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Industry sign banking indiana ppt now

and welcome to today's webinar dynamic digital signage opportunities for sign companies my name is Greg Colin I'm the product manager for digital signage here at Roland EGA with me is Mark O'Connor the business development manager for digital signage and also with us is Tim green with info trends our agenda for today is we're gonna start off with an industry overview market segments and digital signage opportunities presented by Tim green after that we'll go into a discussion around digital signage we'll follow that with a brief intro to Roland's display studio and if there's time for many at the end we will have a Q&A session without further ado I'll turn it over to Tim green one of the greatest rules of management is the customers to find what's valuable right digital signage has quantifiable benefits to sign customers you've got more much more timely messaging the ability to control that a parting things like you know being able to control those messages very very tightly in a very real time kind of fashion those things have quantified in to a to a real sales lift for example the use of the digital menu boards I've seen I've been doing this a lot of secondary research on this and the the average digital menu board just replacing a printed menu with the digital menu board the average uptick up cell is about 5% so you know that doesn't seem like that the sexiest number in the world but when you think about the scale of the fast food industry changing or growing sales by five percent that is huge in markets where small increases of daily activity can have a huge impact on revenue there's also you know we've seen multiple studies and like banks and doctor's office dentist's office where I did place digital sign has the additional benefit of perceived of a perceived reduction of waiting time and then we also think that you know sign shops have access to customer content in digital assets plus the business goals of those customers and being able to understand those things is going to providing a little bit easier a shorter runway it's getting this market the other reason we think a lot of sign shops should get into this market is that a lot of their customers are looking for something new right in so we see things like you know through our research we see an increase in activity around interactivity or integration with things like social media or integration with gaming and what you're looking at the pictures on the right-hand side of this chart are examples from an organization thing called a company called Ireland electric and they set up this tweet cafe thing basically it's you can see the digital signage a digital sign on the left hand side and you can see how it's basically that when they there was a bunch of treats in those squares and the company a person a passerby could tweet that they wanted something in one of those numbered squares so they might say you know that you know that cup of soup and sprayer number nine looks good at Ireland electric in the box would just open automatically and that's a that's a fantastic example of how you know social media can integrate with digital sign and it's just well beyond anything that's possible in the in the print side in gaming is another one there's another example from Red Bull recently where you know if you playing a online Red Bull game and if you when you win the game and it's quite simple to win when you win the game if you're standing by the Red Bull smart refrigerator if once when you win it would automatically kick out a Red Bull for the person who won that game provided by that their phone on their mobile phone so they're adding gamification to digital signage and again it's sort of a it it can be it could be quite small like this Ireland Electric which is one implementation but recently I was just reading about coca-cola doing the same kind of thing with smart refrigerator technology so this one we're really interesting applications for for digital signage that includes that includes interactivity then the last thing is you know you can see that some of these setups like this Island electric one they include some other print and construction or conversion sort of tools right so we see that a lot of companies that are buying digital signage systems they actually buy digital print if it goes along with that so it could be you know dedicated floor graphic that leads viewers right to where they want them to see parts of the wall or even you know parts of a pop3 have an in a digital sign integrated right into the construction of this PAP so it actually can lead to additional digital print activity and actually that sort of leads me to one of the things that people ask about sometimes what do we see digital display does that have a negative influence on printing sometimes it does it doesn't like what we're seeing is that there are certain elements of the market where definitely it does so we've asked the question in some of our work in the past we've asked have you considered or are you now using digital displays instead of by format graphics and you can see that at this point only about 10 percent of the companies the people who buy white colemak graphics that's who is answering the survey only about 10 percent said they have purchased it to this place another almost 30 percent say they plan to use them in the future and then when we asked if they said yeah we played to use them in the future the second the follow-up question to that was do you see that displacing the printed part of what you doing or do you see it just complimenting in you can see basically four or five times the company says it doesn't have an effect on how much print we bought I think that's a very important component of because there might be some element of fear about how many people that