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How do i industry sign banking kentucky word fast

this is Kentucky the feeling way this is Ron loading Kentucky appeals first holes back in linking the tea tree now I'm proud to present Charlie bangla something old something new something borrowed something blue we talked about at least three of these things as we page through the 2017 Kentucky fishing and boating guide the Bible if you will of what thousands of people do across the state for fun fishing and boating and if that's not what you do it still might help you understand how we manage fish we go inside outdoors also with a look at Arbor Day our first show of spring next on Kentucky appeal radio I [Music] didn't know when I woke up that morning that birds stopped singing or the Sun would stop shining Alec Saudi 13 year old survivor of a collision with a drunk boater no one told me because they didn't know themselves blindsided my legs were shattered it broke my neck I lost my leg and I almost lost my life Lake Harrington's Kentucky it's illegal to drink in public in Kentucky waterways aren't public when we arrived on a location that were still beer cans floating on the water contrary to popular belief beer and boating don't go into her personal watercraft was in shambles and a bass boat was flipped on its top by all accounts I shouldn't be here so before that first screen for the care of the first responders the first thing that saved my life was my life jacket life jackets they're like little angels they lift you up Kentucky boating and conservation officers remind you your life jackets got you back welcome to Kentucky if your radio this is our first show spring 2017 have any spring projects in the offing instruction manuals how to install a light switch how to plant potatoes how to extend the life of your tires if you've done it once chances are you can do it for the rest of your life like riding a bike but not everything is that simple even though it seems like it should be today we take a look at how all of this applies to one of Kentucky's favorite sports fishing fishing and boating actually it's easy to catch a bluegill but how do the official regulations play into what you can take home Lee McClellan knows these things and he should because he's the editor of the annual Kentucky fishing and boating guys and each year there are a few changes that you see printed in blue ink if it's new it's in blue we wanted too heavily on earlier but we could not wait need you to reschedule due to a family loss we'll talk about that a little bit meanwhile Lee McClellan welcome to the show it's good to be here the thing I like about radio especially today long-form radio yep get to take your time probe into a subject instead of short form where it's about a minute or a minute and a half and you get to hear a new story and you're done but today we get to take the time to talk about things that are important yes like dogs tell me about your dog well I'm now she passed last week what was her name Tilly how old was a that's because only eight and a half that's young for doggy man I what kind of dog goldendoodle a golden dude I've heard a labradoodle said that's different it's golden retriever and poodle how big a dog is that she was about 65 pounds that's a pretty big doll yes she was a big dog long dog water dog yeah I can see that dog jumping in a pond right now she was very kind really sweet disposition eight and a half years have a dog mmm did she go fishing with you know she hated traveler she wanted she liked her own little bubble she like being at home she couldn't stand the car so you have two dogs yeah well now one you know one hmm I will kill the dog she's the same age Bell is a Llewellyn setter lab mix well we'll dedicate today's show to Tilly I appreciate it there's nothing better than a dog if you've heard the show we it's been probably a couple of years I used to close the show with good dog stories mm-hmm now dogs wouldn't come to the rescue cats that like dogs if you don't have a pit you're missing out of course you don't have to feed them you don't have to take them to the vet there's a lot of things you you don't have to do the instance you commit to having a pet you have instantly set yourself up for the worst heartbreak there could ever be true you get them you love them like kids you take them into your home they're a part of your birthdays and Christmas near everyday life they look to you for everything food water shelter health and then they're gone no you know that you're gonna outlive the pet maybe we should start getting turtles as pets and they have you seen the movie it was out recently a dog's purpose now I have it it's good it's well we're seeing Pam and I want to see that and then I remember way back 1990 it was a Disney movie called all dogs go to heaven I remember that one but if they either of those movies are true that I was feeling you'll see till you get my hope so she was a wonderful companion great dog well we have two kids on the front of this fishing guide today there they have pet fish yep they did that things are going to be dinner they've got their limit here obviously well yeah well catfish sure you know no minimum except on fans legs they were okay of course they're young it up they don't even need a fishing license you know those are nice string of fish so and it's a great picture they done well this is a guide they're going to keep forever I'll no doubt they're going to be autographing than I guarantee mm-hmm you can have