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thank you ready it survived a disciplined us wanted success Alain Passard first a fantastic presentation his advertisement president urban education I mom Michael come mornin well Kelsey and one of the things I know that I'm supposed to talk about a lot guarantee notice dignity program is a hemp Industries Association come on line with other Michigan people interested in the industry have created the Michigan have industry association I'm not here to advocate joining any local chapter that's gonna put money in my pocket and suggesting that individuals go to an examinee and industries association enjoying that organization there are number of benefits that go along with it but in short the purpose of nature of it is very specific my name is Reed charter the goal is to create a industry revision through using it through and using the resources of the National chapter and to bring people together a trade organization to ensure quality and save the best practices and to ensure that the implementation of current existing laws are done in the issue just for reference purposes the National it's not called management I've recruited national industry association what the organization has been driving any legislation for federal level and we all know and are very happy and I'm excited about the 2000 II little farm bill which legalized industrial founded displace cannabis it's you health plan out of the Controlled Substances Act was driven by this organization and Industries Association and the most significant I think case was the joint attention to the disease Genesis lay down over the years there's always been you know had in the United States before products that our child was one into the stores and see and there's been challenges to just you know it states and processing in the United States of processing and important in a case of 2002 which challenged all of this activity and how and why this production in Canada lawful the United States and just for reference purposes the ultimate issue that was brought before the federal courts was over and about the definition of the canvas sativa plants for marijuana at the time and I want to talk a little bit later about the various definition that currently exist but at this point in time it's kind of fast and the point be made by the party which had made this was Association against the DEA that's the indication was that using the DA's own definition within the Controlled Substances Act the materials that were being imported in Indian fashion processes these products would be distributed sold to the United States or taken from the TV is definition of marijuana which was all parts of cannabis sativa L plans include a number of things but did not include an interest cost receipts so as the mature stocks the seeds that were excluded from the definition of marijuana I think this is an important point to make now because of the impact and also the current status of things initiators are going to get to admit but I think that there was attention because it was mistress association and attorney gets the DAT and the attorneys for me have been disagrees association leading the charge Hogan long time very important player and all this come on why has a partnership with that night just mention that now because the globalization of Panama the initiative is a reality as well and I think if anyone was given the industries to consider those particles and how those laws are involved in developing surrounding industries and the involvement of the Heavy Industries in the marketplaces but wait assisted in bringing the opportunities and eminence in severe and I'm hoping that in others of their friends and others involved industry you can lengthwise have a flourishing Michigan chapter and make sure that the implementation of them and was here in Michigan our fundament in a way that benefit the community farmers and really eminent serious and just so you're just so I can finish my point here on media and industries purpose is to educate the public about the exceptional attributes of the hemp products the Soviet exchange of information technology between and their cultural processors manufacturers distributors and retailers maintain and defend the integrity and products advocating supports socially responsible and environmentally sound business practices so that's the theme of what we're trying to drive is this organization in local representation and everybody is critical and for those reasons I would encourage everybody to consider examining the for the website and enjoying a month the benefits are vast majority of information is what historical documents and a lot of contributions from other states that have worked man's programs and I think there's because life just comes to all of these and conferences that have been taking place throughout the world you know just recently did have industries workers in Panama is a global issue and the global economy that's growing in each other so we to consider what I did want to do also might have time to discuss for me that the current state of affairs regarding and initiative I know that most of all the people here I want to know the timeline that when the industry's gonna begin they want to know whatever they could do to start Tereza currently exist and I will answer that by saying let me tell you about various laws that are favoring that the only existing capital growth process and I came to this public view for the industrial and pilot project from 2014 when the federal law and an issue currently though through the rules and equitable way that one could embark to get a license in that regard would be to have university involvement in other words a university I understand would sign off and let her head and be part of the application service has to take on responsibilities ownership I understood the only responsibility or the property giving this location and all things associated with it so there's a path ahead of the guard but unfortunately isn't in this regard since 2014 and there's not a and yet have you seen a university is bullies fighting down an attorney themselves our bill that's not to say different departments bro unless for years have adopted various universities have come forward and show interest but it seems like it's the final sign out at the top tier of the university that's been holed up and it's kind of unfortunate but hopefully with estimate and farming activity compared legal utterly and banking issues and whatnot what is commonly associated with universes the sphere must be in a controlled substance and somehow they interfering federal funds because it's a controlled substance it really should not get concerned and all the legislation Michigan and allow all the dealers to sign up and participate in the program specifically articulates that funding