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Industry sign banking arkansas medical history free

hello students going to be lecturing over content from chapter 12 today and this is from arkansas a concise history textbook that i am currently using for the course and the title of this chapter is darker forces on the horizon the great depression and world war ii 1932-1945 so let's start off talking about arkansas during the great depression okay you have the flood of 1927 caused many rivers to overflow and really cause major setback setbacks for farmers at this point farmers were convinced things couldn't get much worse for them right in 1928 uh for the first time arkansas had someone from the state on uh the ticket for vice president and this was joe t robinson from lone oak arkansas we talked about him a little bit uh previously in another lecture robinson ran with al smith for uh smith is from new york and uh robinson had caused some controversy in arkansas because he was a wet in quotes uh someone who approached uh prohibition okay so you have this sort of big city wet versus rural dry divide in the state some baptist ministers said to vote for hoover the republican governor brawl brough uh he went to el dorado to speak on behalf of al smith he favored open communion arkansas ends up going for smith but the nation went for hoover okay now hoover is highly respected uh at the time but he is not a great president and he does not deal with the problems of the depression now by this time there were 100 000 automobiles in the united states 527 separate road districts in arkansas but many of these roads stopped at county lines road building was a serious issue going on as something that was a reoccurring uh theme in our state's history is uh roads and infrastructure um and in the roads kind of uh constricting travel the stock market crash of 1929 is ignited and this causes little concern for arkansas because they were already having a hard time stock market crash wasn't necessarily uh what caused the hard times in arkansas definitely times got bad but um issues were already bad in the state okay now 1929 1930 um the agricultural economy was on the verge of collapse after the flood of 27 there was a drought it's a bold weevil and infestation and insects which feeds on cotton took over and it uh devastated the cotton industry all these things were very difficult on arkansans that's why they didn't really notice it much when the crash happened because times were already very hard 1930 through 1933 states were on their own federal governments unwilling to give direct relief to people who are falling on hard times hoover had private chair uh had private charities set up but wasn't a um there wasn't a direct relief to states and people he believed uh that there were cycles in an economy and this his views on how to deal with this um did not uh improve the situation okay arkansas really uh went without during this 1930-1933 time period and it was uh pitifully inadequate there was zero hope arkansas would pay off state debt in 1930 100 banks in arkansas closed from 30 to 31 we had this economic issue and also another um natural issue right issue with nature arkansas is hit the hardest by drought sharecroppers are faced with famine and starvation people lost their farms to foreclosure prices fell out due to overproduction thousands of arkansans are threatened by this and the federal government is unresponsive there was the mentality of if you were poor uh there was something wrong with you federal government didn't respond uh with uh food or skill and a hundred and eighty thousand arkansans uh faced starvation from 31 to 32 it wasn't just a cycle this is this is more in 32 the average income of farm families is about 230 dollars unemployment was 30 percent um i'm sorry 37 over 2 000 families used red cross services arkansans wasted nothing people uh bartered their clothes people bartered their clothes were patched and the state is facing bankruptcy schools were closing because they couldn't pay teachers if you've ever read john steinbeck's grapes of wrath it represents this time period also of mice and men about a similar time people uh moving to california for a better life many arkansans go back to living in 19th century conditions during this this time in january of 1932 hoover responds but offers uh no relief to individuals there is a revival of bartering throughout the 30s and people began burying money keeping it their mattresses uh and if a bank it failed like those hundred banks i mentioned then your money was gone and many people again leave the state and head west in 1933 taxes were delinquent on 10 million acres of land now um there is a uh documentary that i like to show uh it should be available on youtube road to rock bottom i'll make it available in the class um and this kind of kind of these would be kind of some some notes from um that content okay so uh economy is hitting rock bottom in arkansas people are riding in dc times are disastrous bank robberies are increasing especially small banks now during this time was the appearance of pretty boy floyd an oklahoman outlaw who becomes a legend he's a robber and a killer born in georgia in 1904 moved to oklahoma in 1911. he becomes a folk hero in arkansas and oklahoma and even is known for hiding out in the arkansas river valley celebrated for uh helping the poor uh he would uh is alleged to have destroyed mortgage papers at banks he robbed and he was very well dressed and is seen as a sagebrush robin hood by uh many citizens at the time small towns loved him uh he was smarter than most of your crooks at the time right bank robberies increased not just by floyd's doing um this is ongoing he knew farmers would uh hide him for a few bucks and he ends up stealing as much as twelve thousand dollars in five months time and outlaws and gangsters are becoming more prominent not just in the south this is across the united states pretty boy floyd rob banks in oklahoma missouri and ohio he's accused of killing six men um at least and there's a manhunt for him they had tracked him down using the telegram system uh he's shot twice by fbi agents and dies 15 minutes later denying any