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Create complex eSignature workflows while complying with the robust security requirements of your organization.

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How to use signNow's Private Cloud Solution to enhance security

The signNow On-Premises and Private Cloud Solutions enable companies to leverage the power and usability of the signNow eSignature platform, while meeting robust security requirements. We offer two different deployment options: Appliance and Virtual Appliance. The Appliance is for users wanting a physical device and the Virtual Appliance is for customers preferring to run signNow as a VMware or Hyper-V virtual appliance.

Keep Data On-Site

The signNow Appliance and Virtual Appliances run completely within your network, without the need for any online connection. You can also selectively expose the application to the outside world in a variety of ways: opening up ports, separating the application layer and storing it in the DMZ. For other options, please contact us.

Keep Data In-Country

With the signNow Appliance and Virtual Appliance, you can run a private or publicly available version of the application while retaining all of your data within a datacenter in a specific country. For example, you can run your own unique instance of signNow from a datacenter in Germany, and though it can be accessed from anywhere, you know precisely where the data is stored.

Control Your SMTP Traffic

By using the signNow Appliance or Virtual Appliance, you have fine-grained control over SMTP traffic. You can enforce policies and control data using your own standards. For example, you can set SMTP retention policies or affix disclaimers to email traffic automatically without any action required on your users’ part. Hardware solution available.

Supports Compliance Needs

The signNow Appliance can be part of systems that support HIPAA, FINRA, and other compliance needs.

Download Full Audit History

The signNow Appliance enables admins to download a full audit history as part of the backup

Virtual Environments or Hardware

VMware ESX and ESXi, VMware Server/Workstation/Player/Fusion, Microsoft Hyper-V, CITRIX XenServer and hardware.

Active Directory and LDAP Support

Leverage existing user directories via Active Directory or LDAP, with the ability to manage access by group and domain.

Works With Existing Email Systems

The signNow Appliance integrates with your existing email systems, for easy compliance and control.

Export Documents with Audit History

Export your documents from the signNow Appliance, including the document history.

Full-Featured REST API

The signNow Appliance integrates with other applications using the same RESTful API that the cloud supports.

Multiple Network Configurations

Can be run in an entirely private environment, in a hosted private cloud, in a corporate network, or in many other configurations.

VM – All Data Encrypted at Rest

On the signNow VM, data is encrypted at rest, ensuring sensitive data is protected.

What are the deployment options?

  • signNow Virtual Appliance – Private cloud VM
  • signNow Appliance – On-Premises appliance

What about security?

  • Data is not co-mingled, and data on private clouds or VMs are not sent to the public cloud.
  • Backups can be easily made via the signNow Backup Server.

Which client applications are supported?

You can use the web app via the following browsers: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer. On mobile, you have the option of iPhone, iPad and Android (version 4.3 and above).

Secure online storage of your business documents

In this lesson, we will discover how to keep your important documents securely online. You will learn how to eliminate the basic risks associated with a digital document flow and protect your business from hacking and attacks. Follow several simple steps and stay confident!

1. Set passwords on important PDF documents

The simplest basic measures still remain effective. Storing sensitive documents on a laptop is a standard office practice that has nothing in common with information security. Protecting your essential contracts with a strong password is not a panacea that protects from everything, but it helps in preventing data theft. Keep your secrets, do not make hackers' life easier!

Password-protect PDFs directly in your Chrome browser using free Alto Protect PDF extension. Add it to Chrome, click the icon anytime you need, create strong passwords and have your documents stored and sent securely. Take PDFs for protecting either from PC storage or even from your Google Drive.

2. Use eSignature instead of printing, scanning, and sending documents via email

Imagine, about 83% of employees have to waste their time looking for lost documents. What if the important contract signed by all parties is lost? It causes not only inconvenience but also makes a significant impact on a company's reputation. eSignature has already become legal, convenient, and even more secure than physical signing of the documents. In signNow, you can protect a document with a password or set signer's verification, trace history, audit trail, and get a legal signature. Moreover, you can request the signer's ID to be uploaded for the highest security.

Keep all your signed documents stored securely, manage the access of your team to them and trace activity from any device. For this purpose, there is also signNow application for Android and iOS that will make you much more flexible. You literally can carry all the important contracts in your smartphone and stay confident in their security.

3. Choose online cloud and backup service with the opportunity to encrypt documents

Select the cloud service where you can store your documents, encrypt them, get a regular backup to avoid losing data. Uploading the important files to a cloud service gives you an opportunity not only to protect them but also to restore a document that cannot be found in company archives.

The cloud services like Box, Google Drive, and OneDrive are easily integrated with signNow to give you an opportunity to export and archive all materials into a single secure service.

