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How to industry sign banking install

hi guys you are welcome to this video my name is mr. Clemens the founder of cam designs technology we have web developing a company based in Nigeria so today I will show you how to install my new banking script for those who be needing these scripts maybe you buy the script foremost and you don't know how to install it this video is going to teach you how to install it all by yourself so let's get started so once you upload that the script to your to your hosting cpanel understand like when you host it now you can go to your cpanel like you click on your file manager when you click on your file manager you are going to install the script and where you want to install it so here i'm going to be installing my on my subdomain so if you are installing from the subdomain you are installing into your primary domain it's the same thing so this is the banking script so after that now you are plod at it how do you upload if you want to upload it now you can click on this file up here now this upload button you see upload then you go and select a file from your computer anywhere you stole it but you have already uploaded my so follow up with the installation so let's get started it's installing it so after you upload the scripts you have to a strategy so you just run the script yes you extract the files so after you stratify now is the last thing you are going to do is to create your database so still instruction so still coming up so you have a structured so let's create our database to create a database not to screw down to where you have your database let's say database MySQL database so click on your mind square database let's say I'm going to call my let's see cm Lester dye is gonna be the name of my database you can't give it any name you want to give it so you know how to create the database user after printing that happens user let's say I'm still calling this database the user cm then the password I'm going to induce the password here and I will take the password then I have to click on this button that says create after you create that table is you are going to add there the database their privileges nice add a new user created into the database so you select it say other user to database the name the database name is you dice a se end and the user ICM so I click on add then after that have to click on this one that says they're all privileges the UH privileges to grant the privilege so first of all I have to copy my database name because I will be using it so I put it somewhere here then I will have to you have to scroll down and click on make changes so after after creating data data table is the next thing I want of great is my my email so I have to create an email so that I can configure it into that script so I have to go down to email accounts great email accounts so I have some emails yes oh but let me create a new one so let's say for example I'm going to call it something like info is the info sorry info so that's gonna be the name then I will choose a password for that then that lexan I'm gonna do now is um he taught in this bot in the secret so after you've created the next thing that you're going to do is to copy the database died sadly email a you created which is this info at sell your site name calm so I'm going to copy it I'll put it down here where I have done to me that data data database name so has it so the next thing I'm going to do now is to start with a configuration so when you go back to your see that your five on a jar that's your cPanel fire manager going to those scripts that you are structured so these are the fighter you instructed so where you are going to be adding that data these details include folder you first of all open this include folder look at this one that says a DBA config dot PHP that is where you're going to add your database details so I'll click on it so you see now you say you are going to add your database credentials here so this database the sava is gonna be loco for su it's already dead by default then the database name so you're going to copy sorry you're gonna copy the database name which is this some trust Shion so copy your database name so you know guys when you created you you know your own database name you copy it so then now I'm going to paste my the top is the name here set it here then the database password so I'm going to first for enter the database password to the password is then the database name I'm going to add it here is the database named is the database password on this database a user remember I give their database name and the database NuStar the same name there here do not touch anything here look at it here is already a oneness they do not set or touch anything here so leave it the way it is then Save Changes click on Save Changes so you already entered your that are these details day then you can close off this one we don't need it anymore so then this one now is their clocks user that's where you're gonna add your SMTP details so you are going to click on it so you are click on this a class that Docs user touch PHP to you are addicted so as you add it you are you edit it now so what you are going to change here is the day the mail configuration for but first of all you have to know your SMTP layer details by going down to them now you created that email you prated look at this places a check so you are going to check your SMTP configuration details then just go down to where you see that this is say other web mail futures look at the config on your plants click on it then this is where you are going to get your database seconds so in here you are going to select think I'll be using this non SSL secured so it's gonna be this one then calm [Music] okay this one is gonna be the SMTP pot I'll get in it you're gonna use this a centipede pot here does this one then this is okay this one is the SSL certificate and secured you understand so why did do easier in some posting and so Hosting is going to come in the form data that's this one if sometimes as you see that you have a two side one is gonna be by the right hand side he tell you none SSL secured that that not a success secured is the one you are going to add in there you understand so but there's one nice yes SS secure certificates so I think I can use this so what you do now is to copy first of all you are going to copy the name of the vein you guys say that email you credit which is info dot-com so put it in here put it in here it says that you son dies a be user which is gonna be this so replace it with this user username then there's a for the email make sure there is no space there make sure there's no space then the password you are going to enter the password I think what is this the password I use here then the next thing is you know you're going to add in the name of your website's on doctor place they put host only the name of your website is where you are to add here put your name the name of your website here that's all you need to do then that port so remember I said if you are using a different web hosting you are going to see on the right hand side non SSL secure the SMTP server but you are still going to get an in the same place they self only say email clients you understand so it's going to be at the right time side some way at the right hand side here so does it then here now you know I know what I'm gonna do but this one is not going to be I'm looking this one now only on this is a web portion I'm using they only using these SSL security certificate but in in other terms if your owner has a doctor to side of as I sell SSL or die side email clients so I need to the port here can be 26 or some hosting and some hosting