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Allow recipients of your document to choose one option from a list of choices by adding Radio Button Groups.

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Upload your form and to create a new recipients list select the radio button under select recipients section
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How to add radio buttons to a document with signNow

Create fillable forms with multiple choice questions and enable recipients to select one option from a list of choices using radio button groups.

Add a group of radio buttons in one click

Open a document in the editor, select Radio Button Group from the toolbar on the left, and click anywhere on the document.


In the new popup window, enter the name of your radio button group and provide the required values in the box below. Then, hit Create.

Then, add standard fillable fields to the document. Sending bulk invites requires your documents to have at least one fillable field. Click Done once finished.


Adjust radio buttons to the document’s content

Once radio buttons appear on your document, you can adjust their size and position. To move a radio button across the page, drag and drop it to the desired location. To change the size, drag a radio button’s anchor point.

You can also configure radio button groups (e.g., change values, set pre-filled values, assign signer roles) using the menu on the right.


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The crucial conceptual advantage of the signNow eSignature solution for business automation is actually a unified data field that extends the organization but mirrors a distinctive business worlflow. You can add Text Tags to the Document for eSignature, give an invite hyperlink to your partners, distributors or teammates. Our advanced platform simplifies the evaluation and supervision phases. It lets you manage the workflow more flexibly without the assistance of external manpower. You may indirectly strengthen the interaction between partners and allow them to boost customer service.

How to create a form and add radio buttons to it:

  1. Create your username and password free of charge or log in if you currently have one particular.
  2. You can enter with the Single sign-on feature if you have the signNow user account.|If you possess the signNow account, you can sign in using the Single sign-on feature
  3. Transfer the data file from your mobile or desktop device.
  4. Additionally, you may upload the necessary file from your cloud storage. Our web-based solution works with probably the most advised repositories: Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox.
  5. Effortlessly make changes to your form with our innovative but straightforward PDF Editor.
  6. Enter the textual content, add pictures, leave your annotations or comments, etc..
  7. You can customize fillable elements of various types: text message or particular date, calculated or dropdown, and more.
  8. Organize and put in place the attachment request.
  9. Place the Signature Field for sending to sign and gather in-person or multiple eSignatures. You can self-sign the template if relevant.
  10. Finish editing using the Done button and begin to add Text Tags to the Document for eSignature.

signNow is the first choice for automation of business procedures and solution to add Text Tags to the Document for eSignature and fast challenges concluding for companies of all tiers when it comes to employees and structure. Users can interact both internally and externally with consumers and providers. Try out each of the benefits now!


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I've been using SignNow for years (since it...

I've been using SignNow for years (since it was CudaSign). I started using SignNow for real estate as it was easier for my clients to use. I now use it in my business for employement and onboarding docs.

Susan S
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Everything has been great, really easy to incorporate...

Everything has been great, really easy to incorporate into my business. And the clients who have used your software so far have said it is very easy to complete the necessary signatures.

Liam R
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I couldn't conduct my business without contracts and...

I couldn't conduct my business without contracts and this makes the hassle of downloading, printing, scanning, and reuploading docs virtually seamless. I don't have to worry about whether or not my clients have printers or scanners and I don't have to pay the ridiculous drop box fees. Sign now is amazing!!

Dani P
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