How to Add Digital Signature to PDF

Simple Steps for Adding Digital Signature to PDF

Streamline your workflow with a new digital solution from SignNow. Easily add digital signature to PDF online. Whether you rent real estate or finalize deals with business partners, simplify your paper-based processes with our service. SignNow users are provided with customization options for domestic apps and a user-friendly interface allowing them to manage their documents in as little time as possible. The ability to sign agreements and forms while on-the-go, using almost any portable device, keeps users in the loop. Every digital signature added to a PDF is legally binding and recognized around the world.

Other advantages for signing PDF online include:

  • Less time spent on repetitive paper routines
  • Increased efficiency by eliminating processes such as printing, scanning, archiving and mailing.
  • Verification of a user’s identity and authentication of certified documents. All information sent and received via our platform is highly encrypted.Improved collaboration across your company’s departments and faster customer service turnaround.
  • Creating invitations to certify contracts.
  • Setting automatic expiration dates.

The platform makes signing, editing and sharing documents easier and faster. Enjoy the opportunity to manage PDFs wherever you want and whenever you need. Just upload a file to the website and add the desired elements directly in your document. Easily draw, type or upload your signature.

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