an autograph signing you can have a fishing derby at Fish and Wildlife headquarters have these two kids autographing the guy and I guarantee you there would be you would have a long line yeah you would that would be cool it's a great it's a wonderful photo so on the front page you got these kids they've caught their limit and kids don't need a license that's one thing is pointed out in the guy so they're not quite i'm going to guess they're about eight or nine or so years old so to fish in Kentucky what age you actually start needing that license 16 now they got a ways to go yeah they're good the Finns program but we're going to talk about what's new and updated what's news in blue the Finns program we're going to get into a little bit later with some new lakes that are in that program but one thing I thought was interesting that crowd are in those legs and if you keep the trout you also need a permit mmm what's the thinking behind it pays for the program that makes sense yes I mean it's it's a user pay user use program you know in the trial sermon easily caught fish yes it is especially these hatchery right strap that can be really easy to catch that's great you know what last thing you want to do is go fishing not catch anything then you know you're eight years old you disappointed so heck with that I'm going to do something else you want to have some success and trial help that to happen no doubt so the fishing and boating guy how many years you've been doing this no Lee 1717 you've been here for 17 years you're half you you inherited that as part of the job or yes yeah I had no idea it been that long is the boating and fishing guide the same number of pages year to year yes there has been for a while we've cut it in a couple couple years ago we cut back save a little bit on printing costs and we went through and eliminated redundancies and things on nature but it runs the same every year with the advent of smartphones is the circulation of this dropped a little bit but people just be able to look at it on a tablet I believe that it has but there's still great demand for the paper version these are the best things I've got one of my head just want to swallow fly with no doubt swallow dog then you can put in your tackle box or not if it gets wet so what you know dried out and reuse it yeah that happens your smartphone you're out to knows how much you know that's true if you don't have one okay Gohan Green River farmer and he dropped to songwriting problem we film achievements he turned white as a sheet I thought I go bloop is in three feet of water like oh that's not funny but it's fun yeah you got it pointed out in here and this is one thing I thought it was interesting that I don't know without having to find this verbatim it basically says these are the rules but then it's not statute mm-hmm what's that mean is it sort of like you've taken this fishing guide and put statutes into English yes yes and you like say you know special fishing regulations it has all the KR + KR s that refers to any time we have a new section like that we always try to put with the statutory framework is of the rig's so people are looking up like bullfrogs it's 301 KR uh-oh 182 grass carp rebbia 301 kar 1.2 01 so we always try to put that in there so people can look up the regulation sales if they so desire if the verbiage going to be that much different wondering why the guide and the reg can't be exactly the same that's that's Frankfurt for you yeah so page to leave McClellan if it's new it is in bloom yeah we have a few changes this year have there ever been or has there ever been what is it about nature and water and fish that you can't have the same rules consistently year after year it seems like every year there's a little tweak well that's part of the management process each year the biologists go out and look at species monitor their health and if there's something they feel is out of whack or needs improvement and no address it through regulation we will pick up there if it's new it's in blue the brand new Kentucky fishing and boating god it's free wherever you buy your fishing license and it's online at fw k y dot gov what's changed for this year we'll learn more after the break you're listening to Kentucky appeal radio we are back on Kentucky a field radio my name is Charlie baglin so page to leave McClellan if it's new it is in bloom yeah we have a few changes this year what is it about nature and water and fish that you can't have the same rules consistently year after year it seems like every year there's a little tweak well that's part of the management process each year the biologists go out and look at species monitor their health and if there's something they feel is out of whack or needs improvement and then no address it through regulation like yellow bass daily career limit on yellow bass is now pretty much a roughish you can keep as me as you want Trammell Creek some people came forward and wanted to lower the daily grill on rainbows or they'll have more little bit more opportunity there the Creole limits that's a term we hear every day mm what's it mean your daily grill tell me you can keep per day and your possession limit is something you can have with you or on a stringer yeah unprocessed fish in your possession see a lot of people for a long time thought they went to Kentucky Lake and they fish for five days they thought they can only keep because the possessions double the daily creel they thought well if I go down there for five days crappie fishing I