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How to add fillable fields in a PDF

The best way to customize your forms is by adding fillable fields. These are the empty areas that your recipients need to fill in with their data. The smart choice to doing that is using the signNow, an industry-leading eSignature solution. It features a simple-to-use editor that allows the adding of different types of fields. Add the areas needed for your customers and partners to add their initials, personal data, signatures, corporate stamps, and date and time of their signing of the form. The tool also features calculated fields and dropdowns which you can easily drag anywhere in the document. Or, you can request your signers to attach a supporting file with additional info needed for completing the document. Make these fields mandatory or optional, and set extra conditions for them. Once you finish editing your document, click Save and Close. After that, you can choose whether to send it for signing or create a template for future use.

What are templates?

Templates are the copies of pre-built and pre-formatted forms with certain styles and layouts. These are virtually document drafts that you can edit and complete faster. Plus, use them as many times as needed. People usually generate document templates to save time when they need some papers to be completed regularly (like contract samples, applications, or request forms). In signNow, you can create one by uploading a file and adding various fillable fields to it. After saving the changes, click on the Create Template button, rename the sample, and send it for completion and signature to your customers and partners as many times as you need.

How do you create a template in signNow?

People create templates to save time when they need to use the same file over and over. signNow offers you two ways of making them. You can take advantage of our rich library of official forms and other document templates to complete and eSign them, or invite others to do so. Or, you can generate a form by adding various fillable fields to a sample. Customize any document by inserting fields for signature and initials, date and time, text, dropdowns, etc. Add calculated fields and request file attachments. When your document is ready, click on Save and Close. After that, on the main signNow page, select your file with a tick mark and click on the Make Template button. Change the file name, if needed. Now you’ll be able to re-use it multiple times. Go to the Templates folder to find them once you need to create a signing link or invite your customers and partners to sign it.

How to label a field in signNow

A label is a kind of mark that you add to a fillable field to explain to your recipients what data they are supposed to type in it. signNow allows you to label Text, Data/Time fields, and dropdown lists. Labels are very convenient in use, and it's really easy to add them to fields. Log in to your signNow account and upload a file. Open it and use the left-hand toolbar to update your form with fillable fields. Click on the Text Field and drop it where you need it to be in the document. Find the Label option in the right-side toolbar. Click on it and give your recipients simple instructions on what to type inside. For example, it can be “First and Last Name”, “Your Position”, or “Please, select one of the following” for a dropdown list. By default, all fields are set as required. You can let your recipients skip them by unticking the related function. After finishing, save changes and choose the Create Template button to reuse the sample in the future when you need it.

How can I create my own document?

There are several ways of creating documents. You can compose them from scratch in basic Office programs like Word, Excel, and others. Or, you can adjust the existing files and transform them into fillable forms. Add fillable fields and create customized templates with signNow. In addition to document creation, it provides you with secure eSigning and signature collection tools. Explore it now to get more opportunities!

How to insert fillable fields in Word

Microsoft Word is a perfect program for creating and editing text files. You can use it for making contracts, inspection reports, or composing long manuals and instructions for your customers. However, not all of its editing capabilities allow you to create a form with fillable fields. Word has drawing tools and shapes that you can add to a document. But to include text, it requires you to right-click and choose the Add text feature for each of the boxes. That’s too time-consuming, inefficient, and absolutely out-of-date. signNow helps you insert fillable fields in a couple of simple clicks. Upload your Word file, click on any of the features from the left-hand toolbar, and drop it where it should be in your document. This way you can insert a Text Field, Date/Time area, initials, checkboxes, calculated formulas, dropdowns, radio buttons, fields for signatures, and even for requesting a file attachment.

What are the steps to using a document template?

Take a file that you need to use regularly. Log in to your signNow account (or create it and start a trial), upload the file, and open it. Add fillable fields to the document from the left-side menu, drop them where they should appear, and set them accordingly. Leave the fields required for completing or make them optional, add labels, etc. After finishing and saving the adjustments, click on the Create Template button. Rename your sample. Now you can find it in a separate template folder. When you need to send it to your customers or partners for approval, go to that folder, select the document, and send an invite for signing.
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