4. Educate your team in secure document management

The employees often put at risk sensitive company information simply because they may be not even aware of how dangerous are their actions. Just believe, creating a '12345' passwords for corporate accounts, ignoring suspicious activities, using unprotected freenet, and leaving a laptop unsupervised are common practices among your team members. All the measures aimed to protect documents fail even if one of your employees ignores the basic security rules. How to make them do it better?

First, declare the accurate company security rules obligatory to follow. Find a tutor to educate the employees regarding the basic rules of information security:

  • Creation of strong passwords and updating them on time;
  • Installing only legal application updates and legal software on their PCs;
  • Recognizing phishing, frauds, and malicious attacks, preventing them;
  • Physical protection of data storage devices.

Every newcomer should be informed about the rules of document storage and protecting information. Also, sending a periodic reminder about the security rules can be a good idea. They can be sent weekly or monthly to make sure that the information was not forgotten.

5. Time to digitize has come! Keep the scanned copies of your paper documents

In case you still use your paper documents, the time has come to digitize the document flow for the sake of security and conveniency! Even if your business specificity requires storing the hard copies of the documents, it is worth considering a risk of disaster able to destroy the archive, theft, losing, and the other accidental damages. Keeping digital copies in the best approach in this case. Scan your documents easily with your smartphone or iPad using ScanToFill application for iOS or Android. You do not need to buy a heavy scanner for digitizing the documents, just install the application and follow several simple steps. Mind, it also eliminates the risk of leaving important document, and your personal scanner is always with you!

  • Capture a document you want to scan with your smartphone camera
  • Get it transformed into PDF by the application immediately
  • Edit a document to improve its quality, crop, and rotate it
  • Keep editing it in advanced way using PDFfiller account or simply stored a scanned copy securely.

Let's sum up what we have learnt:

  • Setting a password is a primal measure needed to protect PDF documents, it can be done free of charge directly in your Chrome browser.
  • eSignature is the best decision to prevent losing important documents or unauthorized access to them.
  • Your team is a main source of risks in the sphere of security, teach them how not to cause losses and document theft.
  • Choose a cloud storage service to have your documents saved and encrypted. Integrate it with SIgnNow to have a smart synchronization.
  • Digitize using only your smartphone!

Your step-by-step guide — barracuda virtual appliance

Access helpful tips and quick steps covering a variety of signNow’s most popular features.

The crucial conceptual benefit of the signNow eSignature software for enterprise automation is actually a single information enviroment that extends the organization but displays an exclusive business worlflow. You may create and add your custom logo for Signature Request, give an invitation link to your companions, vendors or teammates. Our groundbreaking service simplifies the control and evaluation processes. It permits you to manage the workflow more flexibly without involving additional staff. You may indirectly strengthen the relationship between partners and enable them to boost customer experience.

How to use the Private Cloud Solutiuon for better security and storage for executed documents:

  1. Create your username and password totally free or sign in if you already possess one particular.
  2. You may enter with the Single sign-on functionality if you have the signNow profile.|If you possess the signNow account, you may sign in with the Single sign-on functionality.
  3. Import the document from your portable or desktop gadget.
  4. In addition, you may upload the necessary document from your cloud storage space. Our browser-based software works with the most suggested repositories: Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox.
  5. Effortlessly make alterations to your web template with our advanced but easy-to-use PDF Editor.
  6. Enter the textual content material, place images, leave your annotations or comments, etc..
  7. You can set up fillable elements of diverse types: text or date, calculated or dropdown, and more.
  8. Organize and put in place the attachment require.
  9. Put in the Signature Field for sending to sign and gather in-person or multiple eSignatures. You can self-sign the template if relevant.
  10. Finish editing with the Done button and proceed to create and add your custom logo for Signature Request.

signNow is the first choice for automation of business processes and solution to create and add your custom logo for Signature Request and swift issues concluding for agencies of all levels in terms of workers and structure. Users can interact both externally and internally with customers and vendors. Try out all the advantages now!


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Many aweome capabilities

What do you like best?

I really liked the fact that you can create folders to organize all your files especially if you have multiple projects. There's also the ability to create a team that would then allow your colleagues to access documents and work collaborative on the same account. You also have the option to create templates on forms that you usually use frequently.

Tanya Perez
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Easy to use and affordable

What do you like best?

How easy is too use, and upload the document

Consultant in Professional Training & Coaching
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Saves so much time for me!!

What do you like best?

I like the ease of use but I like most the capability to do business with my clients without being face to face or sending emails or faxes back and forth. This saves us time and has shorten the time we close business deals. I still have not use it, but I like that my clients will be able to pay using documents.

José R. Burgos-Bigio, CISSP
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