can only keep two limits well no you have to process your fish and commit them to your domicile whether it be the lodge or whether it be a cabin or a house or whatever wherever you're staying you just can't have more than two career limits of unprocessed fish my understanding was possession goes back to the days when people did a lot more boating camping and shoreline camping and didn't have the resources we have now as far as refrigeration and things and people wouldn't process their fish maitland sit there two and three days and by the time they got around to him they were worthless so this was a way to get rid of one waste because I know one particular story was told to me that you know a lot of people were just disgusted they come to a camping site and there'd be 50 dead crappie floating you know because they didn't process them right and they got rigor mortis and the stomach intestine juices the meat and the fish became spoiled so this is a way to make sure people process their fish in a timely manner not waste one thing I've noticed about fishing in Kentucky every body of water is sort of managed on its own yet across the board yellow bass were now said to be a rough fish and we'll just have no cree limit whatever on it yeah did we had a minimum they were part of the white bass and hybrid daily they just wanted to separate those out because they're plentiful people can catch a lot of them they're just so many they didn't feel it's necessary to group them in with the white bash the hybrids of the striper deal listen mainly white bass and high lights and hybrids are the ones that we have that we're all together yellow bass used to be in that group well of course this is subject to change i guess you could is it good but not to me likes have yellow bass but the ones have a lot of them like Kentucky like as a lot yellow vests and some of the absence of a creel limit then we could see more of them harvested yes and I put number drops and maybe they're to change the regulation then too I believe the feeling is that probably won't happen okay most people don't target them and then watch if you ever catch yellow bass watch handling them they're sharp man they will they will light you up their fins are very sharp so just be careful and handling them they taste fantastic talking about Kentucky Lake how to fellow just a while ago on facebook talking about Asian carp what if you put in this fishing guide about Asian carp well there's a page on Asian carp also in our live bait for personal use we ask people that if you collective ate from a reservoir or water body you must use that bait in that reservoir water body shad and Asian carp have a very distinct or very similar look to them when they're at a certain age so it's very difficult for an average person to differentiate between a shed and a baby Asian carp so we didn't want to spread those any more than we already then already been doing by their natural process so we asked a few collect bait like saying bark retail water use that bait in in that system and but don't bring it to another water body that makes sense if it's new it's in blue and it's part of the fishing and boating guide for Kentucky this year you have a some blue ink here on Trammell Creek and Allen County dealing with rainbow trout elaborate please well that's as a minute ago they wanted to have I believe it used to be understand why drag of 8 and they wanted to lower that to find some more people get more use out of them that's an unusual fishery it's a springfed most of tramble creek is smallmouth bass with this particular stretch some Springs come in a very cold water makes them amenable to try out and they've been stalked down there for as long as I can remember so this is a year realm fishery itself and its a catch and release its are seasonal catch a release from October and 22 March 31 but during the rest of the year when harvest is allowed they want to lower that rainbow creole 25 because they're getting some pretty good holdovers and some big fish in there they want that so keep that up there is a spring fed creek that has a trout fishery unit in Western Kentucky and I can't remember the name of it for a while we did whippoorwill Creek I believe Casey Creek entry County that's it that's what I'm thinking about rates also under cizel catch-and-release regulations I saw this on page four I'm going to turn the page here this is one of the sweetest things on the Internet it ranks right up there in my book with the Fish and Wildlife site my profile option where you put in your social security number and see everything you've done your harvest logs and the licenses you have bought this is mind a place to fish fantastic I use it all the time it's incredible I bet you had a hand in its development didn't you so don been ailing them did I wish I could take credit but I'm not going to I've ground proved quite a few of them during out of the water trail series I know Don is unlocked with the dumb bunnell and some of the other guys have helped when they find new access we put it on there but it is a wonderful resource all right let's define it a little bit you can search by species by body of water back by Connie by city by species by access type as well yeah if you want to catch bass wherever and you put that in there it's mazing what you can learn to sit there I found myself playing with that I know meet in 20 minutes later so I better quit and that's it's the fantastic resource and it really is if you open up our home page on the left there you'll see