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  • How do I authenticate an autograph?

    Find an autograph authentication company. ... Work with your company to have a professional determine the autograph's authenticity. ... Receive your certificate of authenticity. ... Avoid attempting to authenticate faded or illegible autographs.

  • How much does it cost to get autograph authenticated?

    Most authentication companies charge a fee for evaluation, and may charge additional fees to issue you a certificate of authenticity. For example, JSA charges fees that range from $35 to $50 depending on the type of autograph you send.

  • How much does JSA Authentication cost?

    Basic certification employs the same valued authentication process as our LOA but is used to verify autographed items of lower value (JSA discretionary value of under $200.00).

  • What does JSA mean for autographs?

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  • What is PSA autograph authentication?

    Simply put, when PSA/DNA assigns a numerical grade to a certified autograph, it is setting that autograph apart in the market. ... You will receive a Certificate or Letter of Authenticity that includes the unique serial number and grade information for your authenticated and graded autograph.

  • What is PSA DNA Authentication?

    In-The-Presence Authentication. When you see the PSA/DNA Guaranteed Authentic certificate, it means the item was autographed in the presence of a PSA/DNA representative.

  • What is PSA certified?

    PSA Certified. Created to improve the security and trust of Internet of Things devices and their data.

  • Where is PSA grading located?

    PSA - PSA/DNA East Coast Office. To meet the needs of collectors and dealers on the East Coast, PSA has a location in Woodbridge, New Jersey, centrally located between New York City and Philadelphia where the Garden State Parkway and the New Jersey Turnpike meet.

  • How much does PSA grading cost?

    The professional card grading companies such as PSA, SCG & Beckett love to make this claim, as it is a justification for charging $5 to $15 to grade a common card! The real cost to have a card graded is usually $14 to $17 per card when you consider the overpriced shipping and insurance charges.

  • Is PSA a good grading company?

    Beckett Grading Services (BGS), PSA, and SCG are the only companies I consider to be qualified to grade a card. Beckett in my opinion is the best and most accurate. PSA and SCG are more geared toward vintage cards. Some people prefer PSA simply because they own a ton of PSA graded cards and the slabs fit together.

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