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Sign in Indiana Work Order for Banking

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Document type sign work order colorado computer

okay so in this one we're going to use Excel to be able to make a work order that we see there okay so what it basically starts with and I'm just going to zoom this up to maybe you know 150 so it's a little larger to see I kind of look at a form like this and I say I get it MW all a work order so I like to I look at it I'm gonna kind of stick with what it shows the work order number then I'm just going to leave this box blank okay now one of the problems and then I can do the next field acct leave it blank Department leave it blank unit leave it blank service code and do and if I shrink that down we see I've got everything up there okay one of the limitations to the Excel paradigm is it sees everything as rows and columns so everything below this row or this column excuse me it's going to share the same width I'm kind of stuck with that okay so then we're going to kind of cheat our way around it and I'm gonna look here and say assigned one of the things I need to do with this then is ask this question as I'm designing this form Who am I going to plan to fill it out will they fill it out on paper or where they fill it out on the computer that's going to help me figure out the size okay if I go up here if you had your own computer it wouldn't get wiped every day and you could click on this little customize for shortcut menu you go preview now I get this little little picture with a magnifier and I can go preview so so far that's what my form looks like it's got that little bit right and you see it's wrapped so I'm going to assume people are going to fill this out on the computer and what was the problem with the preview so far compared to my work order is there any problem or does it fit I don't see do right yeah weird that one go Oh page 1 of 2 da da right so I'm gonna hit home go to page layout go orientation say well let's make this baby sideways and we'll hit that and now it's no it's kind of going what I want right ok one thing to watch out for resize is just how much room is that and what type of number would you be but well we're going to assume this looks good I kind of find it easier to kind of guess at where things so I might put right under here assign to now what do we have over here shift right now that I've started to put some material in there and purposely not been shading it the problem is shade attached to the cell and if I cut and paste or move then it's going to move with it okay well what is shady well I can select a range of cells I can go up here and I can pick different colors okay so kind of a nice rose you know kind of nice you know magenta is coming over I can do that one yeah well okay that was one of the better jokes okay master Steve blue is clean so now what happens when I made that that color you don't know it but these lines have kind of disappeared okay so that's one effective shading okay and what do I want here I want to make that one white right I want this white so using these and one other trick I'll say I usually count how many I go and then I stay there because sometimes you can't match the colors and even you see earlier it was blue well that's because the cells were selected and then when I went away you saw it was actually gray cells so sometimes it's hard to know what the color is so I'll just kind of either stick to these top theme colors or the third one down or whatever works for you okay so now I'm going here now I'm going here once I picked this if you look at this wee little picture here will zoom up there okay you can see that this cell once I pick a color that little color shows up in there okay so that I can see now anywhere I go it'll turn blue okay if I want to pick a different color I use the drop-down and I pick white now you see you can't really see the white there but it's white okay and so if I go back here and pick that boom it's white okay so next thing I might do is I kind of like to lay things out I'm gonna go bold bold everything's looking like it might work this is kind of a weird one that Excel does is right here service code doesn't fit so if there's nothing in column J it let's it over type but as soon as I put something in you know service code 12a then we don't see the rest of it so I like to putz a little bit here to see if I've got the right sizes right oh and see here how could I bring these Gray's over what's a technique yeah control something well Dee would go down right and where you get that from your spot-on but sometimes in this mini mode you don't see all the icons if we look under the fill we say to the right and if you hover there it'll show you a control our okay so control our boom and then I can just delete do and how do I turn this clear now I go up to the little fill that kind of represents a little pink bucket okay and there it is now if we look at our work order I don't have any lines in here right so I'm kind of looking like the work order we're gonna have to deal with some things now here I have a problem I'm gonna take these two and make those my white and then I'm gonna have to just live with this I've just got to make column a wider okay but let me not make this white here for a moment let me just get rid of that say no fill how many cells do you see - how many cells do they seem to have here just one right so when we want to take cells and combine them like here if I select these cells and I go up to alignment again I'm gonna make this big you have two choices you could do the flyout and always get all the options you can do control one and get to that