find a place to fish click on that goes right to it you'll be on there it's just like going on Amazon in the point you can't quit you're the state record fish coordinator still right there's no 17 years on that how long have been 17 did that come as part of this writing job for the magazine it sure did did it reeling the state record fish program what's the latest record sent the Y catfish over and gets Greek how big it was in last magazine let's say it was just right at 44 pounds I got another one in from west Kentucky but I think of his spotted gar no silver carp but I just I just got that like two days ago so what do you think the next to fall would expect brook trout in the Cumberland River that's been filing every spring for past couple years advice to anglers if they think they may have caught a state record first thing they need to do is contact their district fisheries biologist and make sure the fish is confirmed by then then nothing else can transpire until that happens then has to be a weight on the scale certified for trade by the Department of Agriculture such as a anybody phil's meat or cedar any things like that by the pound while people go to southern states or some people go to grocery stores any place that sells me by the pound will allow you to weigh the fish has to be certified portrayed by the Department of Agriculture has to be caught on hooking line from Kentucky waters years ago Kerry pre thur who was a retired fisheries biologist was on and he said you don't ask him about basically the same question and he said the thing about catching a state record is you have to recognize the fish for what it is if it's so big it may be so big that you don't recognize the fish as a bluegill or as the best run into that yourself a few times had people make mistakes on weighing it some things of that nature where people like whatever icon then they find out all these state record crappie is actually a hybrid of white and black crappie hmm from watershed lake out in Hopkins County it's a monster but they did genetic testing on it as a hybrid that has to be the funnest job that there could be in state government the state record fish program and that's just what maybe a 2 hours a week for you or what not maybe that appear for you again depend some years we go years without having the record so it's pretty good place to segue into what constitutes legal fishing in this state equipment wise what's legal nuts nagging both fishing how can you legally fish well use a rod and reel but you can also snag but sagging rules are very strict you need to consult hours digging and snagging section we've had some several regulatory changes over the past ten years in that regard there's certain areas of state where that's very popular but also there's certain areas of state where we're trying to keep the rough or the paddlefish populations high so a lot of people snag paddlefish two rows worth a lot of money we have to balance the interests of our constituents and the people who pay the freight versus the needs of maintaining a vigorous fishery so that's why the digging snagging rules have changed somewhat one of us jug fishing trot ones can you catch a record fish my jug pushing for state record fish must be caught in Kentucky waters by rod and reel or po and line only okay so no trotlines well fish taking on commercial gil by try lines gigging snagging or by hand or bow fishing are not eligible you can't noodle run grill or po in line only so I guess jugs would be illegal but you know I took a good question I'm going to put that on our next would you want a quiz for the spraying in the magazine there you go question but I do know that you are lines getting snagging tickling a Newling or bow fishing are not eligible however there is a separate you BK united by wonders of Kentucky keeps a separate Kentucky bowfishing records but but they keep the records you have to go through them not us we help them and we put a link on there to them in the magazine or in the fishing out rather if you shoot a record you'll need to consult you have owners of Kentucky excellent entry on their website that will tell you all the information needs now Lee we need to take a break we'll have more as we page through the all new and improved Kentucky fishing and boating guide with editor Lee McClellan there are a few regulation changes this year you should know plus our fishing report is standing by you're listening to Kentucky appeal radio that went back on Kentucky appealed radio or into our second half hour if you would like to hear this show again you can find the link on our Facebook page just put it in Kentucky appeal radio the search box there you are you can like us find us on YouTube as well put Kentucky appealed radio in the search box plus we're on a weekly podcast take a look for us on iTunes easy as that it's time now for our fishing report in Western Kentucky down in Kentucky Marky legs it seems like it's getting to be that time the cropping of been bitin for last month or so with all this beautiful weather we've had and I expect that to continue really good your classes of crappie coming on a lot of keeper fishing leg and now they're being caught right now there's auto rigging with jigs but as the water warms up they'll move shallow and that's when you can start fishing with jigs around your football bushes and up around the shallow water habitat bass fish has been pretty warm too not hot but warm the bastard still out there suspended on for secondary points and ledges but expect them