Electronic Signature Act

E-Sign Act Requirements

Learn how to simplify your workflow with e-sign capabilities. Eliminate printing, faxing, mailing and meeting in person. Create legally-binding e-signatures on the SignNow platform.

Our tools provide security, convenience, full document customization and integration that streamlines your digital workflows. The service complies with the Electronic Signature Act, ensuring the legal integrity of every unit created using it options.

According to the Act, electronic signatures are equivalent to handwritten ones. An e-signed contract has the same legal validity and enforceability as a hard copy. Since our solution complies with the E-Sign Act, you may use it for your business and daily tasks as you would a pen.

In addition, we provide our customers with high-level security for all stored files. Your documents are completely protected from unauthorized access with SOC Type II certification. Forget about risky online solutions and securely manage your files with our services.

Explore the platform and start creating legally-binding e-signatures in minutes. Our direct interface, advanced tools and simple sequencing allow you to learn the process intuitively while certifying different forms on-the-go.

Free yourself from old paperwork hassles and rest assured that any documents you process with SignNow comply with industry-level standards. Try it once and see for yourself!

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