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Can i industry sign banking illinois word simple

hey how's it going today we're actually going to talk about something really sad simple simple bang they're shutting down yes you may have heard about the rumors a few days ago some people knew about this quite a while ago not really sure if it was true or not but it's official they sent out an email and then there's articles that obviously came out as well once everyone started picking it up one two three it just started flooding out yeah it's official simple bank is no more let's go through some of the timelines as well it's important to understand what happened what's next for you whether you're a simple customer or not and then also there's going to be a lot of recommendations i have i'm assuming that you're going to want to switch banks and give you my top recommendations towards the end of the video so in terms of timeline back in 2008 2009 a lot of people don't know this but simple was one of the first if not the very first official neo bank in the us in terms of scale seriousness and actual popularity that's right simple set the foundation for a lot of your favorite fintechs right now meaning that if it weren't for simple all the mistakes all the successes the wins that they've had then a lot of the fintechs that we know right now neobang's challenger banks they wouldn't be as successful that's what you can argue because simple really set an important blueprint for mobile banking outside of the whole traditional banking realm then what happened right so 2014 bbva which is a very big financial firm they bought simple for 117 million dollars and honestly at that time a lot of people thought simple would sell for a lot more money fast forward six years later 2020 pnc another very popular large financial firm they announced it was buying bbva for a whopping 11.6 billion dollars that deal is still ongoing and it's expected to close in the middle of this year mid-2021 so in the grand scheme of things big picture here generally bbva and pnc they win but simple loses keep in mind that they had hundreds of employees and also all the customers lose as well anyone that's banked with simple for a long time there's really customers that have been with them since the very beginning they've been using simple for pretty much a decade they all lose as well here's the email that was sent out january 7th very recently i'm just gonna talk about the main excerpt right here bbva usa has made the strategic decision to close simple there's no immediate impact to your accounts it's simple and nothing you need to do at this time since your deposits are already housed at bbva usa they will remain in fdic insured accounts there up to the applicable limits in the future your simple account will become exclusively serviced by bbva usa but until then you can continue to access your account and your money through the simple app or online at you will receive additional information in the near future about the transition of your account servicing to bbva usa so there's a few things that are missing from that in general that's just the formal way of saying hey it's over right but don't worry your money your deposits your stimulus check any other types of things that are coming in there it's gonna be okay for now meaning that it's okay for now meaning that you're still technically gonna have a simple account because it's not gone yet you're going to be transitioning through bbva as the primary medium and then eventually you're going to be a pnc customer see that's the thing that's kind of weird about this they didn't mention pnc at all and it is confirmed that pnc is going to be the one that's housing your accounts if you choose to stay i'll talk more about that right after this but the other thing is that there's no mention of the exact timeline i understand that there's a lot of business decisions logistics things that have to be filled up and pretty much ironed out all those details but there's no mention of a timeline like 30 days 60 days 90 days when it's gonna happen i'm guessing at the middle of this year that the transition's gonna happen or maybe a little bit before that but by summer probably simple is gonna be gone and you can't technically use it anymore here's the whole thing that's ironic about this it's a greek tragedy situational irony it's really a tragic irony think about it a bank initially was one of the first types of entities ventures that actually invested in simple so a bank invested in simple then that bank they ended up buying simple and then a bigger bank an even bigger bank bought that original bank and now that bigger bank has decided to get rid of simple so if you really think about it simple has died at the hands of the very thing that it was avoiding the very thing that it was quote unquote attacking so it depends on what side you're looking at it some people say that this is inevitable because big banks always have a lot more money newer banks companies they always need more money and that's pretty much what happened but that's the ironic thing about it and honestly i don't feel that good about it at all again if you're asking why simple sold why they sold the business well it's exactly what i talked about a lot of the neobanks challenger banks any new company you eventually run out of money so you need an angel you need a savior to pretty much lend you some money buy you out do something so that they could continue operating fulfilling their dream continue on with the vision that's what happened here so if you really look at it in the grand scheme of things bbva really did save simple because at that time a lot of investors apparently backed out so bbva last minute they came in the unfortunate thing is that as business just kind of requires at a certain point mergers happen acquisitions happen and then you also have to get rid of things