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that's why I began to develop many relationships with multiple veterinarians I had to know I also talked to several scientists over the last three years because I wanted answers it still took me investing thousands of dollars on research and development to really understand and verify that's the important part what I wish I understood then your choice really is your dog's voice you have to choose as if their life depends on it you have to because it absolutely does I'm here to tell you that it absolutely does today I'm going to reveal the three key ingredients absolutely missing from ninety-eight percent of all traditional dog food plus i'm going to share with you why some experts believe these three super ingredients are vital importance to your dog's health and how they can help to promote a healthier longer life for your dog those experts even suggest that your dog could leave at least three to five years longer plus you could potentially save two thousand dollars or more on unnecessary bet bells along the way just by reducing the risk of your dog being exposed to this one ingredient and i'll be explaining that too so just stay with me today you're also going to discover the three dirty secrets top insiders and the pendants treat ever want you to know and while you may think you've heard it all before i guarantee you haven't heard what's coming next it's something that quite frankly I didn't believe myself not at first anyway it was the fact that a dog living twenty years or more is absolutely possible it's true it's in USA Today the oldest documented dog was an australian cattle dog named bluey who lived to be 29 and a half years old and yet same article they referenced another dog a collie from the Australian outback named Jerry Jerry was discovered in 2004 who was living as an energetic and healthy 27 year old dog that's a hundred and eighty nine years in human years and according to dr. Nelson that was a vet who personally examined Jerry from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals dr. Nelson said he will be 27 years in August I have no doubt at all he could push on a 28 going by his good body condition that's incredible and here's the most exciting part both dogs had one thing in common they both ate something most dogs nowadays do not not on a regular basis anyway remember those three vital ingredients i told you about when we first met hit they ate those i'll explain in a minute you see even though these two dogs lived over 50 years apart they both ate an alpha prey model diet whether they knew it or not and if you haven't heard about it before today don't feel bad you're not alone when my tree me died i'd never even heard of it my vet certainly didn't mention it and that's why I'm pulling back the curtain today someone should have said something someone needs to explain why dogs and cats are not living longer and healthier lives now first I have to warn you this oppression today it's not for everybody it's not going to be pretty and you can tell yourself if you want to that's all just a bunch of baloney but that will be to your dog's detriment later I promise you that or you can choose to listen very closely for the next few minutes well I reveal what some people in the pet industry definitely do not want you to know that's how to read your dog's food ingredients label and understand what it really means you see very few people know much less understand just what those ingredients are that are listed on the back of the back not to mention what they really look like before being transformed into your dog's food and that's why I want to bring to your attention today what experts have known for years what you're feeding your dog does not look like this it really looks like this which is what the fastest and least expensive process of making food for them looks like and I use the term food loosely and you're about to see why all you're doing right now by buying some of these foods is helping the wallets of the big dogs monopolizing this industry get even fatter right along with your dog and there's no one I mean no one standing guard that's key to uphold a standard we can all live with which is what I think bothered me the most if you want to know the truth while there is an organization who's supposed to protect your dogs nutrition it's actually being manipulated by some very sophisticated marketers according to adweek in 2013 some of these big brands have ad budgets that are well over 15 feet talleres to understand how this could happen you need to know how the dog food biz got started in the first place because over 50 years ago the pet food industry simply didn't exist now as you know it today anyway and this is coming from the New York Times they did an article and where they were talking about how back then most dogs lived on leftovers or butchers excess extra pieces of meat until eighteen sixty now I say eighteen sixty because that's when an American by the name of James Pratt produce the first commercial quote-unquote dog food it really was a dog food it was just a biscuit that people feet fed their dogs kind of like a treat but he did it because he saw the boats at the dock on the water he actually lived in Cincinnati throwing out these biscuits to dogs and he got the idea hey I should create that and manufacture it and sell it soon other companies followed remind you this is coming from Harvard paper that was written it's published online so these companies followed causing the market to grow Wenk and horse meat was created exploded it went off I mean they started can eat horse meat and beating it to dogs until finally senators