is going to be some tale of five eight seven are you getting it but sometimes I it might also be son like 26 so does it show you entire SSL dies a your pots day then the next thing you are going to do is that we are going to piston they where the email is coming from so you are going to paste in your in dice that is your email here so where is the email coming from so you paste it adhere lastly where the email is coming from then the one that to reply to you paste the email here then you name this name here this a demo stuff you're gonna remove it anything that you see there mobile you can put in your site meaningless if mine is some SunTrust you understand so as to put a SunTrust yeah so that means the email is coming from some choice so does it then here is the your XML say area like the tool if you are if you want to be receiving SMS a lot you have to untie your - Lola ID here to cut it say the ID and the token you are to get it from Twilio you go to WWE lucam then Josh will you stand with them then you give you this credentials you add it there then this place we put demo you have to also put it on like some trust SunTrust so does it after that now you click on Save Changes are you getting it click at Save Changes so that's all you need do over there then you're going to still do the same thing at the admin area so you are going to look for another if I go back to your root thank you go back to your roots you are going to see an ID off have a food up called a dashboard double click on dashboard then double click on this one that says add me to open it so you are going to add in the database a configuration of five year again look for the DB configure as it connects said connect DB dot PHP so at this this file it then the next thing you are going to do nice to see anti die or that are these details here see the database name you enter your DB name here is a database then the user you enter the user here then the password you are going to enter the password of data that up this year so that's it then the Backson is you still screw down you also see that that is a connection on fire here you got this life online 30 you also see it here we see the database name now the database name you enter the database name here see okay dice database username you are tied that in the password we are going to enter the password here as well then the the top is named Luca di ASIC connect rock select inevitably sadaqa please shows and had a database name here so does it then the next thing that you're gonna do you are see going to repeat it now heads up three places in these admin area so you're going to enter the database username database a password then the database name so you anti-tech then you Save Changes then the next thing you're going to do is just close this one then next one you have to add its is this one that says a clutch the c-class admin the this class dot admin Doc's PHP you are going to edit it so add that your SMTP details as well to you screw down to where you see the SMTP by say the function sin Mill you understand so you see our entire SMTP details here so I say the name the name as the username you add it as a your email then the other password to your email then you add in the will is the emails coming from you put it in there then you say reply to highlight it you put it in there then here now is a gonna be your your site name which is some sorry um that's my own name that's my owner website name so you can tie your site name that some choice so does it then the same thing that you're too low for XML you ain't a titty Tuesday so does it after that now you click on Save Changes okay sorry I have not yet entered the whole snake through the hostname I'm going to enter which is your worst named Khan so don't put the email there just put only your site name comrade so then the pots you put it there think what I use in the other place is the think I user by pitch stamina so our savings so that then the next thing again is a there's another fight that cord is color class doctor rude dot php' is he going to repeat what you did before okay so let's guess let's just do it screw down as well then your site name here exciting calm then the pot think if if your own port is twenty six make sure you leave that trance is what it is that 587 you leave it there so you put it there so doesn't so I'm still going to maintain data 587 so the the email I'll put in the email there then the password I'll add in the password then where is it coming from you put it here I also put the reply to email here then just ask user says some trust as your site name some trust so stay put it there some so these are the files that you adjust your IDs so after that you save it by the time you save it now you can be able to access your website so think of my website name is a son son trust I see eh not some trust that's gone so you see now you already bring me here so so does see now we already denna if you want to remove this demo logo here I will have to do that even these a distance I added here like a digit demo content called don't call this number don't ever call this number so I need to do just to remove this number remove all these things so what you need to do is go back to to remove those stuff go back to your cPanel tell your cPanel you move down your level up down just this one just click on desire of one level to go back to the main route what you are looking for there is there the main file you uploaded so that is you are going to look for a file called login dot PHP you are to edit it so that it's not fine so screw down you are going to see where those stuff is coming from okay you see now this is where I have that file they say this is the demo point and so I need to do is to remove it just remove it I can see you can put your own test welcome welcome to see welcome to customer customer asacs area please lucky so does it then you save it so why you save it when you reload now you see that this text has changed so you are not seeing that text again so that one that you added should be the one day even this demo logo if you want to remove the demo logo this is what you need to do go back to your file manager from your file manager there is a insightly place that you see this your editor this log in you are going to see if I call ba is the fire callback I start demo icon you are saying that you see now as I view it you see that there is a demo like on so you are going to create your own logo on title it back so let's say for example let me try it now you are going to create your own logo back to lit bar dot PNG two clicks dot dot a demo logo so let me just do that now sorry my computer's going slow sorry oh what's going on my computer is running slow so let's say I have to create some logo here okay let's say there's that I'm going to last I'm gonna use this local I have to rename it but I think this image is too big I don't want to use this I don't want to use it so let me find a good logo I'm going to use oh okay let's say for example I want to try this one to be the local so I have to rename it first to that bar thank ya term limit to bar every name so you have to rename the logo to bar I got it so you select its openings then your clothes in there so you say yes you want to replace it click on yes to replace it so by the time you come back you see that the logo now have changed to that one that you selected so that's all you need to do so to now clans knife can be able to sign up to the account when they click on the sign up they can be able to sign up so that's all you need to do to install the script so thank you for watching this video in case of you also have any other question you want to ask you can place your question so thank you for watching see you again