that don't end up being as valuable to your overall business so bbva also issued out a statement as well they said it was closing simple as part of the pnc acquisition so that is confirmed as it was accelerating some changes and stopping work on others and this is the longer quote from them bbva usa continually evaluates strategic priorities and resources including existing and potential partnerships with outside organizations we have taken the opportunity of the pending merger with pnc to reassess our goals for bbva usa so that we're focused on the things that make the most sense for the company's future whether on a standalone basis or a potentially combined basis with pnc as a result today we're accelerating some changes and stopping work on others including the closing of simple it's just a really formal way of saying that simple was no longer bringing business value to the table and pnc it's very clear that they just want to focus on their own existing brand entity and online business there were a lot of warning signs again of course when you analyze anything post anything there are gonna be obvious connections things that you just psychologically attribute as well but i'm just gonna try to make this as objective as possible some people did see this coming years and years down the road but doesn't make it any less shocking when it really does happen right so here's some of the warning signs again a lot of this is my opinion many people will agree many people will disagree but i think this is the fun part of any type of video where we can have a discussion i think there were too many shifts in management yes a co-founder former ceo of simple did leave after it was acquired but i will tell you that there are a lot of personal reasons that could happen but i mean whenever that happens it's usually an entire holistic executive decision that they have become aware that the former leader is just not the best in terms of whatever vision they have for the future that's not a knock on him or any of the executive team at the time it's just pretty much it actually shows it highlights it exemplifies the fact how hard it was to grow simple into the next stage i will honestly probably say that that's one of the hardest things you can ever do right there's three stages when you're startup after you get acquired and then when you're going to be acquired by an even bigger company the standards are higher you need to start showing more revenue and then it's the hardest part right here you have to show profitability at high scale and you have to show a lot of new net users while reducing churns so people can't leave yeah that sounds confusing that's why business is really hard at this level here's another thing remember how i talked about how it's a tragic irony well here's the other ironic thing once you start getting acquired by banks once a whale eats another fish and then an even bigger whale consumes that initial whale well then you start looking like the thing that ate you right that's the old saying right you become what you eat well simple started to look like a normal bank they started offering different types of products they initially started as a very simple checking debit card and then they started offering savings accounts even cd accounts and i've highlighted this in the past simple has been very unique in the fintech space because they were trying to bridge the gap between old and new traditional and new age right they were the only fintech bank that actually had a cd account that always lingered in my mind because they focused so much on that aspect of it when they could have focused more on the investing side that's what i really wanted them to do they never did it that goes into the next point simple never had any investment products i think that would have really changed the game for them i don't know how far down the road map they were but it was very clear that that wasn't the priority and i think once people started realizing it internally and externally they knew that the writing was on the wall the runway gets really short after that why because investment customers they naturally generally bring a lot more money to the table they're more higher valued as superficial as it sounds but that's the type of customer you need in order to make more money why do so many fintech organizations right now banks newer banks why do they always have investment products and or loan products it's because that's what actually brings a lot of monetary value to your bank and you should appreciate any bank that has something like that because first of all it's very hard to create that second of all it means they're actually trying to last for a very long time look i'm not saying that simple didn't try and that they were trying to just kill themselves off that's not what i'm saying i'm just saying that they dug themselves into a hole that became very hard to dig themselves out of eventually i don't think a lot of people would have been able to save that company at that stage the honeymoon stage was over right think about why you initially joined simple was it because they had a sign up bonus budgeting features goals features showed all the expenses so you can track everything well that's the thing right so what happens when those customers actually accomplish those goals those series of goals paying down debt saving for things like marriage homes your actual honeymoon literally your honeymoon well then the honeymoon stage is over what happens is a lot of them may have accomplished those large goals and they don't really need you anymore so maybe a lot of those customers became dormant or they just found newer banks i'm guessing that that was something that happened at a much larger percentage than anyone even actually really realized at a certain point that leads into my final point i think simple they just focus too much on that type of customer the customer