Optimize complex e-signing flows with conditional routing

Apply conditional fields to make a field visible once its preset condition is fulfilled. This feature is especially convenient with multiple signers.
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How do I use conditional routing?

In SignNow, Conditional routing allows multiple signers to collaborate in a much more organized and logical way. Conditional routing is used in documents where one field (Conditional) should become visible only after another field (Condition) has been filled in and confirmed by the signer. Let’s see how conditional routing works on a simple example in which Signer 1 determines the exact time of a meeting (Condition), and then Signer 2 confirms it with their e-signature (in the Conditional Field).

Begin by opening a document and clicking Edit Signers to set the signing order and indicate the emails of both signers.

Make sure the signers are allocated in separate signing steps.

Drag and drop Date/Time fields for Signer 1. In our case, this would be the field in which Signer 1 is expected to indicate the time of a meeting.

Then, switch to Signer 2 and drag and drop their Signature Field. In the Advanced settings of the dropdown menu for this field, tick “Make this field conditional” (highlighted).

A Signature Field will appear in the top right corner of the page. Select the “Choose by clicking on the field” option.

Note that once you set Condition and Conditional fields, you will not be able to change the signing order and/or add this document with preset fields to any Document Group you have in your account. If you click Cancel, conditional routing will be cancelled. If you click OK - conditional routing will be applied to your document.

Now that you have conditional routing set in the document, you can send it to your signers.Signer 1 will receive an instant invitation to open and fill in the document (Signer 2 gets no notifications at this stage). Once Signer 1 has filled in the field, Signer 2 will receive an invitation to sign. If Signer 1 chooses not to fill in this field for some reason - Signer 2 will not get any email notifications.

Following the same logic, conditional routing also works with three or more signers.

This is one of many SignNow tools designed for more efficient management of complex e-signing flows with multi-level hierarchies.

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