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Kodi-Marie Evans
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signNow provides us with the flexibility needed to get the right signatures on the right documents, in the right formats, based on our integration with NetSuite.
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Samantha Jo
Enterprise Client Partner at Yelp
signNow has made life easier for me. It has been huge to have the ability to sign contracts on-the-go! It is now less stressful to get things done efficiently and promptly.
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Megan Bond
Digital marketing management at Electrolux
This software has added to our business value. I have got rid of the repetitive tasks. I am capable of creating the mobile native web forms. Now I can easily make payment contracts through a fair channel and their management is very easy.
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How to eSign & fill out a document online

Document management isn't an easy task. The only thing that makes working with documents simple in today's world, is a comprehensive workflow solution. Signing and editing documents, and filling out forms is a simple task for those who utilize eSignature services. Businesses that have found reliable solutions to how to industry sign banking install don't need to spend their valuable time and effort on routine and monotonous actions.

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As you can see, there is nothing complicated about filling out and signing documents when you have the right tool. Our advanced editor is great for getting forms and contracts exactly how you want/need them. It has a user-friendly interface and full comprehensibility, giving you complete control. Register today and begin enhancing your electronic signature workflows with efficient tools to how to industry sign banking install online.

How to eSign and fill documents in Google ChromeHow to eSign and fill documents in Google Chrome

How to eSign and fill documents in Google Chrome

Google Chrome can solve more problems than you can even imagine using powerful tools called 'extensions'. There are thousands you can easily add right to your browser called ‘add-ons’ and each has a unique ability to enhance your workflow. For example, how to industry sign banking install and edit docs with signNow.

To add the signNow extension for Google Chrome, follow the next steps:

  1. Go to Chrome Web Store, type in 'signNow' and press enter. Then, hit the Add to Chrome button and wait a few seconds while it installs.
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  3. Edit and sign your document.
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Using this extension, you avoid wasting time on boring actions like saving the data file and importing it to an eSignature solution’s collection. Everything is close at hand, so you can quickly and conveniently how to industry sign banking install.

How to eSign forms in GmailHow to eSign forms in Gmail

How to eSign forms in Gmail

Gmail is probably the most popular mail service utilized by millions of people all across the world. Most likely, you and your clients also use it for personal and business communication. However, the question on a lot of people’s minds is: how can I how to industry sign banking install a document that was emailed to me in Gmail? Something amazing has happened that is changing the way business is done. signNow and Google have created an impactful add on that lets you how to industry sign banking install, edit, set signing orders and much more without leaving your inbox.

Boost your workflow with a revolutionary Gmail add on from signNow:

  1. Find the signNow extension for Gmail from the Chrome Web Store and install it.
  2. Go to your inbox and open the email that contains the attachment that needs signing.
  3. Click the signNow icon found in the right-hand toolbar.
  4. Work on your document; edit it, add fillable fields and even sign it yourself.
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With helpful extensions, manipulations to how to industry sign banking install various forms are easy. The less time you spend switching browser windows, opening several accounts and scrolling through your internal files searching for a doc is much more time and energy to you for other crucial duties.

How to securely sign documents in a mobile browserHow to securely sign documents in a mobile browser

How to securely sign documents in a mobile browser

Are you one of the business professionals who’ve decided to go 100% mobile in 2020? If yes, then you really need to make sure you have an effective solution for managing your document workflows from your phone, e.g., how to industry sign banking install, and edit forms in real time. signNow has one of the most exciting tools for mobile users. A web-based application. how to industry sign banking install instantly from anywhere.

How to securely sign documents in a mobile browser

  1. Create a signNow profile or log in using any web browser on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Upload a document from the cloud or internal storage.
  3. Fill out and sign the sample.
  4. Tap Done.
  5. Do anything you need right from your account.

signNow takes pride in protecting customer data. Be confident that anything you upload to your account is secured with industry-leading encryption. Automatic logging out will protect your profile from unwanted entry. how to industry sign banking install out of your phone or your friend’s mobile phone. Protection is key to our success and yours to mobile workflows.