that budgets and saves too much which i don't think is a bad thing at all but it focuses too much on your checking account your debit card remember beyond that point you really need to transition a lot of your users into credit cards and also investment products why investment products that's also what really brings wealth and i think simple missed out on a really big opportunity i wish that they made that right before they got acquired because i think if they did they wouldn't have gotten acquired so soon so if you're using simple right now and honestly even if you're not this part of the video is still relevant to you because you may learn about a new option but basically if you're still using simple actively right now you have two options okay one is to just not do anything don't react it's a very sad moment obviously and it's really annoying switching banks but you don't have to during the next few months probably the next half year you can still use simple technically the app the website until it really officially disappears and then even if you miss that part of the whole migration you'll just eventually become a pnc customer soon or number two you can basically jump ship now just start off the new year and just migrate everything change all your direct deposit account numbers and then while you're at it just optimize your entire financial stack so here's all the options right now so let me just give them to you individually and then i'll give you combos individually what's the safe traditional choice that almost everyone should probably explore or at least consider ally bank don't forget about the original online savings giant right there they're the og online bank there's a reason why everyone likes them because they've been around so long they've learned a lot a lot of customers have stayed there for a while if you're too bored of that kind of stuff and you want to try the next big thing what's something like simple in terms of the fintech landscape i would say sofi everyone loves sofi why because they have the most features i've ever seen in a new bank seriously objectively just download the app look at it you're gonna see a lot of things in there that you would be very surprised to even see at a normal traditional mature fdic insured bank or maybe you're feeling a little bit more risky and you want to go with the newer kids on the block so that you can get that adrenaline rush the same type of feeling that you had when you first signed up for simple there's a lot of hybrid banks two of the popular ones out there right now hm bradley and one finance why because it's very possible to also save money in there and earn a high apy kind of sounds like what you like doing at simple right or maybe you're feeling even luckier you want to roll the dice and see what pops up right this is the next choice is there a neck simple no one really knows but there's a lot of people talking about something called envel bank they just launched their app last month very new i wouldn't put all your money into this because anytime something's less than a year old it gets kind of risky but it's something that you can check out i can't just stop right there what's coming down in the future what's coming soon there's something called cube q-u-b-e that's perfect for anyone who really focuses on again saving budgeting all of that stuff that's another option for you down the road so again just to recap that you have a lot of choices ally bank you have sofi hm bradley one finance envill and cube that's six different choices for you i'll give you my favorite recommendation one that i would probably give to a lot of people because it's just the stack that has been working the combination the formula this is a good one it's having one national bank plus a free budgeting app so you can choose ally and or sofi plus mint and or clarity why because you also get joint accounts ally gives you join accounts sofa gives you joint accounts they also have savings features as well ally calls it buckets sofi calls it vaults there's also roundup features as well and most importantly they have investing options which is again really the key to build wealth also mint and clarity mint's been a very popular free budgeting app for a lot of people through the years and clarity that's also free and that's been popping up a lot minimalist app i think you'll enjoy it if you check it out if you don't like those options and here's my final combination to you local credit union maybe this brings you back t your local credit unions that you've been neglecting that plus going back to your national credit cards remember when i talked about how simple focus is too much on debit card usage you can explore rewards credit cards again chase amex those are popular plus you need a budgeting app right you need a budget ynab ynab that costs money twelve dollars a month or eighty four dollars a year which comes out to seven dollars a month i can tell you right now there's a lot of people who are willing to pay for it because of all the features and how much it actually saves them in terms of money budgeting and also stress so again that last combination is local credit union plus national credit cards and also ynab you need a budget fyi aslo is also shutting down as well so all the entrepreneurs small business owners you're probably looking for other online options i would go with blue vine and mercury those are the popular ones i'm seeing right now most people i'm seeing them choosing blue vine and then obviously if you want to go with a national choice then chase is a really good one because you can just stack up a lot of rewards from their ink business cards so hopefully this helped you out if you learned something gained value from this subscribe to the channel and as always thanks for watching and i'll see you in the next one [Music] [Music] you

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