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what's going on YouTube hey guys it's Ben thank you so much for checking on my channel again and in this video I'm gonna talk to you about one of my favorite topics ever recruiting agency contracts so let's jump right into it it's super ridiculously absurdly obscenely important that you have an ironclad contract when you set up an agreement with a new clients I'm gonna go through my contract and show you all of the clauses and all of the ways that you can get screwed six ways from Sunday so that you don't actually get screwed six ways from Sunday most of you have already seen this contract because it's the same one that I send to everybody along with the cold email templates on the six-figure recruiter Facebook page if you're not there already link in description like it and message me and I will send you my example contracts but these are super important so let's dive right into it and talk about exactly what's in it alright so getting right into it the contract itself is very straightforward and very simple as it should be but it has very important clauses in it that basically protect you and protect the client from certain things that could happen down the road at the end of the day you don't want to get screwed they don't want to get screwed so everybody wants to be on the same level playing field the first page of the contract is gonna be a lot of generics so it's just gonna talk about what's going to happen so it says agreement to hire via agency says that the agency is going to find a bunch of candidates for the clients they're gonna present them to the client the clients gonna have a chance to review them yada yada yada that's basically the first and sort of the half a second page the first clause in the contract that's super important probably the most important is the payment clause so essentially it spells out exactly how you're going to get paid and what your fee is so in this particular contract the fee for finding a good candidate that they hire is 10% so what this contract actually does is it literally does an example and shows if someone were to make $40,000 per year and you have a 10% fee your fee will be $4,000 so at the end of the day there's literally no question at all on anyone's part what that fee will be when they sign on the dotted line the next really important clause in your contract should be your guarantee clause now the guarantee if you don't know what it is if you haven't read through a full contract yet or you haven't seen this one a guarantee basically means that you say you'll send a candidate to a client once they hire them you guarantee that they will stay on with that client...

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I love that my clients can sign with their actual signature if they choose to. I also love that it can be done in blue or black ink. I love using my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil for signatures. Because the Real Estate Industry is almost exclusively using electronic signatures and documents a eSignature application is a necessity and SignNow is my personal favorite.

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