Secure Digital Signature

Secure Your Digital Signature Created with SignNow

More and more people around the world are giving up on paper-based solutions and turning to accessible and effective online services such as SignNow. We provide our customers with simple yet powerful web solutions. Our document editor enables them to work with their documents and easily certify them with our digital signature tools.

Your digital signature security is another important factor which we are responsible for. It’s not enough that your electronic autograph looks nice and is just as legally-valid as your handwriting. We’ve developed mechanisms that automatically secure every change you make while editing your document, including your digital signature.

Your safety and privacy is our main concern. From the moment you log into your account till the moment your paper is filled out, signed and downloaded (shared), we’re looking after the safety of your data. In fact, it’s safer having your files stored in our storage than keeping them on a hard disk.

All signatures created using our tools are linked to a specific signatory or account owner. This includes signatures automatically generated and drawn with a mouse or touchpad as well as scanned and attached to a SignNow document. In this way, any change made to a file is easily tracked to the user. Moreover, we’ve developed two-factor authentication which ensures that nobody else can access your data negating the possibility of your files being hacked.

Try out all our new features for free today and forget about the heaps of paper on your desktop!

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