied for an application fantastic well that gives us a great place to start which is you know we have foreign nationals who move here and then we have domestics they have different set of obstacles so what are the obstacles that foreign nationals might face when they're moving to New York City for the first time well first of all no credit is not going to work with owners they want about a 700 credit score on average across the city for approvals they're also looking for forty five times the rent and they're looking for assets in a bank account in the u.s. so a lot of international folks they don't have the credit they may not have the bank account in the US and if you don't have those things if you're a New Yorker you can get a local guarantor so you got a cousin in Jersey or whatever you know a tri-state relative that can guarantee your lease now that cousin also has to make 80 times the rent so they better be pretty well-off but if you're international you don't have a local friend to get to sign on so you're really out of luck if you don't have them if you don't have help from service like ours so what is a foreign national what would you require of them to get the insurance product so that they could secure an apartment so they would have to provide us copy of their photo ID their visa so we can see that they're here legally through the term of the lease and if there's a little you know misalignment there maybe they don't have the full lease covered on the visa we can figure something out and we're gonna need to see the a of their financial assets in some sense so either a bank statement or some pay stubs one or the other got it and so does it cost to apply it's totally free to apply they can give it a shot five-minute online questionnaire we're gonna look at that documentation let them know if we need anything else and one of the great things about this product for international folks is we speak seven different languages and we do in-house translations so if they have all that paperwork from their last job their country of origin they can just send it over to us don't have to worry about getting a translated for a leasing office we'll do all that stuff in-house so they're overseas they can get pre-approved before they arrive in the US once they get here they find an apartment that works with you then in essence they're pre-approved for that apartment that's right they're set and as I'm sure you know and you'll you'll caution your clients apartments go very fast here in New York City we got like a two percent historic vacancy rate you know things would be on market for a day maybe two days sometimes you'll go in and you'll apply and there's a line of other people that are applying right after you so if you go and you submit an application it gets denied you may be on the back of the list so coming with us backing you before you even go and submit an application the leasing office it's a great way to make sure you get the apartment you want got it now how much does it cost so the way our product works is the owners are going to choose the amount of insurance coverage they want four different kinds of applicants so the price could vary based on the landlord that they work with but typically what we see in the city is between 50% and 70% of a month's rent and that would be a one-time fee once per lease a lot of owners will let folks off the hook of using the product after their first year some will require it on renewals if you do renew with us we're still here to help and we're gonna give you a 10% discount as long as you paid your rent your first year fantastic okay and is it accepted by all landlords in New York so we got about two hundred and fifty thousand units in the city that are currently accepting our product and offering it to renters all luxury properties doorman properties elevator properties all things that will make a lot more sense to you once you've actually gone out on a tour and seen some apart it's here but if you do find an apartment that we're not currently working with just let us know we'll reach right out to them it's actually free for the owners to work with us so most of them sign up really quickly and and we can get you all ready to go in time to get the apartment you wanted all right so there's our foreign nationals let's deal with domestics now so they can come in a lot of different categories right it may be a new hire maybe someone who's self-employed it may be someone who's credit score is not a 700 it may be someone who has a lot of assets but no income oh yeah can you help them get you know get secured for a lease as well absolutely and I mean you know in this day and age not a lot of folks have a lot of savings credit is taking a hit across the country so there's gonna be a lot of people who you know it's not easy to have a 700 credit score anymore so we can go down as low as 500 and still give people options income wise we're looking for 27 times the rent versus the landlords 45 now when you when you say 27 times the rent so because people get confused a little bit so you would take the monthly rent multiply it times 27 and that would need to be your income before taxes that's right and you know in other parts of the country they do it on a monthly basis so this is your guys in New York's New York City real estate lesson you're gonna hear these big numbers being quoted that's not what you have to earn every month that's your that's the annual number we do it annual here we like big in New York City big you know numbers qualifications so yeah that's how it goes it's it's 27 times annual God is there anything else that I mean it's the same process for them they go on the portal they apply it doesn't cost anything they get pre-approved they have that they can then go to the landlords and if that landlord won't accept them for other reasons they can use this to get in exactly fantastic so before we leave today and first of all thank you for bringing me up to this incredible office oh you know this sign there no nothing it's not then anything else I should know about the guarantors we're open 7 days a week we're active on international forms of communication like whatsapp and WeChat so if you don't have a u.s. phone number yet you know a USC email account that you used regularly that's not a problem you can reach us other ways and we're really here to help I mean like I mentioned our co-founder Julian went through this he experienced this pain a lot of us here I don't want to name names it may or may not be we had to use this product ourselves for our apartment in New York so you know we're here to help and you know if you're coming with Gus come on up to the office check out the views and we would hope to be your first stop in New York City absolutely now that leads me to because you're a New Yorker and you moved here seven years ago what would you say to someone who's thinking of moving to New York for the first time so first of all New York is the greatest city in the world everybody out there watching this has to understand that I could talk about the food I could talk about the culture I could talk about you know how friendly New Yorkers actually are although it might not seem that way when you're trying to get on the train we really are everyone you know it's a lot of love here but I mean I honestly think you called it when you mentioned the view it this kind of says it all for you and I I have to say I think one of people's biggest misconceptions is that it's an impersonal city oh yeah and my experiences man people are used to talking to people dealing with people and if you like people this is the place to be and you guys make it a lot easier for a lot of people who face obstacles to move here so I want to thank you for that and thank you for having me up here absolutely anytime [Music]

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