the federal funding would be allowed under so you can also many the university that help assist in this regard it is a good time to encourage them the other thing I was going to suggest is up if we all get outside maybe we didn't but he's obviously the problem that should I mean if the reaction just redundant matter but it seems like maybe the first one on under each it normally is that there should be a conservative but I don't think this is going to be not intended to go the wrong act where you know there's just a growing momentum of gilda's unfortunately or fortunately designed in a way that is intended to have much oversight and full of inspections and involvement with the agency the supervisor so when that said here's useless and weird stuff that I think people should be aware and we've got a lot of different laws in Michigan right now that or the government made for the former club prop one the second order of the governor basically we're all for recent legislative acts and the disability of us both House bills three three zero six three three one and also the three qualities impact the industry primarily about ten this isn't even so it said before I want to talk about the definition of marijuana and this is to me what the real end is here and just to kind of charted through what's happened and where the ambiguity is me why you haven't of course the definition of marijuana as I mentioned before all parts of the campus succeed I'll play it back to include that the true Scotsman sees and it's amateur starts the seats that were able to be imported or made effect shirt and I think discipline I even included was in the definition and people to processing identity really Michigan and in throughout the country you would think that that would be able to any of the other remaining which do what it did ultimately three embrace for public health for definition play it's ultimately now defined Caroline whose product definition not not necessarily need to deal directly with the hemp industry and then you have the marijuana listen Sicilian 2016 and the impact that that bill has significant because it deals with the concepts of applicants return to that December but and then of course you have a passage of prop 1 and 2018 and signed into law November of 2018 and service efforts goes into effect by the legislation and in doing so it also has a piece of their industrial handle and they place the authority and oversight with Morrow and also created a definition of industrial town different than that one existing public health he did not let me spend Thursday so so the crowd one Berkman is now the regulators tend to be regulated as is the legalization of marijuana for recreational use of adults over 21 with Lara and when we know also is that at the same time around the same time the lame-duck session House bill six three three zero was enacted and this is the bill which authorized the growing cultivated industrial health initiative and when it sets forth is that the since we definition which I'm going to read here just so to draw the distinction industrially how have medians been plant the integrant cannabis sativa no so runaway the definition is words aren't working well the district that means that plant Cannabis sativa Alba before marijuana was defined as all parts of the campus at even L tight so what I'm saying is the definition in this room which means the plant Cannabis sativa pala any parts of the planet has displays the definition of marijuana you can't see it anyway and it goes on to describe all the aspects through the x-ray scan memorization was essence salt salt ivory weather going around with a delta attention a wealth concentration Network and 23% and Riley pieces so what does this mean this means that the chemist in our plan is by default what is the displacement on out though if it is 1.3 percent didn't dealer was marijuana or what would fall out of his category he dealt with it a la marihuana is by those definition so this is this is the rather significant event that took place this definition of Michigan ratified in hospital six three three zero is the exact same language at the federal government used in is that it goes into detail about the production and distribution of all parts of the plant including CBD there's no question in my mind that this bill was intended to contemplates the construction of the cannabis to develop lanes or heaven or the making of CBD products and the however what happened subsequent to that of course was the House bill six three three one was passed which also three states and it really is a bill the largest species common definitions which are industrial have marijuana and doesn't change what they don't with we know them to be but what it does is it just release states them it was fairly a conflict in interpretation and then of course we have a hospital over six three eight zero which was intended to amend the medical marijuana licenses facilities in and amongst the things that it did is it redefined things such as applicant or Department roadwork destroy Hema and this disease marijuana and your mother studies and what you see here is the beginning of what I've described this is real conflicting cross pollinating of laws and I think that is included by the point where we have a loop the executive order of the governor which recently was too much versus what we need to affect was executive order 2 0 1 9 s 7 where the governor by executive order removed the the Medical Marijuana licensing created marijuana regulatory agency Sarah Thomas apartment is lay out the laws that are existing right now and then kind of explain the confusion and the things that is also making a piece of the need for sincerity before those interested in the industry or a nuclear attack now I'm a lawyer so I look at things beating differently I don't know that this is big double or even that the agencies that are in terms of doing this are picking up my butt this executive order is very specific as it removes the licensing board which were they legislatively created authority to approve and deny license applicants run a cell row in process marijuana and doing so the executive order that authority was removed and all that to enter who's in charge of the industrial program however there is a certain retention language or what I would call it up saving language in DNA which includes things like applicant processor line of course and licenses and recognitions and most importantly rules so what if I take you away from the executive order is that it conflicts with many existing long as it can be for redefine the applicants under the previous amendments and expand the definition of the consumer it also places the authority of these rulemaking with Lara i endart and furthermore the six three eight zero somehow gets its figures into the murk mo truck one and the MMF la inter 20 industrial