involvement in this infamous kansas city massacre where some police officers had been killed that was uh what he was talking about with his dying breath land prices dropped during this time uh drought months without rain in 1930 arkansas is hit very hard temperature was 100 degrees or more hoover's turning to the red cross the red cross at this time has a political nature to it people got seeds from the red cross but red cross gardens dried out and failed red cross runs out of aid and people face starvation with little awareness of these issues in washington late november there began to be food distribution bosses telling them how many families they were that were living and working there right in december of 1930 there is a call for the federal government to feed people 45 million dollars is allocated for seed and animal feed but not for starving families by january 3rd 1931 the rest cross is broken down and there are no more there's no more food for three days starvation filled the states huber didn't want um everything happening to look bad on him and he denied people were starving he wouldn't give food because he couldn't believe that people were really starving okay joe t robinson uh asked for 60 million for aid from dc this didn't happen because uber didn't believe that it was needed so just a very serious issue with him not recognizing what was going on 500 arkansas tenant farmers storm the town of england demanding food the next day the front page of the new york times reads 500 farmers storm arkansas town demanding food for their children here's some quotes our children are crying for food and we're going to get it we're not beggars we will work for any amount if we can get it we're not going to let our families starve farmers dispersed uh the food took it home and there was no violence it was portrayed as a riot or rebellion however the england food riot stands out as a cancerous abscess as one headline and one individual lawyer called the capital during this going on saying there are hundreds of farmers uh give them what they need or they will take it now let's talk about fdr so we talk about how hoover's dealing with things not very effectively right fdr in the new deal and 32 fdr is elected to office uses politics in an attempt to provide relief to americans for example keynesian economics this is a theory that said you could spend your way out don't spend less spend more put money into the economy the arkansas governor and old planner class saw the depression as being brought on by modernization all right in 1935 arkansas put nothing in relief programs causing the federal government to threaten to cut them off first state sales tax and sin tax are created at this time social security is passed and states are looking to washington for support the new arkansas governor carl bailey supported the new deal the agricultural adjustment act this was established to stop production and boost prices 120 million dollars is distributed to cotton planters 1 million contracts go to cotton planters landlords which are supposed to share with tenants and sharecroppers socialist norman thomas um and uh then we have uh clay east and h l mitchell visiting arkansas in february of 34. easton mitchell are advised to form an organization for sharecroppers and only one white and seven black men attend the meeting that is called and no guns are allowed the southern tenant farmers union now delta towns had outlawed gatherings one thousand members joined the stfu in the first year planners evicted suspected members and mitchell and wallace side with the planners arkansas senator joe t robinson passed new deal projects sharecroppers didn't vote the wagner act granted federal protection to organized unions this excluded agriculture and landlords continued to terrorize tenants through punishment and intimidation by december of 1935 100 members in the southern tender southern tenant farmers union are ordered off planters land in earl arkansas local meeting edge church is broken up and two are killed 251 tenant farmers camped on missouri highways and the stfu is almost gone at this time now let's get into talking about arkansas during world war ii we're going to talk to you about the thesis some of the ideas of historian morton sosa he declared in his um presidential address to the southern historical association in 1982 uh that world war ii rather than a civil war is the most crucial event in southern history okay so he's saying world war ii was more impactful than the civil war now his definition a crucial mint changes were there significant changes that occurred after the civil war we've already discussed the antebellum elite surviving the civil war civil war intact and in control and the status of afro-americans only briefly improved after the civil war and the labor-intensive plantation economy survived the devastation of war and defeat sosna argues that world war ii was what truly made the south change due to large infusions of capital in the form of military spending this money poured into the south stimulating the southern economy the new deal and regional affirmative action programs give advantages to groups that were historically disadvantaged 40 to 44 the war years 10 largest recipients of war contracts received the same amount of money that the new deal spent between 32 and 39 52 billion gm alone received more than was spent on new deal programs in 1936. sosner dismisses the impact of the new but uh they did cause a shift in crops and mechanism mechanization that began changing labor systems in the south now again sosness sees world war ii is a watershed in southern history a real turning point prior to world war ii the south was known as the benighted south this means morally and intellectually backward or ignorant and the south has a number of economic issues going into the war and three things that happened okay the institutional transition from slave labor to to free labor did not fundamentally alter the south as a plantation society after the civil war the south's economic problems are not a result of the civil war or the consequence of emancipation some groups that dominated society and politics in the pre-civil war era are who dominated in