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hey guys Public Safety hey guys how you publish safety Network here guys I just had to do a video as you know this topic covers most Public Safety forums and a lot of other security aspects and one of the jobs I get asked about the most is I was an armored truck our fur guys you don't know what that is it's the big trucks you see that transport money from banks to merchants to a whole host of other places they they do transport other things other than money like jewelry government documents but mostly what I did was was money I get asked about this a lot and actually comes up a lot especially when I interview for new jobs it's one of the experiences I have that I get asked about the most because it kind of shows responsibility a lot of people you get a gun you get a truck then you get put in charge of millions of dollars and so it's a lot of companies with security or not it looks really really good so I'm gonna kind of talk about how I got started in that career field and kind of like if you're interested I know there are a lot of people who aren't in the industry who kind of have these myths or rumors that they hear and I'm kind of gonna dispel those if this video does well then I'm probably gonna do another series or a frequently asked questions that video this is going to be kind of more of a basic overview on how to get into the industry and you know maybe some some basic details about it so the kind of process we're going to start with is you're gonna apply it's like any other jobs you go to the website for whatever armored truck company to work for there's the big ones that most people for of like Brinks Loomis a Dunbar and then there's smaller companies that are starting to kind of pop up especially with the growth of like the medical marijuana industry and the recreational marijuana industry so you put an application online time goes by you're gonna get asked something at least the company I work for ass personality questions you know the agree or disagree type questions [Music] and then you're gonna kind of get after that you're gonna it's gonna the results you can get sent to the company and you're gonna kind of get they had a color-coded system which was red yellow green if you got a red there's certain things in that assessment that they really didn't like very much it's your kind of automatic but you can clue down the process next is gonna be yellow that's actually what I ended up getting it's you're still in the process but if they call you for an interview they're they're gonna have some questions like some clarifications on certain answers you gave and then obviously green is you like your answers are good to go and you move on to the interview stage the next up is ringing a call for an interview again this is all specific to the company where for this is kind of how mine did it you get a call for an interview usually by the assistant manager assistant branch manager of the branch manager that they're going to set up interview time you're going to show up you're going to sit down with them and they're gonna kind of talk about experience stuff like that job expectations etc etc and they're gonna ask you some questions first they'll probably be the clarification like I said I had yellow and so they asked me to clarify on certain answers I had given and they're gonna start asking you other series of questions more about in the line of kind of be a course of your actions I think and one of the questions that was asked of me is do you believe that you could take the life of someone else to save you you or your partner's life now most people don't know the answer to that until they've actually been in that type of situation but this question was more to weed out people that knew in their heart of hearts that they could never take the life of someone else even in self-defense and that's kind of what this question was gauging or what else it was also gauged to see people that were kind of boring I guess you can see enthusiastic about it and that would also that was also kind of a red flag for them so after that after the interview you know they're gonna say okay you know we like you were gonna move on with the process and you're gonna start filling out paperwork so they can do background checks credit checks employment checks and they do actually check so make sure you're honest guys the background check obviously you know felonies misdemeanors like domestic violence that prevention will be carrying a gun are gonna be a big no-no and then anything involving theft so things like shoplifting or petty theft like that a lot of times is going to knock you out the process because they're being put in charge of you know millions of dollars [Music] they're also gonna do a credit check I can tell you this for a fat guys you don't have to have you know perfect credit score six seven hundred credit score to get on it is a factor due to an insurance liability and I've had guys that have got a bit like 550 to me a little under six hundred and still gotten on I mean I had I think in the six hundreds when I applied so I mean I didn't have anywhere near perfect credit so they're gonna check on that and they're gonna check employment history they're gonna verify all your employers and that you actually check I did have one employer who did not exist anymore who had gone under and so there wasn't really a way for them to contact me so they had me get other means to show that actually did work there so if you pass on that you're gonna move on to the next part of the process which is going to be ADOT physical and for those you don't know most homuth inkling almost all our truck companies are governor under the US Department of Transportation has commercial drivers that just weird because they're double your under do team but they're also usually managed by the same security agency that managed your security companies and so at that point what you're going to do is you're going to go to usually a clinic it or gonna get physical they're gonna make sure that you're in decent enough health you go on high blood pressure or you have any conditions that would inhibit your ability to drive you on the road for long hours so you're gonna talk to usually a physician's assistant him here in a nurse practitioner and they're gonna kind of evaluate just say yeah I know he's healthy enough to drive and they're gonna issue you a little card in the card is good for two years and every two years and you're in this position you have to redo the physical again and it's also the same way with your gonna do a drug and alcohol screening so they're gonna you know make you pee into a cup and make sure that you don't have any drug metabolites or alcohol in your system and before I let you know guys at least in the state where I'm at medical marijuana doesn't matter so you even if you have a medicinal are just not allowed to smoke marijuana while you're working at this job and so that that will eliminate you from the process so if you do that you're gonna move on to the last part the process works for me they made me take a kind of like a open book test on u.s. department transportation regulations governing interstate transportation and the last thing they're gonna make you do is a road test and what the road test is going to do I just make sure that you have the function the functionality to be able to drive the truck that you also drive a safe place obviously if you're you know blowing through lights and stuff on your test drive it's probably safe to say this job is not for you so if you're after all that a lot of times the main force like yet you're hired you know here's your hire date in my state not only give your regular bite do T you have to have a security license we have a lot of guys that either come that that just have unarmed licenses which means they can't carry guns which means they can't generally work on the trucks right away a lot of them can work inside the vault or where we keep a lot of the prop deal out of the cash processing a lot of people will start there and then when they get their farm permits they can start working on the trucks and that's actually what happened to me I went and didn't have my arms license yet and so I kind of had to wait in about a month or so take the class and then get all my paperwork process before I was issued an arm places so that's kind of the whole process guys except I won't say it was a good job of one of my favorite jobs actually there's a lot of good perks to it and it's like since what you make of it guys you know it's the pay isn't always the best but you know with the amount of hours you get you can actually make a pretty decent living doing it you know I enjoyed my time there and I would I would definitely do it again not so much as a full-time job of probably a part-time work so if any of you guys are thinking about getting into the industry that's kind of a good starting point and except this gets enough attention enough likes and people kind of enjoy it I'll probably make this into a series maybe stories and then maybe some frequently asked questions you know remember though I can't always divulge everything I did this assignment a nondisclosure agreement kind of saying that I wouldn't reveal certain things about the industry but so I'm gonna probably talk about it more from a general viewpoint but thanks for listening guys and keep watching my other videos [Music]

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How do i add an electronic signature to a word document?

When a client enters information (such as a password) into the online form on , the information is encrypted so the client cannot see it. An authorized representative for the client, called a "Doe Representative," must enter the information into the "Signature" field to complete the signature.

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How to sign a pdf through notability?

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