took notice because people were starting to complain and they begin to add other protein sources but when metal was needed for the war dry foods became more popular because they couldn't can the dog food but until that point at its peak canned food was at ninety percent of the market can you believe that ninety percent of the market this war also caused the American diet to change which later impacted our pets and dr. ken tutor talks about this at paw nation on his article to forget and forgotten history of pet food anyway remember spam I know I do my mom certainly served it we we didn't have the biggest budget either so we had to eat spam the spam was invented in the 1930s and sixty-five percent of their sales were during the war because they were being sent to the US military now here's what happened think about what they had to do create the spam okay let's not real meat if you've ever eaten it it's not real meat it's not even close the fact that it rhymes with ham is almost criminal ok so the late fifteenth these and major pet food company discovered a method for kind of like what they did with Sam for taking hot liquids soup of meat fat and grain scraps okay and injecting them through another heat process popping the fluid into light kibble dry food of any shape preferably one that you find appealing and one that you think looks nice because you're the one by the food for your dog he's not picking ok they called it kibble and it did not become widely available until the 1930s which incidentally is when cancer started going on the rise for dogs that's right when companies producing grain inclusive human foods finally figured out something super important kimball was a great way to make a profit off waste products not fit for human consumption they had absolutely no concern for the actual nutrition value for dogs just dogs right which leads me to how the industry got regulated or lack thereof as you will soon see during the pet food boom of the 1970s the industry titans and the US government were especially close again this is according to a paper done from the Harvard University so close get this the chairman of Ralston Purina we know who that is right there board of directors his name was Earl out BOTS effectively SWAT chops with the US Secretary of Agriculture Clifford Morris Hardin this effectively meant that the national guidelines for pet nutrition originated with Ralston Purina zone research department hmm that's kind of like the wolf guarding the henhouse right again from the New York Times no one seemed to mind the industry self-regulation more likely no one noticed and if they had someone might have pointed out the very same regulations governing cattle feed or poultry feed then are also covering your dog's food now I'm going to explain this just a second see the Association of American feed control fishes called afco note its speed control not food control was established in the early 1900s and let me tell you the problem with that first and foremost according to their website each state tries to follow their guidelines as it relates to pet food yet the double-a fco has no statutory authority to actually regulate the pet products like they can't really punish you for not following their guidelines and the rules being followed were created in the early 1900s when when the organization was created ie before commercial dog food these regulations were meant for guiding the standards of livestock feed only and the rules that the states are following right now were designed for the best way to rapidly fatten up the animal which is pretty much the opposite of what do you want what you want to do for your dog's life right I mean i you're like me just trying to keep your dog alive you want your dog to thrive yet since many pet food manufacturers will go to any links to fill their food with the cheapest sources of protein they combined you probably won't be surprised to discover the other ingredients in dog food they're not much better and here's the very worst part honesty definitely does not seem to be the best policy for example many brands use photos implying they're using food grade ingredients on the bag well actually using feed ingredients inside the bag or can this is reference on the website the truth about pet food even though there is an double-a fco guideline stating they cannot do this Cleary's say it's a vignette graphic or pictorial representation on a pet food or specialty pet food label shall not misrepresent the contents of the package right from page 137 of their own publication many still do because they know you don't know the rules now don't worry you're not alone in this very few people do I know until recently I didn't either the same rules big brands are bending banking on our mainstream ignorance let's face it most people don't even know what to look for not like you do with people food anyway for example this bag says grilled us a beef steak flavor for a reason the key word is flavor if they'd said what the photo implies beef steak then grilled steak would have to be in the bag but it doesn't say that it says flavor yet the photo makes you think there must be some grilled steak in there somewhere right wrong and when you look a little closer it's right there for any savvy dog owner especially one like you to see the only meat ingredient in this dog food is listed as beef and bone meal that's it in fact the ingredients are listed with graham yellow corn and soybean meal being above beef and bone meal so basically the way the label works that means those are the two most important ingredients in this dog food corn and soybean meal and let's face it at forty two and a half cents a