to start moving up as the water continues to warm up this spring tell waters have been pretty good with white bass striped bass in hybrids good discharge and so fishings been good and this is paul reiser i hope you find a good day to go fishing this is jeff crosby with the central fishing report fishing across the area is good right now water temperatures are running into low 50s largemouth bass this is a great time a year to pick up a really nice fish as large females move into shallow water and preparing for the spawn check out taylorsville harrington or even gifts creaking k lake up its Alice's great legs too that she quality says fish this time of year test jigs or plastic baits a jerk baits crankbaits or spinner baits are on points that are chasing to spawning flats and finally don't forget about a fishing in neighborhoods like close to you they've been stocked with channel catfish and rainbow trout check out the department's website at fw ik wat i go for further information grab a pole and enjoy some great spring fishing comfy on the water they're coming with your Southwest context official report barren river lake is over halfway back to summer pool bath is good with intervention shell bank makes upon the slides and cover structure crappies still best on structure cover near the channel and 8-12 for the water greener ranch is also just a little bit shy of summer pool must keep it up shallow in the stained water the Emperor quarters of the legs and if you good with jerkbaits lipless crank sand stairs cropped agreed have been good on Russian structure in 10 to 14 foot of water also small on the farm on good places for some bass action with spinnerbaits Beal spins and shallow crank baits good luck fishing issue your lifejackets got your back I thing elk in Kentucky is a dream come true for many and I want to add my name to that list and i want to add mine if you want to add yours the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife website is out central the pic for option lets you put your name in the Hat for cow bold our tree or firearms well used egg a deadline is midnight April thirtieth this could be my year and it can be yours register for incredible Kentucky elk hunting at fw kygo stress it's not easy reaching your arms around a giant white oak tree oh I can't reach your hand it's not easy finding one either but old-growth woodlands are another example of what Kentucky nature license plates work to protect train and even though this boys in fifth grade he might see college before those fingertips meet and with some of these trees he may still need a little help from mr o kentucky nature played no wonder they say nature's finest bag when back in our second half hour we're talking about if it's new it's in blue and the Kentucky fishing and boating guide 2017 edition Lee McClellan is the editor and he's ours for the hour Ballard Wildlife Management Area in ballard county that's about as far western kentucky as you can get yep idle speed only now on boats and lakes and the sloughs there that makes a lot of sense to me there's so many snags out there and dumps yeah two-point Belize yeah I don't know how you could go any faster than that if you tried trying to standardize everything out there for idle speed only for all boats you know we had that 10 horsepower or less rule let's look at boating real quick all these are on page 6 31 as you can see some of the idle speed only we still have boat motors are to attend horsepower must operate at idle speed all times on Beaver bullet pan Corinth see for a long time if you had a boat larger than 1000 horsepower I think you had to use your trolling motor only on those links but we changed quite a few of those in the last couple of years because some people who are I don't have a ten horse what am I going to do i want i'd like to be able to fish beaver with my eighteenth of bass boat but i'm just going to go idle speed only a lot of constituents came forward and said that's what they'd like well that sounds fair yeah there was some also some people that didn't particularly care for that but overall that we've come to that regulation there that's applies also to Boatwright Wildlife Management Area and I guess whatever bodies and water is on that property part of the deal was you know people in bigger boats like by the time I get crosslake micromotors after fishing six hours much all motors it kind of died down that's the compromise we came to as the editor of this Lee I'm sure you've got a hand in this the little tidbits of information they're just scattered all over this guide you can just spend a half hour reading these and come away with I didn't know that and I'm glad I read that in one of the s I just hadn't given any thought to was little tidbit on QA can you clean fish on the water then you can't no I was just I guess I'd not given any thought to that the officer needs to be able to identify what you caught so if you have filets well how's he going to know that's a bluegill from a crappie from a whatever well that make sense so you know that way to make sure everybody's on the up-and-up does litter the knee of the tail for the fence the heads just as trash that doesn't look good float around now guys away no it's more of a compliance issue idle speed you only now on Beulah lake jackson county oh i see here that there are several and they're all pointed out here in the fishing and boating guide several new lakes now in the fins program acronym for fishing in neighborhood and tell me what these lakes are