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Industry sign banking alabama word easy

Hi, everyone. I'm Alex. Thanks for clicking, andwelcome to this lesson on "Bank Vocabulary". Today, we're going to talk about going tothe bank, and the different things you can do, and the different verbs associated and nounsassociated with this very common experience. So, first, when you enter the bank, you haveto "get in line" or "get in the queue". Now, specifically, in the United States, even inCanada, we use the word "line" when you're waiting to see someone at the bank. If you arein other parts of the world, specifically England, you can also call a line a "queue",so you get in the queue or get in line. Next, once it's your turn to, you know,do your business at the bank, you see a "bank teller". So, the name of the person who helpsyou at the bank is the teller. And after you see the bank teller, if you already have anaccount with the bank, you have to use your bank card and put in your "PIN". Your "PIN"is your personal identification number, your code, your password. Right? Now, once this is done, you're ready, thebank teller can see your account. Or maybe it's your first time and you didn't put ina PIN, there are different things you can do and ask for when you're at the bank.Number one, you can say: "Hi. I'd like to open anaccount", or "close an account". Now, again the two mostcommon types of accounts at a bank are a checking account and a savingsaccount. So your checking is your everyday spending. This is what you use your debitcard for. Right? So, I'm just going to put "debit card" here. Your debit card is your bank card,and this is what you use to make payments when you go out torestaurants, movie theaters, etc. Okay, you can also transfer money when youare at the bank. So if you'd like to move some money from your checking account, forexample, to one of your other accounts, such as a savings account or maybe a joint accountthat you have with your partner, husband, wife, etc., you can ask to do that.You can say: "Hi. I'd like to transfer $200 from mychecking account to my savings account." And again, this is if youdon't do online banking, which solves a lotof these issues. Now, instead of transferring money, you canalso "deposit" money or "make a deposit". This means you are putting money into youraccounts. So if you, you know, receive a check from the government, for example, or maybeyour workplace still gives checks (it still happens, it does), you can deposit that check.And "deposit it" means put that money into your account. You can "withdraw". Now, "towithdraw" is to take out money. So, these two are really the most common verbs whenyou're talking about exchanging money with the bank, whether you're in the bank or atan ATM machine. So you deposit, which means you put money in; withdraw means you takemoney out. So you can withdraw or take out money. And the term we can also use is youcan make a "withdrawal". And you'll see the "al" here, this means that, again, this isa noun in this case. The verb, there's no "al" at the end; it's just "withdraw".Withdraw money. You can "pay a bill". So, again, bills areour favourite things in the world, like pay for your electricity at your house, or yourtelevision, internet, etc. Now, again, this doesn't only have to be for those common things,because most people today, you have an automatic withdraw happens when you pay for a bill. Butagain, sometimes you get something where you have to go to the bank to pay the bill.If you get something from the Ministry of Transportation or something from the government,and it's unclear what you have to do to pay something online, you can go to thebank and you can pay that bill. Also, you can "exchange currency". So if youare travelling somewhere and you only have money from your country, you can change thatmoney. And again, the name for "money" in this case is "currency", like the dollar isone type of currency, the yen is another type of currency. And you can ask the bank: "What'syour rate?" because different places, exchange offices, banks, will have different rates foryour currency. So, for example, the bank might say, if I'm travelling from Canadato the United States, they might say: "95 cents per dollar." Okay? So for every dollarthat I have Canadian, I receive 95 cents American. Also, you can get everyone's favourite thing,which is a "credit card". So you can get a credit card from the bank. You cansay: "I'd like to get a credit card", or "open a credit account". If there are more specific things that a tellercan't help you with, you need to see a specialist at the bank about certain things, these arethree very common things that people talk about at the... At the bank or ask to seesomeone at the bank for. You can say: "I'd like to talk to someone, talkto someone about a mortgage." Now, a "mortgage" is what you have when you purchase a house. When you buya home, you also get a mortgage. And, again, this means the money that you have to payfor your house, this is your mortgage. You can talk to someone about "investments". So,again, these are ways to make more money, or mutual funds is one example where you givemoney to the bank, and someone puts that money somewhere, and you hope that they makeyou more money for you. And, finally: "I'd like to talk to someone about retirementsavings." "Retirement" means that you're not going to work anymore. In many countries, the retirementage is different, it's 65, or 67, or 68, or 60. But if you'd like to save for the time whenyou are no longer working, you can ask to speak to someone aboutretirement savings. Whew, that's a lot of information. Just toquickly review, when you go to the bank, you get in the line/get in the queue. You seethe bank teller, put in your PIN. You can ask and say: "I'd like to open anaccount.", "I'd like to close an account.", "I'd like to open a checkingaccount", or "a savings account", "I'd like to transfermoney or funds.", "I'd like to deposit something", "make adeposit", "withdraw", "take out money", "pay a bill", "exchangecurrency", "get a credit card", or talk to someone abouta mortgage, investments, or retirement savings. So, again, this is a very common experience, whichis why these words, this type of vocabulary is really key if you are going to be in anywherewhere you are speaking to someone in English at the bank. If you'd like to test yourunderstanding of this material, as always, you can do the quiz on don't... Don't forget to subscribeto my YouTube channel. See you, guys.

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