pound do you really have to be a rocket scientist to know that's not chicken I think for those of you who don't know and the Oprah's out there baby well you can get the cheapest chicken out there's about a dollar fifty a pound some people like shop at whole foods are getting boneless skinless organic chicken breasts for about 8 99 a pound okay there's no chicken out there that's 42 and a half cents so how is that even possible many times it's because the actual meat content is only three percent and that's dirty secret number one it's what I call the three-percent rule according to FDA and the air double aid fco labeling guidelines which you can find at the FDA's website if the name of the food includes a phrase with ingredient like with beef with chicken with lamb that named ingredient must not be less than three percent of the total weight so in other words a dog food manufacturer could have a label that says aunt Susie's wholesome stew with lamb and as long as the lamb is three % of the ingredients by weight they are following the rules really three percent you don't find that a tad bit deceptive think about it this way if a traditional dry cup of dog food on average ways 3.21 ounces with the three-percent rule applied that means if you give your dog one cup of that dog food it would only have point zero nine percent meat in it so what about the other 99.1 percent well it can vary and let me tell you why that's so scary have you ever heard of 40 animals it stands for dead dying deceased and or disabled animals and there are no laws no regulations not one guideline nothing saying 40 animals cannot be added to your dog's food that's dirty secret number two even on bags labeled premiun or gourmet just wait until we get to that part you just wait this again comes from the FDA website now some people will still argue no one has been able to prove a big brand did or does this even though past AF AF co-president Hirsch Pendle omit it can happen on camera listen to this Holsteins here Kirsch penndel is the current president of the Association of feed control officials a group made up of North American agriculture and animal feed specialists aapko rights ingredient definitions and suggests nutritional guidelines for pet food makers heads to the industry Mandel says he's not aware of any written law or regulation at any level specifically prohibiting the use of rendered product which contained dead cats and dogs ethically it may not be accessible but nutritionally are still protein can we tell what's in pet foods if I looking at the list there's no way to really tell that because if the ingredients is meat and bone meal eat on dog that's cattle or sheep or or fluffy horrifying according to natural news these meats that he's referring to are usually condemned in whole or part for human consumption okay the parts this is what really bothered be it's not so much that the some things we don't want to eat but it seems that I don't think anyone should eat out of date supermarket meats including their plastic wrappers cutaway cancerous tissue and fetal tissue which is very high in hormones and this comes from a natural news site that has over seven million readers and the FDA certainly does not deny it they actually this is disturbing part have guidelines allowing it you see here on their guide line from their website 675 point 400 where they talk about all the nasty ingredients they will allow to be in the food if you go to their website and look up 675 point 100 that rule what it says is that FDA does not object to the diversion of to animal feed which is your dog's food of human food adulterated meaning it has it with rodent roach or bird excreta really goes on at six seventy five point two hundred and talks about the different kinds of foods that we're talking about here the ones that they allow in there they talk about industrial chemicals and natural toxicants filth I mean microbe all biological contamination it I it's just unbelievable to me at one point they had so many rumors that people were saying that the rendered by products contain dead dogs and cats the FDA decided to conduct a study looking for the drug they used to euthanize your dogs and they found it they found it in the dogs food okay now that doesn't mean anything because if you're like me a real dog lover at this point you should just be thinking regardless of this being true being in my dog's food or not regards if that's ever happened the fact that there are specific guidelines allowing diseased animals or pesticide Laden foods to be approved dog food ingredients massive health risk in my opinion is absolutely disgusting and hundred percent unacceptable sadly it gets worse during secret number three commercially made food labeled premium gourmet and all-natural can be just as toxic as a regular brands of dog food the bottom line they can legally contain the exact same ingredients as cheaper brands of dog food in fact the FDA makes it abundantly clear anybody can label their food however they want clearly stating from their website products labeled as premium or current may are not required to contain any different or higher quality ingredients nor they held up to any higher nutritional standards than are any other complete and balanced products I mean seriously I can sorry just it's crazy to me that that's the case what's being included in these types of products is not what you expect when reading words like premium right for example one of the most powerful and toxic preservatives in your dog's food is called ethoxyquin this deadly preservative is what allows pet stores to keep your dog's food on the shop for up to two years if we're having to sell