hemp with licensing through if you read the the sixteen thirty six three three zero it identifies the processors regulations processor through the MMF Elaine who is authorized to eliminate the only people that are cooked today processed pepper I have but of course anybody to brohamer say but you could see something where someone's drawing canvas to develop plans and we fall within the definition of him and sell it to the processor and that is something that seems to be aligned with any current existing legislation but but what's interesting if you look back is that when I began with W about that Association of error plus da none of these things were even in the spray any people good they are the seeds of the plant do they induce things with it and make hemp products and sell them and it was not completed so now with all this new legislation you can see a bigot render of the peasant of the government taking a hold of and wanting to regulating require a license for all signatures relates to chemists to develop plans it's kind of unfortunate that every gardener could have some clarity for the government but doing something that capsulated lot more than what was on the table to be regulated in the years past so it's isn't intended to be pessimistic usually I begin with everybody should be bullish about him I still feel that way what I'm saying that was that as much of the desire of individuals to one out get the ball rolling you how many times we get calls questions they don't Brown cetera I think we have you I just laid out there's some legislative and legal red team but all this could be solved I think by later fighting to get more her I think M diver taking the lead on some of this rules of this year the rules regulations get better but I think right now we can avoid seeing the kind of confidence of where the authority to come from those making the rules at this time and so I don't know that helps probably confuses things but I don't know there's anything to take away instead there is still some work to be done in terms of the implementation of the law and what time the licenses issue there is us there's there's this news that we can also truly kind of timeline I know that the state's agricultural Department Shariati status updates where you can listen in on a conference call and they will explain that was some discussion of stakeholders that are any their input to the development of rules or regulations but the standard response of the departments because they working on it and it's going to be very very slow process that the I just regular regu ations they have to then Kevin reprove has food a great a fight so it's going to be a little bit of time and with all that being said I mean anything can happen and even though I was talking about the house will if someone did get into a pilot project with University they remove that is a requirement they even violated mid summer in August the regulations may be written may be clearing to transition a pilot project into full-on industrial have sales according to you know licenses and created by the federal government and or the state of Michigan but now this should be discouraging everyone's interest here is obviously to develop and help them contribute to the development of this industry and I don't know about any project investment or what-have-you should live or die tonight just the need to plant issues I don't see the thing that you're looking long-term and all the opportunities of what's going to take place and that vision should be a little bit longer than just the first year I understand that needs to get ahead of everybody and want to get things in the ground but this really could be an important year that just for planting but building the infrastructure of your entity plan on the data out there to build and even finding the market and branding of whatever product it may be the almost things can take place the unknowns of how a planet and how you're gonna process there is also a vendor level president you wanna takers still as an employee or buying from other sources and processing things that may not be deep end or the definition of marijuana but really good the day the question becomes what are the penalties that you are processing and the reality is it's not criminalizes fines and costs and agricultural licensing issues but for anyone that wants to get one of these lessons very that this may be something that if caught could be a protrusion later on boy or anything like that listed economy conclude your lawful and tip you later on so there's a lot on the table right now I think the Ranger picture here should be long term and the United States has been the number one importer of hemp the last you know forever and it's going to dramatically change when licenses are for going out United States and I think to dynamic globally in terms of how they dispense markets and the oberon countries are going to be affected by that and more specifically what is the impact and how's it going to benefit the American farmer and they think that there's going to be some need to develop these areas of Industry and processing and even if everybody next year every farmer that you know that was going hammer unless there's a manufacturing plant is ready to buy it or there's a path into another marketplace it's gonna bite you globally it's not it's not going to happen in year one but for this growth of those were understood barking on the road these are the things that they get to think about and I think it could be something as simple as you know South America for example all the rage them empowerment animals that they are going all out there government is investing millions of dollars through international investors are showing up and they're going to try to dominate the market I mean not in it I think this is the way it should be but American farmers manage to recline into summer have the crops into South American for their finite and finishing the products is very tension what's interesting is that unlike years past and coffee farming the laws in South America Panama in particular and not allowing raw materials to be fireman sold at low cost and you know who they were cause they wanted to be the finished industry that's elegance to the Prophet Esaias these in the country so this is just another factor you know something considered makes pizzas and that level kind of inflation try to protect farmers and processors from manipulation or only were costs to benefit or profit from we're not very advances other other countries are they may be the one that the planet I don't think that obviously there's some surrounding markets that are very aware of their value here and removed and I really didn't take steps to do that which is why I make the point of thinking globally when you're thinking about a minister

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