if some people might say oh I I don't want to do this because it would threaten my existing business so you know the other thing that that I think is a little imposing is you know the scale of things right so you know I like to use this kind of framework for analysis but digital signage means a lot of different things to different people there are very high-end solutions which are basically you know broadcast receivers with enormous displays but that would obviously be too high into the market and through the mid-range where you'd have you know probably network I'm sorry network displays that are sort of centrally controlled then you have entry level display systems which are basically just you know you get your consecration mechanism you get a player in the display it's very simple and that's the way we see a lot of sign shops entering this market now and love the different suppliers have provided some very nice tools to do that but the simpler system the easier it is to enter the market and we think a lot of shops like I say they haven't done it maybe they're afraid it will replace our traditional businesses or they're afraid they're one of the skills needed to set up large-scale kind of system but again if you think about it from a different sort of way so what's the entry level to this kind of thing it's quite simple for many companies and so digital signage it's me again based on all the secondary steps we've done it's clearly a growth market we're very excited about it because we know a lot of shops that are in the Y formats and graphics industry are segwaying into this market or want to segue into this market and we really think a lot of us should be looking at as an opportunity with that I'd like to hand it back great thank you very much Tim you bring up some very good points and just wanted to raise a question here based on the market framework you described it seems there isn't a simple solution for all needs so what advice or strategy would you encourage a an existing sign shop to use if considering getting into this market yeah you're you're right um so the you know the sort of the two things I would look I would suggest you know first of all I would start small because again it you want to address the idea that these companies are a lot of shops maybe somewhat risk-averse so you'd probably want to start quite small and you know I don't mean to be too self-serving here but honestly I think you should probably try to go with suppliers and distributors with whom they're already doing business in many in many cases you know they have good relationships from the vendor side that they should be working ok um Tim what would you say would be the downside for a sign shop that chooses not to embrace digital signage in unison so I think this there's a real opportunity cost right so the you know if it does threaten your business and it does threaten a business in a sense like if you don't do it in and your customers are seeing say their competitors are they're seeing these things roll out in other markets and you're not offering it as a sign shop you should be aware that somebody else will offer it so it I think it's one of those simple it's very simple but you know it's a sign shop if you don't do it you're leaving the door open for someone else to do it for you or your customer okay also some science ops may perceive digital signage as attract to existing print business is is that a true assumption actually yes and no like I said in the slide before but you know we did some work with when we did the survey with the festival organization we asked are there some applications that are threatened by digital signage and in you know just as an observer of this market definitely I can see things like you know billboards and but people identify for us back light and point-of-purchase well billboards back button point-of-purchase it's kind of the in some ways the backbone of the digital printing business and and we asked other questions about you know where do they want to see more interactivity where buyers want to see more interactivity and again it's sort of the same set of applications as P o P and banners and signs so they want to see some you know more influence from this kind of called more intelligent type of signs and so there's definitely parts that are threatened okay but then as I said before there's also parts that I think you're gonna see is the sign shop you price the upside right so somebody might say well I don't just want you to put that on the wall we'd like to do something to sort of drive the viewers eyeballs onto that screen so you know maybe we could create a set of banners that leads up to that that suspend from the ceiling or maybe we could make a floor graphic that would roll right across the floor and lead the viewers eyeballs right up to that screen that we want them to see you know we see when you look at some of the when you look at love literature you see you know people take pictures and they all look like European sort of very clean very cosmopolitan styled with very few graphics around them but then when you see them when you actually go and you actually view digital signs in context there's almost always a lot of printed graphics surrounding those signs so I see it in some cases as a threat yes another cases is is probably driving some more additional digital protective can you also give us maybe some of the advantages that say a sign shop would have in offering digital signage over say like an AV company where they're also trying to maybe hit from the same customers but have a different business model sure so I think that's you just you just put your finger right there I mean I think as a society ah you kind of already know the customer right you know what they're trying to accomplish your relationship with that business also you probably also have access to that content