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By its signature

[Applause] this is going to be part 1 of 2 I'm going to talk about signatures this is critically important if you're gonna buy a painting now let me explain why the signature is believe it or not probably the least important aspect of a painting now you're asking me why is that the case well I'm going to explain the real signature of a painting is not the signature in this case it's over here is it's actually the imagery the imagery the way the paint's laid down subject matter the date to some extent of weight of the the type of paint that's used this is all going to tell you if this thing is real or not use the signature as the last and this is a classic example of why you don't want to do this so client of mine showed me an image on his phone and said I want to get the shark cleaned and fixed it's got some problems I want to get it fixed I said great let me see the image he showed me the image and I went it took me maybe a half of a second and I said well this is not a shark this is something else if I were you I wouldn't clean it because it's not worth and he goes it has to be a shark because look at the signature right there at the bottom it has J egg shark and we looked at it and I said well in reality it says JH s harp so this was an individual who lived in the 19th 20th century who was painting paintings and was signing his real name and you can see right there it says James sharp but it really says JH s harp now in this particular case the signature is correct for a heart painting but not for a sharp painting and in his day apparently when harp was painting these Joseph Henry sharp wasn't to on was not very pleased with this because he was getting confused with harps and harps clearly are not the same quality as a sharp so if you look at this painting and one of the reasons I knew instantaneously it's not Joseph Henry shirk painting who was a taos artist is one the subject matters just doesn't isn't what I would expect them that is sharp yes he would do teepees but he would do him in Montana or the crow area and would do them very differently usually it'd be large or if they were they being very well executed we wouldn't see all these trees so this is a very gloomy dark palette the trees are not very well done the painting is it's okay it's a it's a person who could paint but it's not a great painting and that has to be your tip off right off the bat that you have painting that's not what it's supposed to be...


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