it to you which makes it convenient for you true and again very profitable for the pet companies but it's pretty disastrous for your dog's help and this is coming from the whole dog journal com site which i think is a phenomenal resource of information it's been linked to cancers severe allergies and even a full immune system collapse and we all know you won't find it on your dog's label you won't sadly that doesn't mean it's not in there that's loophole number one it can be added before they receive the rest of what I call filth to create your dog's food so it's just one reason why dr. Alfred plush nur a world famous veterinarian says long-term effects a commercial diet is that dogs become biochemical cripples that's a word cripples with no resistance to disease research has proven dogs being fed this way can experience all these different types of reactions with kidney cancer bladder cancer chronic diarrhea brain cancer leukemia all kinds of things hair loss it goes on and on shockingly there is nothing you can do about any of this except not buy it there is a safer solution 1 i'm going to reveal right now and the bottom line is it's based on the fact that your dog has a system specifically designed by mother nature to digest meat it's the number one ingredient missing for most dog food today just ask the other experts including the dog food advisor who says that wolves and dogs are what experts call opportunistic carnivores this means they thrive by eating other animals you have to stay alive they will and can eat fruits vegetables grains grasses and even rotting garbage and contrary to popular myth wolves do not eat the stomach contents of their prey you hear a lot of people say that which contains what if you guess grains fruits nuts and berries you'd be right according to David mech an American wolf expert who's written ten books on the subject he's also a senior research scientist for the US Department of Agriculture he says the vegetarian vegetation in the intestinal tract is of no interest to the wolves but the stomach lining and the intestinal wall are consumed and their contents further strewn about the kill site he goes on to say to grow and maintain their own bodies wolves need to ingest all the major parts of their herbivorous pray accept the plants in the digestive system this is supported by the analysis of what a wolf eats in the wild fifty-six percent protein fourteen percent carbohydrates now check this out that's a far cry from today's commercial dog food with eighteen percent on the low end of protein and seventy-four percent on the high end for carbohydrates science has proven there's a wolf hiding inside your dog that's why I'm talking about the way wolves eat it's true from a biological point of view scientists have proven your dog's digestive system is almost identical to that of a wild animal it contains special enzymes and bacteria which breaks down raw meat in a way that you as a human can't do remember those two dogs bluey and Jerry who I told you about when we first met they both live to be in their late 20s they both ate this type of diet whether they meant to or not they did boolie lived before that vente cat kibble dying in 1936 and Jerry ate mostly kangaroo meat according to his dad who was interviewed in that article now I'm not suggesting you gotten teacher dog to hunt or deal with the mess and trouble fixing a raw meat dinner for your dog that actually requires a lot of know-how and determination and if you're like me I have five kids you're looking for a more convenient and correct solution it's just not easy to get the right mix of nutrients when you do it yourself trust me i know because i tried i also know after all this proof no savvy dog lover could keep feeding their dog cooked kibble your dog is counting on you to get it right and i can help you do that right now after discovering just how poorly commercial dog food was really made i assembled a world-class team of scientists and pioneers in the field of raw dog food to create what thousands of people in all 50 states already considered to be truly the best food on the planet for your dog it's called true dog now I don't know if you remember my dog's name that died in two thousand nine nine but his name was Truman and i actually created this company and this dog food in his honor it's endorsed by vets like dr. Jan Hale who for the past 33 years has been a world-renowned pioneer and pet health and this is what he has to say about true dog true dog provides a natural source of essential vitamins minerals fats and amino acids that are so important in developing and maintaining a healthy body where all the systems work and balance with each other I'm also proud to say that we quickly receive the coveted five-star rating from the dog food advisor true dog contains zero grains zero fillers zero added preservatives zero artificial anything and while other companies might make some of these claims the same pet food companies have also began shifting from the grain and corn fillers to what I call a more politically correct option which is the loophole alert number two adding things like fruits and vegetables into the mix to fill up the bag aka fillers even if they're sexy vegetables they're kit Fuller's pluses vegetables are not fresh vegetables like you see in the grocery store there are pretty much the exact opposite anyway they put carrots and cranberries and various other vegetables horses might love well I guess it would seem beats have become the new meat and somehow they've been able to convince you it's okay to pay more for it yet if you're a smart shopper like me by now I hope you're thinking I want to add vegetables