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[Music] coming up on folks we continue our look at minority businesses with a profile of security national bank in shreveport also an update on first federal savings and loan in baton rouge in existence for over 30 years all this and more on today's edition of folks [Music] [Music] hello everyone and welcome to folks i'm sonya massengale today we continue our look at minority businesses our focus is on african-american owned financial institutions on a recent trip to shreveport we met some of the officers of security national bank security is a young bank and because of louisiana's problem economy this is not the best time to be the new kids on the block but security is showing signs of strength and the folks at the bank are finding ways to secure their future in the shreveport community security national bank is a full-service commercial bank located in shreveport louisiana security has been in operation since 1982. from its humble beginnings in a tiny trailer to the substantial building in which it is now housed security has shown some solid growth in its few years of existence although they've been struggling with the tough louisiana economy the first quarter of 1989 has been a good one senior vice president of security carlos boston has 16 years as a bank officer he is new at security and believes that they are on a positive track in the shreveport community well sonia i think one thing that we have to keep in mind is that we are a bank and just like any other institution that has the label of bank on it we have services and products and so forth that we offer and they are available to the community as a whole and we want to be sure that we market ourselves that way from the standpoint that people know that we are a full-service bank fully capable and functional and able to offer services to uh the entire shreveport bossier community how is security national bank being received by the community there has been some change and i think the community is aware of that but that change has been very positive all of that change has been for the the good of the community security bank basically is a brand new institution from the standpoint of the change we are positively directing ourselves to the community from the standpoint that we will be committed to service within the communities and with that kind of positive projection then hopefully we will expect the community to reciprocate and actually be just as positive and excited about the security national bank as we are about being able to deliver to the community banking institutions are closing all over the united states especially in the oil cities and right now you're up against or competing against some very very large banking institutions what is going to make the difference between your success or your failure i think what we have to keep in mind first of all is banking has become a very very competitive situation it really has we have to keep in mind too that we will have to identify our markets we'll have to develop our own niche so to speak and as we do that we'll have to really address those areas and we intend to do that we intend to to do that and try to do it as well as any other institution now you're right there are big institutions here right now and sometimes you have to be careful because big doesn't just always get it done when you're developing and perfecting a delivery system regardless to what size it is it needs to be to the point that it gets the job done in a very expedient and efficient manner one of the driving forces behind the new management of security national bank is wesley godfrey chairman of the board my responsibility is to provide a return for the investment to the stockholders of security national bank and by doing so we ensure the viability of this financial institution and allow for it to provide unique services to the shreveport community you're up against some very stiff competition with some very large institutions at a time when many banks are closing what is going to make the difference between the success or the failure security national bank the unique thing about security is that we found a niche in the market here we are primarily consumer-oriented but at the same time we participate in major commercial activities our niche is our ability to serve the unique needs of this particular community that's primarily institutional accounts we're talking about the churches we're talking about high school principals and elementary school principals and we're talking about the black community that's been denied access to the economic mainstream of northwest louisiana we're doing a lot of franchise activities on a commercial side and we're doing a lot of new car loans and we're doing things for this particular segment of the community that they have not been afforded in the past and that is in fact a niche that only security national bank is satisfied and that in fact determines that we are viable and we will sustain security national believes in committed personal service to its customers and a hands-on approach to banking you are likely to find the bank officer seeing to the grounds of the bank chatting one-on-one with customers as well as sitting formally behind their desks this kind of personal interaction seems to give security bank an advantage over larger banks there are certain things too that some of the large institutions may offer then again there are certain things that they may not offer as well now what we want to be able to do is realize that as a small community bank really looking to get into the mainstream of the consumer market and offer whatever services that we can and address those we want to realize too that if there are some things that the larger institutions because of the way of their makeup and structure if there is a runoff there for some reason or another we want to know about that so we will be we'll have our tentacles out so to speak so as to see where are if there are some areas too that maybe some of the larger institutions are not tapping and we're going to try to address that security national also believes in giving something back to the community this young woman is a high school student gaining experience as a security intern our plans basically are to fund and sponsor some major projects in the various schools we have adopted three schools central elementary northside elementary and jazz clark junior high school the officers of security bank believe if they can deliver good service and consistency then the customers will be loyal several customers seem to agree i have my personal account here because this is a minority-owned bank and i support the minority community anything i can do to support the minority community i do that and security is