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Interest in electronic signatures has been high for a long time, but despite more than a decade of experience in implementing such tools, not all projects are completed successfully. The problem may be in software compatibility, speed, and complexity of implementation, etc. The airSlate SignNow platform is easily compatible with hundreds of popular applications, CRMs, and business productivity systems, including Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, and Google Apps. Now you can automate eSignature workflows and get documents signed with just a few simple clicks without leaving your favorite software. Find more information on the airSlate SignNow integration page.

How do I use airSlate SignNow in the Microsoft Windows context menu app?

airSlate SignNow’s context menu for Windows allows users to upload PDF files to their airSlate SignNow account right from desktop. With a single click, an eSignature allows you to legally and securely share records while ensuring the integrity of e-forms and authenticating the author. You can get quick access to documents and templates stored in your account right from the Windows menu. You need to click on the airSlate SignNow icon in the menu, hover over Templates, then click on the desired file and you will be taken to our web application. To upload a PDF file directly to airSlate SignNow, you need to right-click on it and select our eSignature platform. Integrate and connect your electronic signature with the systems and tools you already use.

How do I upload files to airSlate SignNow?

Adding documents to airSlate SignNow is a simple process thanks to the platform’s intuitive interface. When in your account, hover over the + Add Document button in the very top left corner of the page. After the drop-down list appears, choose which type of record you want to upload (document or template). If you need to add multiple documents at once and edit them in one batch, add fillable fields, and send the entire batch instantly to the recipient for signing, select Create Document Group.

How to name a field in airSlate SignNow

Fields are fillable areas that you place in a document for a signer to add their data. There are several types of fields for different types of data: Text, Date/Time, Signature, Initials, Dropdown, Stamp, Request Attachment, etc. In airSlate SignNow, adding fields to your document is easy. You just drag them from the editor’s left menu and place them wherever you want on the page. You can name fields by adding labels. Labels are used as instructions so that the signer understands what information they need to enter in the field. Labels are available in the Text, Date/Time, and Dropdown fields. For example, you can label the text field as First and Last Name, and the address field — Place of Residence. To do this, first, place the field on the page, then click on it. An additional menu will open on the right, where you have to enter a name in the Label field. The whole process takes a few seconds. In addition, signers will be able to automatically fill in the fields with identical labels with a single click throughout the entire document.

How to open PDF files in Windows

If you have Windows 10, the Microsoft Edge browser opens PDF documents by default. Compared to Explorer, it was definitely an improvement: it got an updated interface, faster, and new features. But as a PDF reader, Edge only offers basic functionality, it doesn’t support editing. For advanced editing, document creation, and signing features, try airSlate SignNow for Microsoft Windows.

How can I sign PDFs on Windows?

With airSlate SignNow, you can get any document signed while working from your Windows apps. No need to jump from app to app for every document. You don’t need to print, scan, fax, or mail documents for signature. Electronic signing is easy, delivering an experience simple enough for practically anyone to adopt. Easily access, manage, and control documents from any device so that you can enhance productivity, transact faster, manage compliance, and keep your business moving. Connect airSlate SignNow to Microsoft Teams, Office 365, Word, and Excel to eSign, send, and track documents from the systems and tools you already use.

How can I put all PDF files into one folder in my airSlate SignNow account?

Log in to your account and click New Folder; it’s the first option on the right side of the page. Enter the folder’s name (it must be unique) and click Add Folder. Use the Start Uploading Documents Now button or drag and drop to add PDF files. Once added, your documents will be displayed in this folder. You can find your newly created folder in the right-side list. Right-click it with your mouse to rename it, delete it, or add the new folder to your workspace. Thanks to an intuitive user interface and easy-to-use tools you can do all actions fast without having special knowledge. Try airSlate SignNow today!
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