the post-civil war era there was continuity with the past not a break and the southern way of life continued okay so that's that's that's so thesis there are more jobs and higher wages in this time there's a breakdown of paternalism white elites had uh looked at black and white tenant farmers as children it was acceleration of black outward migration migrating out of the south to places like chicago oakland and detroit and world war ii really breaks down the isolation of the south southern boys went to fight and experienced culture shock and yankees came to the south to train for the war one third of 12 000 americans spent time at southern basis the war started uh many people thinking about the world differently especially in the south okay the armed forces of the first institution to integrate arkansas had uh two major camps at this time fort robinson fort chaffee many towns flourished because of the war health improved infant mortality declined farmers see an increase in production and income 55 000 total arkansans enlist the rejection rate is actually 43 due to physical educational defects during the war rationing and bond drives take place in the state arkansas is number 12 in the union for the purchase of bonds racist clubs forms uh touting slogans like slap a five or six congressmen at this time are freshmen arkansas got only 1.16 of the national defense budget soldiers were changed and hardened after returning from the war and they had a broadened view of the world having left their innocence in europe world war ii and arkansas domestically um we see this diluting of an institution we see a social impact on families now the victorian ideal had been alive and well in arkansas strong fathered paternalism was under attack by the war women uh were outside the home during the war eighty thousand women worked non-agricultural jobs in 1943. some other things going on there's a jump in venereal disease during the war which makes it a crisis social hygiene day is created vd is portrayed as a threat to the war in little rock people were detained and inspected if they suspected carriers of the dreaded social disease juvenile delinquent age is 14 for boys 15 for girls in 40 1941 there are 124 cases in 1942 there were cases there's a rise of victory girls which are these very young prostitutes who needed money and the reason for all this is fathers and mothers are gone fathers are at war mothers are at work there are 13 000 cases of syphilis and 3 500 cases of reported gonorrhea no action is taken in relation to the venereal disease or syphilis and a stereotype is created that only negroes have syphilis that becomes very prominent admitting this issue would be an insult to the women of the state there's a quick divorce law a divorce can be granted in three months marriages are also made quick and easy in hot springs in 1940 there's one divorce per day state tried to slow the divorce trend but there was opposition by county treasurers clerks and divorce lawyers the legal marion age was raised from 16 to 18 for men and 14 to 16 for women and you could obtain a divorce in a single day men found it impossible to accept the fact that the wife is bringing in the money and their role in society have been changing 1945 there are some changes stood for punishment for child abandonment marriage licenses uh have a waiting period of three days however things would never go back to the way they were during world war ii there is a forced uh relocation of japanese americans to internment camps uh george takai is one of a famous celebrity that's in the original star trek series and is i believe carrying the torch in the next olympics uh if i'm not mistaken but look into george takai he was one of these uh japanese americans who was taken and put in these internment camps now united states felt they had to get these people away from the coast and thousands of families are moved into the interior to camps at jerome an rower arkansas hundred and ten thousand total people these camps had barbed wire armed guard towers and guns pointed at them at all times these are american citizens some which have now been in the united states for three generations now generations now they live in concentration camps and this is part of the unfinished struggle with race location of camps in southeast arkansas was the poorest region in america and board of the mississippi rivers swamps disease and hunger are common themes here jerome and rower were divided by race in many ways the world that just passed the region by uh now the ise nisei and sance the issei were the first generation japanese immigrants who came to the united states they made money sent for their families uh organized into neighborhoods often farmers businessmen fishermen the nisei were second uh jabber they were americans from birth they're second generation and they were educated american that sance is the third generation didn't matter what generation you were from you were going to be taken to these camps fear and hatred of japanese americans soars during this time and racial stereotypes of them being untrustworthy and devious are very prominent and they were seen as potential collaborators in february of 1942 the executive order that ins that gets this going is uh executive order 9066 by fdr disordered all japanese americans to register and leave their homes one thing for um you to look into that was uh definitely a game changer for agriculture and uh let's look that in a few different ways but uh look into the uh rust cotton picker right rust cotton picker this is an invention that changed arkansas and causes a second emancipation it starts in 1927 and really changes an area that when you looked at it you couldn't tell um what year it was except for the power lines right the rust cotton picker by john rust really does uh transform the south that is patented in 33 and um it definitely uh is is something that i want you guys following along with the course and the lectures to all look into there's an article about it on the arkansas online encyclopedia okay that concludes our chapter 12 lecture for today i thank you guys for tuning in i'll talk to you soon

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