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What is a questionnaire?

When talking about a questionnaire, the image of a checklist with “yes”, “no”, and “possibly” is what immediately comes to most people’s minds. But this is far from the case. In fact, it’s a powerful research tool for collecting information for analysis. A survey can include both open-ended and close-ended questions. The number of questions is unlimited. You can add several questions or create a three-page breach of contract questionnaire. However, you should remember that if your poll lasts more than 5 minutes, the respondents lose concentration and often start answering at random, except when they are interested in the survey results. Questionnaires are used everywhere to test students' knowledge, measure customer satisfaction, and carry out internal processes within a company. Even before buying real estate, many clients fill out the real estate residential lot contract questionnaire.

What are the different types of questionnaires?

People conduct surveys in different ways depending on their goals, the number of respondents, and so on. Generally, you can come across four types and they’re listed below:

Online. The most popular way to collect information is through an online form. Your respondents will be able to fill it out at any time. Plus, they don't need any additional tools, such as pens and pieces of paper, because all they need to do is just mark the answers in your real estate residential lot contract questionnaire.

Printed. Earlier forms were sent by mail to customers so that they could give their feedback to companies. But now, this method of collecting is practically extinct. Although, if you go to the bank to register an account, you’ll still likely come across something similar. Many people use the printed form for personal purposes. For example, they print out the breach of contract questionnaire so that it can be completed and mailed if a counterparty or partner doesn’t process electronic applications.

Phone-based. Small or novice delivery services call their clients to find out customer satisfaction levels. This approach often helps to resolve the arising conflict, but it takes a lot of time. Reaching customers is easy if there are few of them, but when your employees spend hours on it, the information received via a call simply won't pay off.

Face-to-face. In simple terms, this is an interview. Usually, such a poll consists of open-ended questions. Such surveys take too much time, and you can't interview a large number of people. So you need to make a list of those whose opinion will help you and your business first and find among them those who are ready to spend an hour and more.

What is a checklist?

A checklist is just a list of required items. It could be a list of things to do, things to check, or products to buy. ​​Usually, the checklist is used for personal purposes to make sure that nothing slips your mind. Also, a survey with close-ended questions refers to checklists. In the list, you can enter questions to ask the real estate agent. By the way, a real estate residential lot contract questionnaire can be downloaded from signNow.

How do you check land before buying it?

Buying a property is a difficult process. Therefore, before making a deal, you need to draw up a real estate residential lot contract questionnaire checklist. Here is a list of things to include to the real estate residential lot contract questionnaire:

Title and Sales Deeds

Ensure that the seller has rights to sell the property. Look at the documents and ask your lawyer to verify them. The land you want to buy can belong to other people, so ask for previous deeds and release certificates.


Outstanding payment is unpleasant even when it's only just one water bill. So double check all bills and taxes via an inquiry to municipal offices.

The land's size

Ask a surveyor to measure the land. It would be better if you can add a sketch of the land to compare.

What are the grounds for filling out the breach of contract questionnaire?

A contract is a legally-binding document that points out both parties' obligations and rights. Therefore, violation of the agreement leads to legal showdowns and the breakdown of business relations. The reason for this can be almost any clause that you have included in your contract. There are minor, material, anticipatory, and actual breaches. Parties can settle minor issues among themselves using the breach of contract questionnaire. Point out what violations you have noticed. For example, the second party was late in payment or refused to fulfill the agreement. Then check your form against the contract. Perhaps your contract has already written a process for resolving violations. If the partner refuses to take responsibility, the situation can only be resolved via bringing a suit to court.
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