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Can a signature be anything

hey brother teacher again do you know what a contract is I'm sure you've heard of it sure at some point in time you have even signed a couple a contract in simple layman's terms is this it is a binding document document paper okay binding means legally and lawfully that it holds you to basically an agreement or promise to another person another company another corporation or what have you it holds you responsible and do you know how it makes you responsible with your signature yes sir yes ma'am signing this is something that most of us don't think about everything understand this this is common law it has its roots in common law every single thing that you sign your signature to is a contract it is if you sign your check it's a contract it is an agreement to do something or to put something in force if you don't sign your check see how far you get with that your local bank will stop you and say you have to sign that it has no strength until you sign it sign your marriage license it has no strength if you don't sign it when you go to court see how far you get in the court proceeding without signing the legal documentation you might even go to jail that's how powerful your signature is but just as powerful as your signature is also shows how powerful you are because it has no stain it has no power if you don't sign the document if you get a traffic ticket what's the first thing the police officer says you sign right here if you don't sign it you're gonna get a response from the police officer as a matter of fact they may even become a little irate because you are agreeing to something why it's a contract every single thing again that you sign is a contract so I want you to read between the lines of what I just told you so are you signing your life away in some instances you might just be doing that this is how the government has power over us so-called citizens do your signature yes we admit to and we succumb to a lot of things because of ignorance just because someone said scientists do your research do your own due diligence if you have any questions any further concerning contract law let me know but let me tell you in advance I'm not a lawyer I'm not a judge not a politician I'm just your fellow American that is concerned about you and your well-being may Yahweh bless you and keep you and yours this is brother teacher I will see you in the next video so

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