a very well organized bank and you can't ask for better service than you can get here a lot of people look for you know that special touch that people give you that friendliness and the professionalism that you get here and i think that by having a minority bank it enhances the community and it's nice to be able to say well we do have a bank that owned by minorities and not a lot of city can't say that it provides an opportunity for black people to have a capital resource that we haven't had before and because the capital resource can provide a number of act of opportunities that black people have not had resources to go in business with that this is as a great opportunity for us having this bank means a great deal to the black community because this bank has a sincere interest in the total development of the black community and the black community feels like they are part of the bank i support the bank because i believe in the total development of the black community i've done all that i could as a city councilman to bring business to this bank and i think that it is healthy for this freeport community that we have this kind of minority involvement well i do business with security national bank and have my money in this bank because when i look for a bank i look for one that's going to be causal and provide me with different services that i need and secure has been very very professional and really gone out of their way to to make sure that they service me and the little real estate business that i have so i've been very very pleased with security ever since i started dealing with them whether i start dealing with them when they first opened that door so i've been very very pleased particularly this year in a much better position than we are today that's for sure i think all of us would want to see progress we would want to see any institution or organization that we're associated with really progressing and pushing forward and security needs that just as any other institution would right now this is the only location that we have this is our main office area and this is it and we have in mind of being able to get things adjusted to the point so that we can branch and get more into the community both shreveport beasure and surrounding areas as well we're looking to grow but we want to also grow in a way that it's positive growth it's solid growth it's the kind of growth that's not here today and gone tomorrow well obviously security national bank is only a single bank holding company we plan on expanding our holding company activities to include a multitude of branches within the bank we plan on getting into finance companies collection agencies travel agencies insurance companies and the like all of the opportunities are available through a holding company activity we plan to expand into because we can do that we feel without opposition simply because there are no competitors in the areas that we're interested as far as our niche of the market is concerned there's a unique opportunity and we plan on satisfying that particular opportunity while security is building their strength in the northwest corner of the state down here in south louisiana one of the oldest african-american financial institutions in the country first federal savings and loan was taken under the management of the federal deposit insurance corporation under the joint regulatory program instituted by president bush first federal has been in operation for over 30 years several years ago rob hinton profiled first federal four months after first federal opened its doors it had received approximately 291 thousand dollars in subscriptions from the community that's 291 thousand dollars representing about twelve hundred customers now back in those early days the largest sum of money first federal could lend was fifteen thousand dollars but today first federal's assets total better than 50 million dollars and it has become a pillar of strength to the black community in baton rouge they've not been for us many people would not have been able to have homes to have businesses you can think back 27 years ago you could probably come up with one or two subdivisions for black people now they're scattered throughout the city of baton rouge to parish with east baton rouge and first federal had a lot to do with that the first black savings and loan was established 93 years ago yet first federal savings in loan of scotlandville was the first black owned savings and loan in louisiana and the deep south other uh business and professional people throughout the south and for that matter throughout the united states found out that we could do it well they decided that maybe we can do it too and uh since that time uh we have had two other flight control savings and loan associations to open in louisiana in state of louisiana one is a savings loan that opened about 1963 down in new orleans that's called united federal and one that just opened on the 10th of this month had a grant open on the 10th of this month by you federal so there are three of us in the state of louisiana right now not only is first federal the first black savings alone in the deep south but it is also one of the largest in the country we have grown to be the seventh largest blight control financial institution not blanching institutions the seventh flight control savings and loan association in the united states now we're talking about los angeles chicago new york philadelphia washington dc large cities and we are right here just off the southern university's campus and we are number seven and we're quite proud of that fact and where first federal has seen a lot of success like many of us it has also experienced some pretty tough years we had to start off behind so when times got hard and many of the savings and loan associations just could not make it because the economy got completely out of control at one time and that hasn't been over two years ago interest rates went up to as much as 21 percent uh not only black people but many families throughout the united states were priced out of the housing market they were just families who could not get housing and not only that but many of the associations had to do one of two things because their bottom line was beginning to get red and red and red and red many of them had to either merge with other associations that were strong they had to just go out of business i'm happy to say that face federal was able to to weather that storm and uh we feel that we are financially sound and that we will continue to be financially sound that was several years ago first federal is only one of 47 savings and loan institutions in louisiana now under the management of the fdic officers of first federal were not allowed at this time to speak publicly about their future