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E-sign a document
Capture a signature with a camera
Send documents to be signed
Add multiple signers
Set document signing order
Add fillable fields
Pre-fill a document with text
Merge documents
Generate reusable templates of documents on a mobile device
Copy exisiting fields to a new document
Unique Document ID
Kiosk Mode
Advanced Threat Protection
Create teams
Create a signing link to quickly share your document
Bulk send documents to be signed
Collect payments with forms

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Team Up Online For Faster Signing and Data Collection

SignNow is not only about e-signing and sending. In comparison to other eSignature services, such as Rmail and eSign Genie, you can simply organize and edit your documents as you see fit. Apart from setting fillable fields and tags, you may also merge multiple data files into a single one before signing or convert images into black and white and after that insert them to your file.

Web-based teamwork has never been this straightforward. Invite teammates to join your workforce, enabling you to operate on common templates, sign collectively and track the whole process of signing far more quickly.

SignNow has a number of ways on how to request signatures. Use bulk sending so that each of one's recipients will get their own particular copy of a document. Share a signing link on-line, making it available for more users. The two options are much quicker and even more practical than direct emailing.

One more significant benefit SignNow has over other rivals such as Rmail and eSign Genie, is that you can attach a payment request in your e-signature application. SignNow has an optional field that is effortlessly attachable to any template. Using this type of feature, you can specify the currency as well as show the static fee/donation value if relevant.