right so from the in terms of the runway like showing these guys and here's what we can do for you here's the upside meaning like you're going to see an uptick in sales based on us digitizing your content which is you know already controlled and it can be very very simple to do it's also not you know a huge network like you know I think of the AV guys is much more able to compete at the mid-range of this market framework less so at the very very low end of the market it's it's almost like I don't want to say below that but it's almost like if a very small scale they're probably not interested but you see those a lot of those companies publicizing is you know we networked you know 200 McDonald's store so we did 500 Carl's juniors the 1 2 3 kind of installations it's yeah it's almost like they don't really pay great attention to that business thank you Tim some great information there and now I'm sure everyone is definitely interested and asking the question and why they should get into digital signage basically it's one of the fastest-growing segments of the signage market as tim has alluded to and also it complements and does not replace existing print signage so we want you to grow your business not replace it and most likely your customers will ask and if you don't offer it chances are your competitors will and that would be to your customers who is using digital signage well you're probably seeing in a lot of places restaurants offices schools veterinarians beauty supply salons and most likely a lot of those people are already your customers so ideally you don't need to run out and start looking for new customers just talk with your existing customers and as a sign shop provider of signage to existing customers you definitely do have a distinct advantage over audio-visual companies thinking of getting into this segment one does an opportunity to deepen the relationship with your current customers because you're basically giving them something that they are already wanting or in the near future they will want you're already managing their graphics because they are your customer and there's a very easy transition to digital signage if you already have the graphics instead of sending it to the printer you're now just sending it to the digital player and also there's an opportunity to attract new customers and grow your business you can get into content management which would be a new revenue stream and basically what that means is is that after you sell the system to your customer there's an opportunity to manage the the content of that digital signage on an ongoing basis and that could be a monthly arrangement quarterly where you update their signage as needed so if they have seasonal specials you can accomplish that chances are they're gonna want to focus on their business and they're not really as skilled with digital signage or signage in general as you or your staff are ideally you should be your number one customer and this will give you an opportunity to have digital signage in your office or your store promoting your business services to your existing customers so ideally if your customers are coming to pick up a banner you're also advertising the fact that you do vehicle wraps engraving t-shirt printing other signage and enabled you to get comfortable with the system also ideally the more time you spend on it the better you'll be but again it's a very simple system and again it's fairly easy to master this another thing is that will give you the ability to demonstrate digital signage to your customers because again if you already have their files and you're using them to print again with a couple of small changes to the graphics you can easily drag them into a digital signage playlist and show off that to your your customer and get them interested why role in digital signage well we've come up with a very simple solution for our customers we know our customers we've been doing this for over 25 years we are in the sign industry we make the printers and the solution we've come up with is again it just suits the needs of our current sign shops which is basically a it's a player a digital player with the embedded display Studio software on it and commercial-grade monitors so basically we offer some packages that are as sign in a box and that would consist of the the cables the brackets the player the software full already loaded and the monitor and again this will it's it's all covered by a three-year warranty most of the installations we believe are going to be less than five monitors and in many cases just one or two so again it's not hug installations or huge projects very easily manageable stuff to your existing customers so the software the display studio software it's very simple it's drag-and-drop it's common file formats JPEG PDF PowerPoint and video files that you're already used to working with you can string web content and schedule playlists and there will be templates included for the layout of the screen again in most cases the the layout of these screens is usually about three to five zones again keep it simple something that's someone can easily pick up the message within three to five seconds so if the fewer zones the better and you can get more repetitive the media player again it's a small compact media player it's directly connected to the monitor via HDMI cable so it's not a cloud-based system and you're all it's always Inc connected the player itself can be why a remote accessed via Wi-Fi or if it's a networked into your system for displays the commercial grade monitors and we offer four sizes thirty forty thirty to forty forty six and fifty five inch during goosed industrial grade higher quality screens anti-glare and you can schedule on off of the monitor as well and now we're going to go over the the software and I'm going to demonstrate basically loading some files into