to my dog's dinner I'll do it my damn self I certainly know I don't want to pay a premium for them so while vegetables aren't necessary bad for your dog they certainly don't have the same effect for dogs as they do for you now I'm not suggesting you never feed your dog cranberries pumpkin or other vegetable based fillers if you want to add some vegetables to your dog's dinner that's fine however why would you want to pay a premium for a dog food filled with low-quality vegetables when you could give them true dog a freeze-dried raw dog food packed with premium protein true dog is a perfectly put together recipe of vital organs and raw meat complete with both the bone marrow and the blood I know sounds gross to me too but those are the three things your dog needs to survive and if your dog's food does not include this vital organ mix plus all the right essential fats and oils it's not really doubt food at best it's a snack cereal bag chips having this mix of proteins minerals and fats is a vital importance talked about this in the beginning these are the ingredients your dog has to have especially when you want your dog's system to function properly the good news is the benefits of a raw diet for your dog are real and super easy to see they're high in zinc and supporting your immune system house so your dog can easily fight off infections virus and other ailments plus it's actually really naturally high in iron which helps carry the oxygen through the bloodstream to all the cells in the body helping them to resist these diseases like cancer injuries and other symptoms of old age true dog gives your dog what nature intended and what your dog would choose by instinct formulate it from a named animal source beef maybe the United States that approved all that good stuff most importantly especially for those of you with dogs Wayne 25 pounds or under to my knowledge we are the only mini niblet sized freeze-dried raw dog food on the planet all the other brands who make freeze-dried raw dog food do so in the form of large nuggets or even larger patties and while that might work for bigger dogs our mini nibs it's what we call them they're safe for and loved by any size dog all of our meats poultry and game are purchased through local Wisconsin farms the cattle are grass-fed and free-ranging they're raised both antibiotic and steroid free with no added hormones and we use a proprietary process to protect our protein so you know it's fresh also go back to this in a second super important but after being harvested its then flash version and a USDA certified plant where we lock in the goodness of the all natural nutrients and this proprietary process gets your meat in the bag in 72 hours or less from the time of harvest to the point it gets in the back and no one else out there can guarantee that level of freshness because we basically have a parking lot that keeps our plant and ur packaging facility is separate from each other so it's a drive across the parking lot in addition every bag of true dog is packaged for the ultimate protection of the protein packaging bags that are foil-lined and nitrogen flushed basically that just means we suck the oxygen out so nothing else spoil you get a hundred percent fresh perfectly kept food and every single back basically kind of looks like this take the meat we put it into the freezer and then we send it over put it in the package and it comes out to you the cool thing about our food is that we do ask you to add water to it because we've taken all the moisture out but because there's no fillers in it it doesn't get soft or gooey it just stays crunchy and my dogs lick lick the bowl clean like they drink all the water out of it too you know they don't leave it in there like the kids do the cereal they actually eat it and then you drink all of the water in the bowl so that's pretty cool anyway this process is one of the safest and freshest ways to prepare and protect the protein source plus we do not use vegetables as fillers like ninety-eight percent of the other dog foods on the market just listen to a few things our rating fans have to say about true dog we have BL board from Illinois she said before I started using feed me my dog see was itching and scratching constantly she was eating another brand and i believe it was all the fillers and grains she was probably allergic to this is the best dog food and she loves it then we have barbara from north carolina who said i've bought several bags of this freeze dried dog food and use it as a topper on my finicky eater she gobbles up all of her food now of course sheets a true dog kibbles first wyd hope so ricoh our terrier mix loves the food when he sees me with the bag he gets so excited and dances around on its hind legs waiting for it so he highly recommends it feeding your dog a raw dog food diet means you could notice a dramatic decrease in both shetty and the odor that lingers on your hands after you pet your dog will also be diminished another wonderful benefit of feeding raw as dental health dogs are fed raw have been reported to have fresher breath and raw food is also very easy on their body which can help promote some food allergies to Domitian diminish now some raw diet dog parents have reported a reduced dual volume by up to fifty percent which is pretty amazing this means there's less poop for you to clean up on walks all these benefits are part of what we call the true dog truth vechta and some of our happiest customers were very skeptical before try it out after all it's obviously more expensive than what you'll pay at the grocery store for other dog food and that's why 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