and maybe you want to comment on them i'm sure you push them lot of these i have not there shall be honest i do know the fence program my brother takes his kids to them quite a bit and millennial part pond and Danville and they love it because they catch fish the whole time and that's kind of the goal of the program is for you to come and catch fish the whole time we also added madisonville city park south are all in the fishing and neighborhoods program and we took Dixon lake and marion county lake or martin county lake are no longer enrolled let me go down this list pennyrile lake nets in christian county mm-hmm largemouth bass and now under a statewide regulation flemingsburg old reservoir that's in Fleming County that's new to the fins program cache creek park lake grave scouting drains County leary lake in Grant County Logan Hubble Park the Lincoln County madisonville city park lake south and hopkins county rotary park lake hickman county they are now enrolled in the pins program if that program what is that around 45 lakes or so now on the pins program mm-hmm was that close yeah dear close will that ever pop out is there a maximum you think you can reasonably have my understanding is we've bout reached to carrying capacity of what we can do as far as space in the hatchery its opening upon making the fish so you know we're fairly close to reaching carrying capacity but I don't think we're all the way there yeah hatchery can only produce so many this yeah now a couple of you mentioned did drop out of the program Dickerson lake in Fort Knox that's in Meade County and martin county lake they're no longer enrolled what causes a lake to have to drop out of the program i know in one particular Lake in louisville they went they weren't having very good successfully when looked and found that it was so filtered in the elder deepest part lake was like four feet so they were having a difficult time the winter having the fish hold over the Fort Knox lake I just don't think was doing that well and I think there was some access issues with it so they just took it out a couple of them have ended up being not very good habitat because they need to be dredged or filtered in we're talking about the Kentucky fishing and boating god it's brand new and of the regulation has changed it is highlighted in blue ink but it's a good opportunity just talked about fishing in general we've had a warm winter this year 2016 into 2017 never really saw nice knows a lot of warm weather thing is just going to make everything earlier this year so if you're talking third week at mark you should have the light bachelors maybe at their peak is so just beginning crappie spawn is going to be early I think everything's just going to be early because then get cold enough in the winter to set the normal clock also talking about fishing bouldering waters we have plenty of those mmm you take a look anywhere around the periphery of the state let's say the Ohio River or Kentucky Lake where that body of water is shared by a couple of different states where rules apply what license do you need what do we need going into that let's look sport fishing license overshadowed by by the regular regulations and state from whose waters they are fishing Wow and when fishing in waters that are not licensed to fish shall comply with the most restrictive elation so Mississippi River is a little different the I'll know how language fishing from the bordering states bank must follow the signs of cruise limits of the state where the angler is located okay yep Dale hall and big south fork big sandy took for Kentucky there's a lot of a lot of bordering waters or a lot of shared waterways so you really have to consult the guide to know but we need to know it's where you're located and you always default to the most restrictive reg if you don't know so if you're in any question just default by the most restrictive rig see when I fish to these rivers I rarely give me things I don't think about that if I do it will be one or a couple of fish one thing on dale hollow is confusing is a make sure when you come out of hendrix creek and some of those there is a defined sign stating where that where the reciprocal zone is a lot of people think well I'm all the way down to here and I'm all the way down to there we have a map on our web page of where that belongs it's really lilydale and above on the main lake and then if you go up into hindrance creek part of industry cats tennessee part of interspace kentucky you just make sure that you know where because I've been down there fishing with Chad miles our host you're in like planting get my one day Tennessee where we at be like oh we're right on the border so we have to stay in Kentucky water dry make sure we're legal so be cognitive that when you're down there well that you brought up a good point you know you have a paper guide with you it's sort of limited to what you can fit on the page and if you go online if you go on your look on your phone do youhave the option to link to other maps or get further details that you wouldn't have the guy in some instances yes but I do know like some of our fish location stuff it's a little bit difficult to download on your phone but they're working on that you're trying to make that easier so you can just download all that onto your phone but I think you can into your GPS unit some of the higher-end GPS units and some are units that are that are combined you can you can download the information directly as usually now 17 years into this you've done