but a communications official from the fdic sent a statement saying that the purpose of the joint regulatory program is to ensure the stability of the savings and loans and eventually fund and structure a permanent resolution to their problems joining me in the studio today to discuss some of the ins and outs of the banking business is sam walker sam is the assistant vice president in the business loan department of premier bank in baton rouge and mel renfroe he's a vice president with hibernia bank also in baton rouge welcome to folks you gentlemen represent combined 16 years of banking experience so i suppose you've seen a lot of coming and going so to speak so you're here to act as our experts in the banking field just to answer a few questions that the public may have about what what's going on in the banking world in our oil producing states louisiana in particular since we are here in louisiana and we were one of the first to feel the pinch of the oil crunch and my first question is what does it mean when the fdic comes over and takes over a lending institution such as first federal what does that mean to the consumer sam actually assign you to this consumer there's very little worry because most financial institutions today are covered by insurance from the fdic or from the fslic of course there are some problems with with that and congress is grappling with how to uh cope with with the large number of failures that they're having right now the thought is that they will raise the insurance premiums that are charged to financial institutions eventually i would imagine that that has got to be passed on from the financial institution to the consumer so in essence the consumer can expect to see additional fees perhaps higher interest rates perhaps but in terms of strength and and worrying about their deposits there's very little concern mel what is this going to mean to the future first federal now that they have been put under this particular regulatory program does this mean that once they're on their feet again they get the bank back the uh what what does it mean that's very possible normally in these type of situations it's normally opened up and you may have potential bidders or whatever but right now it's basically it's a it's uh it's a wide open situation in reference to that first federal could perhaps come back and and take control of the bank totally or perhaps maybe an outside uh investor whatever hopefully somebody locally so in other words the bank the savings and loan institution can be sold outside of the community sure once that happens it sure can there is a there's a climate currently of bank failure in the oil producing states um what does this mean to the a erage consumer to the average consumer basically i gave a little speech the other day to an organization and was telling them that texas oklahoma and louisiana led the nation and bank failure failures last year texas had over 103 banks failed last year oklahoma had uh over 30 and um louisiana had i believe over 11 bank failures thus far there's been these banks now are we talking banks or savings bank savings and loans combined yeah combined and thus far there's been approximately half a dozen thus far in 1989 that have failed in louisiana uh the positive thing about that is to the to the consumer there's been no loss of dollars of course and basically uh like sam alluded to earlier uh to the general public there's there's very little you know to be concerned about as a matter of fact if it wasn't for in some situations a name change or whatever and some slight personnel change the general public would never know that there was a change in uh you know that there was a change in the in the bank sam there's a lot of merging going on and a lot of very big banks now that statewide banking is reality and one bank can in fact hold properties in all over the state of louisiana what does that mean in terms of smaller institutions like security national bank they're a one bank operation they seem to be solidly on their feet they've had some rough times as all banks do when they get started but do you agree that there is still a place for the smaller institutions well the environment is becoming more competitive the industry is and that's nationwide here in louisiana statewide banking was allowed back in 1985 but we've also gotten into the age of regional banking that is now allowed in louisiana essentially the smaller institutions are going to have to and many of them have carved out particular niches in the marketplace that's not necessarily easy to do but many have been successful at doing that security national for example you just saw where they have done that successfully they also mentioned that they do some work with alongside larger financial institutions what does that mean well it means that we all are in this together we need for the industry as an industry to survive therefore if there they have a particular need for for example fed funds which is monies that they will need on an overnight basis from another bank to fund loans that they have made we're in a position to loan that to them how did we get into the mess that we're in now in terms of of banking in louisiana mel i mean banks have been losing money left and right well a lot of it had to do with um our economy as stated earlier texas oklahoma and louisiana and i think if you look at those three states and we all have something in common and that's oil and that has certainly had a lot to do with it of course but i think when we really look look further at it a lot of it has been mismanagement and basically doing business are just really not really making the the various changes as the economy changes and whatever but economy certainly is a large portion of in these three states there's another factor and that is the fact that congress for quite a while had constrained interest rates we were limited as to how much interest we could pay on certain deposit accounts since deregulation has been approved in congress back in march of 86 that has made things quite a bit more competitive and there is upward pressure on deposit interest rates however in years prior to that institutions typically had found those low interest deposits to be quite attractive and in fact had infrastructure set up such that you would have numerous branches to collect those deposit accounts now that we're having to pay higher rates on those accounts the profit margins are squeezed out so in other words if if someone has x amount of dollars invested in in a savings or or whatever that some some sort of interest bearing account and the guy across the street is offering more money they can just pull out their money and run across the street and if you want to keep them you have to offer them a better return for their