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I'm Kathleen chatsworth on outreach coordinator for the Connecticut Department of Banking we are here today the legislative office building for Connecticut's days weeks and military Saves Week as a financial education Expo we've got 13 tables of agencies and organizations all with great financial education information from the Department of Banking with all of our investing information for seniors we've got the Connecticut National Guard the Hartford Vet Center you can extension Junior Achievement we have some social service agencies CRT and the village for a family and children are here chat so it's really great they're all here promoting financial being financially savvy managing your debt building your wealth and that's really what can I could save the week is all about so Kathleen as the as the legislators to chair the Banking Committee we've been working for the last few years to find more tools to help that protect families seniors veterans from financial abuse and exploitation and also just told to help people say so i was wondering people talk a little bit because i've heard from a lot of seniors in middletown that they are the people that I represent that they are being targeted by companies that are that are preying on people who they think might be easy to exploit and I was wondering if you talked about some of the tools that your you have at the Department of Banking to help educate seniors and and really fight off these folks who are who are out there we do we and they are targeted and it's because seniors have so much of the wealth in this nation if their studies that show it their home dance or their telephones are nice they're polite and it's unfortunate but there are a lot of resources for them and at the Department of Banking we have quite a few we have a lot on our website a lot of great information for people of all ages but particularly seniors everything ranging from investing and and credit information but what I wanted to share with you is a program that the Department of Banking is doing as a relatively new program it's called senior safe and what we're aiming to do is train investment professionals so a lot of times over the years we've trained seniors yes and we still do that we will go to the Senior Center and we will go to where they meet but training the professionals that actually work with seniors really make sense they're the ones that really can help spread this information so seniors safe helps investment professionals people that work that work closely with the seniors to help them to help them spot the signs of financial exploitation so if they'll have a client that works with over the years and maybe see a difference but not know where to turn and now we're to know where to go this gives them the resources of where to go and what to do make a contact the Department of Banking make a contact Protective Services so what are some warning signs that seniors should be looking out for to find out if somebody might be trying to take advantage of them or exploit them in some ways or other good tips and tricks that you offer sure there are several warning signs for the people that work with seniors you see a change in the senior physically they say don't take care of themselves the same way they used to they may have somebody accompanying them that you've never seen before and it seems to be telling them what to do and and they seem to be making their decisions based on that for seniors you know the red flags are are you feeling friends are you being forced to make these choices that you don't really want to be doing if someone calls you out of the blue that you don't expect and claiming to be your bank but you know it wasn't your bank red flags like that our google was good ones for seniors philabelle course and what if somebody thinks that they might be a subject of vacation so that should they be calling the Department of Banking what should they be doing they can absolutely call the department banking they can contact us they could certainly contact their legislator a little ways up absolutely nope the first call could be to their they may feel more comfortable calling their local legislator they could call the police raucous they're feeling threatened in any way hopefully we will spread this resource out and it will give information about even Protective Services that generally would be more the people working with seniors would call yeah absolutely we want people to know about us to call us to feel comfortable contacting us with any concern now another issue that's out there is financial exploitation of our nation's active duty military and our returning veterans I know that a lot of folks a lot of my constituent work in Middletown with the people that I represent is work with our veterans community trying to make sure that people are able to access tools that are available to them but also watching out for companies that are out there they're taking advantage of veterans and in our active-duty military so maybe you can talk a little bit about what the department is doing there as well to help to help provide resources the wonderful thing in regard to this and the partnerships that the department banking has made here at the expo today we have the Hartford Vet Center and the Connecticut Connecticut National Guard service member and family support centers if you are active duty if you're National Guard if you're a veteran those really are probably your first resources to go to in lieu of that again the Department of Banking because of this part of these partnerships and the coalition's that we are part of there's a lot of networking and there's a lot of so for instance and you contacted our office on behalf of veterans or military in terms of foreclosure and our agency has a very active foreclosure assistant pot line any answers that she can't give she can reach out to a lot of our partners so again I say the Department of Banking is a great resource we have a lot of good information on our website on our Facebook page people can contact us we could share if we don't have the answer we have these great partners that have the answer absolutely why I have to say when I I got a call from a constituent in Middletown who is a veteran who is facing foreclosure I went to the Department of Banking asked for help we also went to the foreclosure mediation program and the judicial branch and they were able to help we were able to help save this family's home but the hardest people to help are the folks who don't make pick up the phone don't make the call once you get in once you talk to us then we can connect you with resources i know the department does a great job of that every day but please if you know somebody who needs assistance is the victim of exploitation or suspects that they might be you got to ask and then we can direct you one way or the other all right that's right and I appreciate this because a lot of the legislators do make referrals to the agency and it's great that you all know about us and hopefully this is a great way to spread the word so that people out there your constituents everybody out there does know about the Department of Banking and the assistance we can provide well thank you so much definite and excited to see who comes by today wonderful thank you represented leather

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What's the best option to send this form? I am not sure what to trust. Thanks.""Can I file online with my income taxes for my state? Is there anyone in this website with experience? ""How do i know what electronic signature service to trusted? ""How do i do this online and what do I do first? Please help. I am not getting my tax returned. Can you help? ""How to file your taxes electronically? If I file electronically, am i supposed to have a computer and internet connection? ""My wife has been trying for years and finally got the last tax return. How much does this tax go up every year.""I'm going to send my tax return on Monday for the year 2011. Do I need to get a copy of the paper, or can I fax it to the state? ""I got a Form 8606 from my tax preparers. It was supposed to be filed. I did not get a copy and did not receive a tax return. What's up? ""I had a tax return and it was mailed but they say it hasn't come yet. Is there an answer or do I not need to worry? ""I filed a federal tax return and was surprised that my filing status was not adjusted under the W-2 system. If this were a joint return, could I file on my own for 2012? ""How would I file tax returns online for all my employees? ""I want to file my taxes electronically. How can I get this started? ""I want to file for tax refund with my employees (with a 1099 form). I do not have a 1099 form and can't file it without one. How do I do it? ""I have a 1099 form and was supposed to have fi...

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