an outstanding job with the loading guidance or anything really that apart from the regs this year that you really liked about this year's god that's sort of new um you can hang your hat on well I do like some of the pictures in there because I took them I love the picture on page 17 because I took that whole that is that is pretty that's travel Creek i believe the one thing to draw attention to is on page 22 the something you're not both worked on is the fishing on recycling program on page 22 there's the we have collection bins it's a lot of our more popular lakes where you can put your fishing on in this monofilament line recycling bin looks like a white pipe like a big water pipe yes some people wondering where you could put fluorocarbon in or not I can't remember what our policy was on fluoro deal I what I remember it was that we're fishing line put it in that's why i thought we're not going to worry about the semantics of what kind it is what we want more than be able to recycle it is to get it off the bank yeah and make sure that and so that geese and ducks and turtles and whatever can't get tangled up in it if you're a regular visitor out here the game farm or the most sad sight you'll see is a goose with one leg or losing its leg because of fishing line wrapped around its appendages and then it cuts off the blood circulation then they lose one of their feet and there's sad thing you know and it's just carelessness and you know it's not that hard my wife gets mad because in the dryer she finds a little balls of fishing line all the time from when I had to pull off five or six feet line that had been damaged or whatever and I wrap it up a little bonus tick in my pocket and she finds it constantly in our washer and dryer and it makes a really man but I'm much rather her be mad and then it endanger the life of a bird or fish or whatnot well when you see these recycling bins use them they're there for a reason that Elmer if the word monofilament throws you just read the word fishing line on there and put it in put it in there it's better in there whatever it is then lay it on the bank no doubt I like what you have put in here Lee about fish identification and this will show what I don't know but a walleye and sagar caught in the same water traditionally um no well you because I could see which fish some that i can come on river below the day at Wolf Creek you'll see them both run but mostly your soccer is a river fishing walleyes is both a river and the lake fish but and they have some overlap but another time a lot of fish look alike a lot of fish look a lot of sagar just says of much more distinctive black band they tend to be much smaller than walleye and more cigar-shaped what page are we on to look at all that 19 so when you look at page 19 and it goes on for a couple of pages and so on page 19 where you have fish identification that's handy now granted the fish on this page are all the same size in reality they may be pounds and many inches apart but to look at them you can take on how will ever know but in the real world it's not as hard but what are some of the hardest fish you think could differentiate hybrids hybrid striped bass striped bass and white bass are the most difficult about a walleye how about a sucker I don't think they're that bad because the solver if he's noticed the satellite blotches on the stalker much more distinctive and again sagar rarely get as big as walleye in kentucky and must time they're more of a tubular shape to de mama the clock is ticking will be back to wrap it up on the all-new fishing and boating guide to the state of kentucky + still to come will have a special look at a celebrated spring holiday Arbor Day sure signs spring is taking root you're listening to Kentucky appeal radio [Music] Charlie bagman on Kentucky appeal Rennell back with our final few with editor Lee McClellan a name you know well from Kentucky appealed magazine the section on fish identification these look like photographs of fish are they are they paintings those are racheal paintings I thought they were Rick he'll paintings but you look at them few open up page 19 20 21 they look like the real thing what special advice is in this guide that shouldn't be overlooked and I was hoping you might bring up the subject of threatened and endangered fish Darger's that sort of thing if you look on page 20 these are the threatened endangered species and if people collecting bait should happen upon one of these and some of these streams you need to release them especially the tuxedo darter the relic tartar the bells on shiner the cumberland daughter the end of blackside dace is illegal to take these fish species and utilize them for any purpose including as live bait for fishing where you pushing this your loo everywhere yeah I want to get back to Kentucky Lake real bad I hope to go down below the dam here soon on Cumberland I really want to fish some more small lakes with my kayak TV show does a lot of that they absolutely love it mm-hmm where can we get a copy of the guy anywhere in sales fishing licenses you can also request one by calling 1-800 858 1549 or you can download one and the PDF version on the website print it off yourself good luck the spring I appreciate it very much great information to keep you legal and loving it for the fishing and boating season all across Kentucky we're up to a point now on the show where we pay special attention to the fact that many people were fooled into believing the spring had sprung as early as scriba weary were you