investment exactly and that means less money in the bank's assets yeah it's less money and also what he what he indicated earlier too about the deregulation and basically what that means as well is prior to the regulations the banks were the only ones that offered certain type of service checking accounts savings accounts certificates of deposits what have you after deregulation that meant like organizations like sears your various brokerage houses your credit unions or whatever all can offer the same products and services that that a commercial bank typically used to offer and that really really changed the situation a good bit in the banking industry competition and of course we can we offer a lot of things that the brokerage houses used to offer and uh but it's basically changed it and you've you've got to um you've got to manage and you've got to understand everything a lot better than you used to again and again when we profile minority businesses on folks they complain of two major things if they're in the media end they complain that they have difficulty attracting majority advertisers but across the board i hear minority business owners complaining that it's very difficult to get loans from majority institutions or any of their business ventures again and again why is that now well um i think i think what it is a lot of times and is that um inadequate financial statements and things of that nature and even now going forward financial statements are are critical very very critical having a good cpa to to give you a good financial statement and typically most of these borrowers would come into the institution and and uh basically did not have good financial statements to really show the bank that they had the ability to service the debt things of that nature and now it's it's um it's almost it's mandatory at this particular point so um minorities have got to have got to get cpas and have got to improve their financial statements but i think it's something positive i think that financial institutions i know are willing and and are definitely aggressively seeking loans but it's it's about the bottom line they've got to meet the policies and the standards it's no it's no more sweetheart deals good old boy type loans anymore in the banking industry for anybody for anybody sam there aren't two sets of rules one for minority businesses and one for majority businesses absolutely not i have not seen any of that in recent years of course in years gone by we all know that that was there but that's over the industry is has been too hurt by difficult economic times and i could not agree more more with mail that the bind between minority-owned company and the cpa has to be a tight one i'd like to put in a plug right here for the small business resource center which is run by bonnie jackson it's she has received a grant to assist small businesses with their financial statements and i believe the fees are minimal so uh that that's one good thing in the baton rouge community that we have to assist minor minority businesses and i'm sure that there will be more of those springing up across the state sure i want to thank you both for coming and talking to us about the ins and outs the banking industry i feel like i know a little bit more about what's going on and i feel reassured thanks very much thanks for having us we're out of time for today's program be sure to join us next week for another edition of folks [Music] bye-bye [Music] [Music] do [Music] do [Music] you

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How do i add an electronic signature to a word document?

When a client enters information (such as a password) into the online form on , the information is encrypted so the client cannot see it. An authorized representative for the client, called a "Doe Representative," must enter the information into the "Signature" field to complete the signature.

How to sign a document on pdf viewer?

You can choose to do a copy/paste or a "quick read" and the "smart cut" option. Copy/Paste Copy: Select your document and press ctrl and a letter to copy it. Now select all the letter you want to copy and press CTRL and v to copy it and select the letter you want to cut ( b). This will show you a dialog with 2 options. You can then choose "copy and paste", if you want to cut from 1 letter and paste the other. If you want to cut from the second letter you'll have to use "smart cut" Smart Cut: Select all the letter you want to cut and press CTRL and v (Shift-v to paste if it's a "copy and paste"). Now the letter you want to cut will be highlighted, select it. Now press the space bar to cut to start cutting. This will show you a dialog with the options "copy and cut". You can choose to copy or cut to start cutting. You must select the cut you want to make with "smart cut" In this version, when cutting to start cutting it will not show the cut icon, unless you are cutting a letter you have already selected. You must select the cut you want to make with "smart cut" In this version, when cutting to start cutting it will not show the cut icon, unless you are cutting a letter you have already selected. Cut with one letter: In this version, you must select the cut you want to make with "smart cut" and it will not show the cut icon.

When do you flip the inequality sign pdf?

As a side note, the last chart is from a report that was presented to the Department of Health and Human Services (see Appendix B): "Fifty Years of Economic Growth: A New Look at Economic Inequality since the Great Society." As you can see in the first graph, the poverty rate actually peaked in 1965, and has since declined by approximately 40 percentage points. That's amazing. This is all to say that the still has huge economic inequality. And that we don't know why. If you're a conservative, your response is likely "it's not your fault." But I think it is, because it is a reflection of the American system. When you have huge economic inequality in a society, it means that a certain slice of society has far more resources than anyone else. That makes things unfair. You can have a society that is perfectly equal, or you could have a society where the top 1% controls as much wealth as the bottom 90%. There are good reasons to worry about how unequal the American economy is, and a lot of reasons not to worry about it. But you don't really need to worry about it if you do a few simple things. 1. Don't make the assumption that everything you know about the economy is wrong. It's not the whole story. 2. Be a skeptic of claims that have little evidence behind them, because people will always come up with explanations to explain those facts. 3. Don't assume that everything you see is a representation of reality. Some economic data you're seeing is actually a representati...