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Sign Simple lease agreement electronically in a few clicks without being tied to your office. SignNow saves your time by allowing you and your client to avoid a meeting to sign documents. Send your stakeholder a paper to sign from any internet connected device. Easily add a signer to a document and define the fields to be signed and completed. With our user-friendly interface you can effortlessly draw, type or upload your signature and add it to any document. SignNow keeps all transactions encrypted and provides e-signatures that look handwritten, are legally binding and recognized as valid around the world.

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Sign lease agreement electronically

hey this is Pete thanks for checking out this quick video we use electronic signatures in this business which is really fantastic for getting communications around everyone pretty quickly they also integrate into all of our systems so that we're really good at our record keeping and have that stuff available on the web on the fly really quickly so next I'm going to run through just a real basic sign a contract and make sure you save it because sometimes this hangs people up and if you're doing on a cell phone if you're not seeing all these screens that can also be a pop-up a hang-up issue in this whole process so check out this screen right here and you'll when you see a contract from us you'll want to click the blue link and a mob blue link there we go at the bottom of the contract you'll see a place to sign so what you'll do is either do an etch-a-sketch or you can draw your name like this and then hit save or most a lot of people will do select the font and there's a couple different fonts you can pick so when you've decided how you're going to sign it I do the etch-a-sketch more so we'll do that real quick here you would click Save and then make sure you see this pop-up once that hip happens you hit accept the contract is locked when you see the signature field and you see the initials on the right you've got to get the initials done and it's the same process you can pick up a font or you can draw your own and hit save make sure you accept now that contract is signed when this happens I get an email that you've signed it so we know that and also it's available back online if you want to copy that right then you can hit PDF print and it will pull up here we go we'll pull up that executed version one sec here and the bottom you can see your signature and the time stamp set so thank you for working with us you've got questions about this processor just having a tech issue browser issue please let us know and for to work with you thanks

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I like how convenient it is, paperless is a plus. Yet, there is another side, i have 1 form for clients, so it doesn’t automatically rename the file according to clients’ name.

Administrator in Health, Wellness and Fitness
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SignNow is a life saver! Convenient, easy to use... my clients love it!

With buyers and sellers all over the country and the globe, being able to sign listing and purchase agreements electronically is a must. SignNow is convenient, easy to use, and my clients love it. Being able to use the app on my mobile device has changed my business for the better. I will never look back!

SignNow Customer
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It makes it easy to sign documents easily

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I use it to append my signature on documents requiring my signature without needing to print it first then scanning it into a new document. Time can now be used for other important things. I also like how I can send or invite other people to sign documents.

Najib O
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