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Sign Housekeeping Contract online

Sample contract.Do you have a sample contract for the house cleaning business?What does it look like?We're going to talk about that today.Hi, there.I'm Angela Brown and this is Ask a House Cleaner.This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning questionand I get to help you find an answer.Now, today's show is brought to us by MyCleaningConnection.comand on there, there's a series of downloadsand you can in fact find a sample contract.Okay, this is a question that comes from a house cleaner."Hi, Angela.I love the blog and the videos. I always watch them.I'm wondering if you can do like a sample contract for us.I really loved using your sample fliers.They're excellent and were really easy to edit and plug in my own info.If you have like a sample contract that we can use, that would be great just to giveus some idea of what information to plug in and stuff like that.All right, thank you."Angela Brown: All right, sample contracts.Before we get into that, what I want to cover is this.There are a lot of house cleaners that start a house cleaning business and they over-complicatethe process.They go to a customer's house to do an initial walkthrough and they have what they call awelcome packet.I have customers and house cleaning companies that ask me about this all day every day,what should I put inside my cleaning packet or my welcome packet for a new customer?Well, the reality is this, I think you're over-complicating the situation.Most customers don't need a welcome packet.They don't need one.It's overkill.It's thinking too much.It's putting too much effort and too much energy into the startup process.Here's how it works.You go to a customer's house.The customer has a need to have their house cleaned.They want you to be the right person to come clean their house.They will pay you the money.They're done.That's the end of the transaction.Nobody wants to sit through a two-hour presentation and read before and after photos and lettersand letters of recommendation and contracts and this is what happens and that's what happensand all these things.That's just it's overkill.It's like going to the hardware store and you need a gallon of paint so that you canpaint your kid's bedroom.You go to the hardware store, they don't sit you down and explain what paint is, explainhow paint can have toxic fumes.They don't explain that if you step in a can of paint, you're responsible if you trackit across the floor, or that you're not allowed to sniff it or inhale it or whatever, thatyou may want to wear protective gear.They don't go through any of that stuff.They just say what color do you want, they mix it up, they...

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