player and is gonna so here's the the software's that you would pull up say on your laptop over here to the left hand side is your library so in order to play have files in a playlist you would need to have the files first in the library and then once you have them in the library you can create a playlist and out here this is a playlist and you would just drag whatever files you want to play into the playlist and then here's the scheduling and then I'll also demonstrate that so let's here we are locating some files on our computer we highlight the files you want to drag into the library we have you can see we've dragged them over there loading in and now they're in move on to the next slide now we're going to build a playlist so the files are already in the library we're going to create a new playlist add that to our playlist and now we're dragging the files that we want into our playlist and you just at this point would arrange the order of the slides in the playlist and here we're adjusting the time that each play each item is going to play for each file and you would save that your playlist is now ready to go okay on this slide we're going to show you the ability to schedule playlists so if you had a customer that had say a breakfast lunch and dinner menu and they wanted a different playlist for each time of the day you can schedule that on a daily basis a weekly basis or a monthly basis and so we've already created the playlist we've set the order of the slides the time it's already saved and now we're ready to send it to our monitor final change on the order and here we go it's as easy as pressing the send button and that is our playlist right there in action and here it actually is in the retail setting and as you can see it actually complements the or is complemented by the print signage and it complements and also so it's fairly dynamic and again it's very appealing it's eye-catching the most important thing is that there's movement on the sign so it is eye-catching and that pretty much is a the overview of the roland display studio system and now we'd like to go into some questions that have come in okay great did you have a question yeah I had a couple questions someone had asked isn't networkable inking files being loaded remotely this system is actually designed so that you connect to an over IP so you connect it to your network and you have your laptop on the same network and then you would connect into the box with an IP address so that way you can manage the files and load the files up now when you place it at the customer site you don't need that anymore it can just be standalone with power and a signal cable HDMI cable point into the screen and that would be just fine if there were a situation where the customer had a network in their shop and internet access and you wanted to display maybe a web page or a Twitter feed you could do that as well it will access the internet if the network is set up that way so if you wanted to there's also talk about whether you can do it remotely to do manage content if you get it from your shop you can access the box again through IP address then you should be able to update the content the box really to be honest the way it's designed it doesn't care if it's on the network if it's can get me access from the Internet at all you should be able to access it as well to update content but that really just depends on the way there network is set up and their particular particular situation there's another question about in which countries and what languages will this be available it is going to be sold to outside the US to Canada and Latin America as well so again just as will you say now let's talk with your dealers we're selling this in the same way that we're selling our printers so it's going to go through one of our dealers and you would as a sign shop would talk with them about purchasing those and the pricing that you see I don't think I mention in the webinar but the pricing you see is actually intended for the sign shop I've a question here that came through also basically the question is is is the system cloud-based no it is not cloud-based it's actually Direct Connect it's on a player so all the playlists all the content is you you place it on the player which is directly attached to the monitor we actually have a custom bracket that goes behind the monitor and via HDMI cable you are connected directly to that monitor another question someone had asked about RSS feeds and whatnot yes you there is a method for implementing an RSS feed in the signage if you wanted to have that kind of scrolling content on there that is an option and I think that's any other questions or oh wait yeah here's another one someone wants to know can you set up different playlists on different monitors the way the system's designs its intended to be one screen one player and that's why you see with the kit that we sell as Mark mentioned earlier the screen the player with the software installed the cable on the wall mounting bracket basically everything you need to get it going but again it's intended one player one screen if you wanted to do different content you would need a different screen and a different player of course connected to that but the way it's designed again is one player one screen okay well great I think we're gonna wrap it up here and just want to thank everyone for watching our webinar today in fact we appreciate you attending and I hope you found some valuable information during this presentation we want to thank Tim Green with info trends for joining us on this webinar and you can go to Roland ETA comm slash Roland Academy for all of our past webinars that we've done and if you want any specific information on display studio you can go to Roland DGA comm slash display studio again thank you very much

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