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Are you looking for a way to get rid of paperwork while continuing to perform all necessary document operations online? signNow gives you the ability to combine a number of useful features and streamline your workflow digitally. For instance, signNow allows you to digitally sign a PDF and invite other users to do the same. You can also set the signing order of your document, create or modify sections, or set an automatic expiration date to ensure recipients meet your deadline. The web application is efficient and secure. Each file is stored on an encrypted offsite server and features additional security options such as two factor authentication, HIPAA and more. Try our free built-in browser tool today and forget about unnecessary downloads and overpriced software.

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hello everyone welcome back I just created a video about how to create your digital signature this video will go over how to actually sign a document using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC now in this video there is an option to create that digital signature in one of these steps but I will not actually be going over the actual setting up of the digital signature you can watch the other video on where to go to that so you have your document here some some companies some people might actually put in a little form here for you to click in sign however some documents just require your signature your approval there are multiple ways depending on how your processes are set up what I'm going to be doing is actually placing a signature and then a certificate using your digital signature that was set up to actually lock the document so it can't be changed first thing I would like to do is actually put in my actual physical signature and with the document open you're gonna see under here on the right-hand side fill and sign it's gonna open up the forms here you can put a check mark an X you can you know do some comments here if you'd like however I'm just gonna go ahead and put my signature there and you can actually create a new one right here whatever your looks whatever it looks like and I'll just go ahead and find a spot right there you can make it bigger or smaller by clicking and dragging so now that I have that signed I am going to go back and I'm gonna click on that and go to certificates these certificates has opened up here you'll see under here actually went to more tools and then selected certificates what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna digitally sign you can actually timestamp that digitally sign actually does timestamp it for you if you actually your appearance selects the timestamp so I'm gonna do is I'm going to select the digitally sign and it kind of creates this little cross where you can click and drag the area you want to sign I'm just gonna go right here above my signature name this box is gonna pop up in the previous video I actually created this John Smith signature I have my own professional digital signature already set up but as I mentioned you can configure a new digital ID right here by clicking on this button watch the other video on how to actually set the digital signature but you can click this and open it up and create another digital signature here I'm gonna go ahead and select my name and continue so this is the appearance of what it looks like you'll see the date and time stamp right there there's my name you can actually add seals actual wet signatures you can change the appearance of the signature...

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