one of those not mowing your lawn dragging out the patio furniture grilling out the spring equinox this year March twentieth April 7th is here is Kentucky's Arbor Day that is usually the first week in april that's when our climate here in Kentucky is poised for the best start to the growing season not some warm day in January February we go back 15 or so years with this an audio archive of the early days of Kentucky a field radio a well rooted tradition next on Kentucky a field radial free a common sight in the Commonwealth we climb trees we enjoy their shade trees give us wood and provide food and shelter for many animals and the list goes on if a tree were paid for the services of tree provides then money would surely have to grow on trees because they are just that valuable we may as well have a holiday for trees and we do Christmas tradition holds that we cut down a tree but on Arbor Day we are called to plant I think one of the most important objectives of Kentucky's Arbor Day is just to bring an awareness Sara Gracie is an urban forester with the Kentucky Division of course Kentucky has very rich woodlands and the one most biodiverse state in America we're at Cold Spring Park and nature preserve not far from the Kentucky River in Franklin County sarah tells us that the purpose of Arbor Day isn't to create forest or to restore habitat loss to development or any other goal great and gallant from school children's futures community leaders are mayor's to private landowner you know that farmer may be thinking of converting a pasture to a woodland or it may encourage City Council to set aside some money that can purchase the park like we're finding in today just to bring an awareness of how important our natural resources are to everybody I think that one of the most important things that Arbor Day does is help people develop an appreciation for trees then figured is a wildlife biologist with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife when I was in second grade I planted the pine tree in our family's yard we got a free tree at school and took it home planet it I think my family moves three times the town was in high school and we carried that tree with us every time just like growing a garden you appreciate the food you're by growing the trees you appreciate fourth more I really believe that I think in cities planting trees helps a lot of ways it helps people they feel better if it's a greener environment Arbor Day originated where they're essentially were no trees Nebraska the year was 1872 it was estimated that more than a million trees were planted on that first local Arbor Day today National Arbor Day is observed in the last variety of April but a number of state Arbor days are still held to coincide with the best creep planting weather in Kentucky that's the first Friday in April unlike the Great Plains Kentucky does have trees about half of our land mass is covered with them about 12 million acres and these woodlands hold about 120 different kinds of trees foresters used the term mixed mizzou fitting to describe Kentucky's woodlands what that means is something we can contrast to the forests of the far north forest there may be comprised of only spruce or hemlock trees but in the warmer deeper South Kentucky forests grow a lot of a lot of different things and this diversity Sarah and Dan agree makes 4 is greater diversity and all that lives there everybody should plan a different ring and you want that diversity out there you want some trees that are pines or evergreen type trees or to provide to the more winter type cover you want other trees that are like your Oaks that are producing the hard mask it wildlife feed on they're all important and good that people play a variety of trees there's not just one magic tree reason you don't want to plant one tree that can have a bad trait or you could have another tree species that might be susceptible to an insect or disease look at the turn of the century when Dutch elm disease came into North America and whole communities were planning an elm and Hall communities will australis after Dutch elm disease life I part of what the Kentucky Division of Forestry does has worked with people for cream management plans on their private property soil studies can help determine what will grow their best in conjunction with what the landowner wants that maybe timber sales in the future or wildlife now while the Division of Forestry and Department of Fish and Wildlife do their share of pre-planning from the backwoods to Main Street it's a job that lets everyone dig in many cities from small to large in Kentucky celebrate an actual Arbor Day effect Arbor Day celebrations have taken root around the world as well as here at home events in Kentucky alone can plant nearly a half a million trees each year event organizers recognize that at the moment a tree goes into the dirt wildlife and woodland appreciation goes into action and with a little luck we can watch it grow to learn more log on to Arbor Day Kentucky a field radio is a broadcast service as the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife your partners in the great outdoors Kentucky a field radio that's the way it used to be the best time of the year is here spring time thanks to Leah McClellan for stopping by and to discuss the fishing and boating guy we are out of time mr. Charlie baglan inviting you to join us in a weekend we'll go inside outdoors again here on Kentucky appeal radio [Music]

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