How to Sign Contracts Online with airSlate SignNow?

Digital evolution forces businesses all over the world to employ automation and eSignature solutions. It’s not hard for businesses to realize to stay ahead of the pack, they need new solutions and approaches. Otherwise, they’ll have no chance to survive. Basically, no digital solutions mean no profit or growth to talk about. But how can an eSignature solution help your company grow and profit? Today let’s shed some light on this issue.

What is eSignature?

An electronic signature is a digital analogy of a handwritten signature. It aims to verify a person’s identity and proves one’s consent to sign and agree to the information provided in a given document or contract. Before eSignature software was created, document workflows were inefficient and extremely time-consuming. Every single document had to be scanned, uploaded to the computer, and sent by email or stored. Apart from the wasted time, it was also full of mistakes and human-made errors. Even though Word and Adobe Reader have made it possible to sign anything within their platforms, these two programs still lack the functionality that a simple independent eSignature tool has and can do.

What are the advantages of using eSignature?

As with every innovation, eSignature has been designed to simplify time-consuming processes and boost efficiency. With its help, companies are able to complete the same amount of work faster and with less to no inconveniences.

The key advantages of using eSignature are as follows:

  1. Convenience. Your customers don’t need to free up time to get to your office in order to sign documents in person. With a proper eSignature tool, sign documents from different cites and even countries.
  2. Boosted document workflow. You speed up your turnaround and respond faster in time-sensitive situations.
  3. Cost-saving. You save money on paper, delivery, and related supplies.
  4. Advanced security. You always can track who and when someone signs a document.

If you still use the traditional way of signing with a pen and paper, that’s fine. However, to keep up with trends and always be the most convenient for your customers, it’s high time to consider switching. Attract customers and triple your profit by simply employing innovative approaches.

What are the benefits of signing contracts online?

Enhanced by the legislation, eSignatures are now in common use globally. Most businesses buy eSignature software for signing contracts online. However, you can add signatures to documents in Word and Adobe Reader too. Why then switch to innovative ways of signing contracts?

Take a look at the benefits you and your business get by signing contracts online:

  1. Faster results. You avoid time-consuming processes like downloading documents, signing them, and then again attaching them to an email. Instead, the system sends the document back to the recipient as soon as you eSign it.
  2. Boosted transparency. You benefit from an audit-trail capable of tracing anything and everything that happens to the document during the signature workflow.
  3. Enhanced compliance. You can send your data soundly knowing that powerful security like two-factor authentication and private servers are guarding your information.

How to sign contracts online

Signing contracts online indisputably has multiple advantages. Why then are companies lingering with the decision to employ eSignature solutions? The issue is that the majority of businesses are reluctant to try something new and would rather stick to the processes they know. What most of them don’t realize though, is that they are losing by holding off.

Here is how to eSign online:

  1. Open your eSignature solution’s platform.
  2. Upload a contract.
  3. eSign it.
  4. Close the document and exit the platform.

eSignature tools make the whole process very convenient for both parties. A lot of them have additional applications that allow you to eSign on the go. Some eSignature tools even automate portions of a workflow. In this case, a business obtains additional advantages for streamlining internal processes and enhancing overall performance.

How to sign contracts with airSlate SignNow

airSlate SignNow is a robust eSignature tool that you can harmoniously embed into your business processes. Its straightforward interface and extensive tools help streamline processes, boost document workflows, and add higher levels of accuracy. Meanwhile, you don’t have to worry about data loss or fraud, as your contracts are protected with two-factor authentication and industry-leading security standards.

airSlate SignNow and how to execute a document/contract:

  1. Open airSlate SignNow.
  2. Upload a document from your desktop or cloud storage.
  3. Add a signature field(s).
  4. Set a signing order.
  5. Sign the document yourself and invite others to do the same.

When a recipient gets a contract, they have to open it and eSign. There are three possible ways to do add a signature in airSlate SignNow: upload one that’s handwritten, type or draw one. After the recipient closes the document, it automatically saves to one of your folders.

By signNow's Team
By signNow's Team
May 13, 2020

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