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How to set a signing order in signNow

With signNow, you can simplify any complex eSignature workflow with customized signing orders that bring the best experience to users. Using a signing order, Signer 2 can only sign a document after Signer 1, and so on. You can organize your signature sequence by adding signers to individual Steps. To get started, upload and open an electronic form and go to the Edit Signers menu. Get full control of the process and can collect signatures in seconds from anywhere and on any device.

What does ‘specify recipients’ mean in signNow?

You may see the phrase ‘specify recipients’ on our website. That means you can add email addresses and names of people who should sign the document. To do so, you should log in to your account and open the form or template that needs to be signed. Click Edit Signers (find it on the top of the right sidebar). Provide the details of one or multiple signers in the pop-up window.

How to add multiple signature blocks to a PDF

With signNow, you can add multiple fillable fields for eSignatures using the online editor’s intuitive functionality. To get started, open the PDF you need to prepare for signing. You can now add fields for each signer. From the Tools menu on the left, click Signature Field and simply drag and drop it wherever on the page. Repeat as many times as you need.

How to get multiple people to sign a PDF in a specific order

You can easily organize the signing process by adding multiple signers and setting the signing order with signNow. Log in to your account and open the document. Click Edit Signers in the toolbar on the left — type in the signers’ names and email addresses in the pop-up window. Add multiple recipients and set up the specific signing order using separate Signings Steps and by clicking the blue icon (when you hover over it, it will read «Add a signer to Signing Step 1»). The signing order designates which completer will sign your document first, second, third, and so on. Signers at Signing Step 1 will receive their copy early. Signers at Signing Step 2 will receive the form to sign after the first recipients are done. Now you can seal the deal quickly with the convenience and security of legally binding eSignatures and take total control of who signs what and when.

How to sign a PDF document

Whichever type of document needs to be signed (PDF, Word, JPG, etc.), you can securely manage your records and take control of your digital work with signNow. The built-in editor with drag-and-drop functionality gives you all the tools to eSign documents and edit and send them for signing. All you need to do is upload the form and self-sign it using the My Signature button and intuitive Signature Wizard. Create your legally-binding eSignature and certificate in any PDF in a few seconds.

How to set up an electronic signature

signNow allows you to type, upload, or draw your signature. To start, you should log into your account and open the document that you need to sign, click the My Signature button in the Edit & Sign menu, and click anywhere on the page to activate the Signature Wizard. Here you can easily create the eSignature by typing your full name, drawing it with your mouse or trackpad, or uploading an image of your handwritten one. After, set one as the default, so you’ll always be able to sign docs in seconds on your computer, laptop, or mobile device.

How many signatures can a person have?

You can create and save three different eSignatures in signNow: typed, drawn, or captured. If you have three signatures created, you should delete one, then click the Add New Signature button within the Signature Wizard to create a new one. With our service, all types of eSignatures are legally valid. Moreover, your eSignature experience has been optimized for any device — whether it’s a PC, a tablet, or a smartphone.

How to have two signers sign the same document

With signNow, you can seal transactions faster with the security of legally-binding electronic signatures and the convenience of online tools that people use worldwide. Upload the form, click Edit Signers and add one, two, or more co-signers for the same document. You can assign a signature field for each signer, specify a role, and send the form to all recipients with a few clicks. You’ll receive instant notifications for applied signatures to your email address as the executed copy as soon as each signer has signed.

How do I make a PDF available to sign by other users?

When you upload your PDF to your account and add fillable fields in the editor, you can save the doc and invite others to sign or create a signing link to share it with multiple signers and let them sign the form even without creating an account. Choose the template, add at least one Signature Field and save the record. Then click Invite to Sign and after, Create Signing Link will be available next to the document’s name.
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