How to electronically sign a PDF with an iOS deviceHow to electronically sign a PDF with an iOS device

How to electronically sign a PDF with an iOS device

The iPhone and iPad are powerful gadgets that allow you to work not only from the office but from anywhere in the world. For example, you can finalize and sign documents or how to industry sign banking install directly on your phone or tablet at the office, at home or even on the beach. iOS offers native features like the Markup tool, though it’s limiting and doesn’t have any automation. Though the signNow application for Apple is packed with everything you need for upgrading your document workflow. how to industry sign banking install, fill out and sign forms on your phone in minutes.

How to sign a PDF on an iPhone

  1. Go to the AppStore, find the signNow app and download it.
  2. Open the application, log in or create a profile.
  3. Select + to upload a document from your device or import it from the cloud.
  4. Fill out the sample and create your electronic signature.
  5. Click Done to finish the editing and signing session.

When you have this application installed, you don't need to upload a file each time you get it for signing. Just open the document on your iPhone, click the Share icon and select the Sign with signNow button. Your sample will be opened in the app. how to industry sign banking install anything. Plus, utilizing one service for your document management demands, things are easier, smoother and cheaper Download the app today!

How to eSign a PDF document on an AndroidHow to eSign a PDF document on an Android

How to eSign a PDF document on an Android

What’s the number one rule for handling document workflows in 2020? Avoid paper chaos. Get rid of the printers, scanners and bundlers curriers. All of it! Take a new approach and manage, how to industry sign banking install, and organize your records 100% paperless and 100% mobile. You only need three things; a phone/tablet, internet connection and the signNow app for Android. Using the app, create, how to industry sign banking install and execute documents right from your smartphone or tablet.

How to sign a PDF on an Android

  1. In the Google Play Market, search for and install the signNow application.
  2. Open the program and log into your account or make one if you don’t have one already.
  3. Upload a document from the cloud or your device.
  4. Click on the opened document and start working on it. Edit it, add fillable fields and signature fields.
  5. Once you’ve finished, click Done and send the document to the other parties involved or download it to the cloud or your device.

signNow allows you to sign documents and manage tasks like how to industry sign banking install with ease. In addition, the security of your data is priority. Encryption and private servers can be used as implementing the most up-to-date functions in info compliance measures. Get the signNow mobile experience and work more efficiently.

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SignNow is the best digital signature app for REALTORS I have ever used.
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The use of this app is so extremely simple and easy for the advanced tech person, all they way down to the not in the least tech savvy person. I have had all walks of life find this easy to use when we were not able to sign in person. It is also easy for me to set up signatures from my phone or my laptop, in no time at all. The ease of use for both sides, is what I like best.

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Makes Doing Business Easier

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We use sign now for our real estate contracts and I can’t begin to tell you how many hours it saves us on every contract. Without SignNow, we would have to chase people down, worry about having them print out, scan, and then remember to send us back their signed documents. SignNow removes all of that headache because everything is done electronically. It’s easy to setup and very user-friendly, so even our least tech savvy clients/partners can use it with ease.

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SignNow makes all the difference in the world if you use Nintex Drawloop/Salesforce
Corinne C

What do you like best?

I'll admit, SignNow isn't perfect yet, but they have Docusign beat hands down when it comes to the control of the tag placement, the things you can do with the tags, how the tags work, the pricing per user (3x cheaper than Docusign and we get bulk upload!) and BEST OF ALL - we don't have to run our loan doc packages twice anymore, which we had to do under Docusign. Now we send the document through Drawloop, with delivery option of "email", AND at the same time, we can right click and save the package, and when we manually upload it to SignNow, it recognizes all of the tags! With Docusign we had to run the package twice: first to email it and second to send it through to Docusign because Docusign does not see the tags if it is first saved then uploaded. You have to use a template or manually place the signatures and we have 80 tags per set of loan docs! Another thing that SignNow can do is utilize tags that are already in the document, so you don't actually have to convert all of your Docusign tags to SignNow tags. Took us a while to figure that one out, but pretty nifty so we didn't have to recode all of our documents. Although now we use Drawloop Components to place the tags depending on the Delivery Option Name, so not necessary. Another AMAZING thing: bulk upload through a .csv file so we can send out a set of loan docs to hundreds of investors in under 10 seconds. Try doing that with Docusign without paying extra. There is one thing I really love about SaaS and that is the more features they have and the more advanced things they can do, the more I can take advantage of them and make our system even better. And I haven't even finished figuring out all of the advanced features of Sign Now!

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