menu as well for any cell information or I could go to the merge center which is where I'm gonna go so I'm gonna say take these cells and merge now I got one big cell and there it is now if you look at the cell right now you see H and 15 are highlighted it tells you it's a single cell if I click on this big one you see it's CDE is highlighted as well as rows 11 through 14 okay so how can I make this go away this thing I created yeah there's this little sakaguchi up here okay technical term Jeff can translate some of my words for you okay or control-z again if I wait for the hover it'll give me the shortcut ctrl Z and once to color and wants to merge so now I'm I'm good there okay so control Z that's back to how it was okay so merging cells allow me to connect cells together there's merge across merge cells I always get scared so I just go in here and select what I want okay so now we take this whip that over there and we say yeah that looks kind of like that and assigned to same thing I got two cells what do I do now to make them combine what was it called when we combine them merge what happens when I use it in this half screen format I lose my little icons right so now I'm gonna be brave and just hit this woo I think it did something right it combined E and F we can see that by the gold color and three I'll turn that white oh guess I'll go have to pick the white right now I don't think this was correct text what happened to this sign - so cell D I gotta make it wider right I select the column by going up to the top wait for the cursor to change and drag a little bit what about shift well I guess that one is fine right and then I can go there now to shift belong to this cell or this cell the one on the right rank H what could I do to make that look better yeah a paragraph formatting yep you know this one is aligned to the left center right and now we shift that to the right and now that's kind of looking better okay now depending how accurate you want to get my white cells also have another feature on the example what do they show they have a border right so the border tool is here and if I use the drop down arrow I can see all the choices okay and I could add a right so I've got go away boy so I've got all these borders bottom border top left right all borders outside thick border okay even one way you can kind of draw click and go where you want but for this one I'm just going to say outside border and there it is now I'm gonna go to my print preview and that's what it kind of looks like so that's that's kind of coming in there right okay so now I can go here and again once it's already been selected it's there a good way to move is just the tab key so I can hit tab tab tab right go here go tab hit the tab two times and hit that okay so that's kind of looking like it now you could go to someone with a page layout program they could make this one form for you and any changes you'd have to go to the printer and ask them to make it or you can make it in Excel and live with a little bit different whisk and not have to pay each time you make changes or run somewhere so it's kind of looking like it the next one is just called activity but it seems to go all the way under do roughly and even there all the way around it here to make it look the same how do I combine those yep I go merge boom and I go color that and border that so now it's picking up cuz I'm I've got some things set how I want them so I don't have to choose every time from those droplets if you do then that's just what works for you how do I make this bold yeah control B right or I hover up and hit this little thing complete the services described check out there is no problem right now I never really finished this I was just playing with the colors so I'll just pull this down and you said it was fill down was controlled deep boom activity at this point you got two choices we could take a block of cells and we could merge those I go merge make that white put a box around it and then when I double-click [Applause] and we'll just kind of sheet here a little bit voila that's my text hopefully just an easy grader and calls that good enough okay if he doesn't what do we have to do here well we're going to leave it as a cell and we haven't seen the need because of numbers but we have other positioning yep yep I'm doing this complete I guess I made it white no I'm actually doing this complete I'm doing this guy so I'll I'll make that bold and I'll get rid of the fill we go to none and no fill I love it yeah okay in that special well ignore that for a moment we will not let it beat me I just it's a computer now what could I do well you might not have looked at these the East East Side where in the Texaco okay so I've now aligned it to the top of the cell instead of the bottom numbers always go to the bottom and I put it left alignment from a previous one what happened all my texts I got a lot of text you even tease me it showed it to me for a moment now what do I need to do well yeah and all answers can come from the alignment or the control one look at alignment see this tamp there's numbers for formatting alignment font borders all sorts of things okay but if we go to alignment what do we see wrap text okay if no I don't know let me do something here I hit the end key on a keyboard look I guess that didn't really get the end now I ended the sentence with tada not this tada one with an H can you see it there no so did you catch that other choice in alignment it went away shrink to fit all that'll be interesting and wrap text now let's go here I guess that does fit so so then what I've got to do is undo that then I'm just gonna have to make this cell merge this might be kind of interesting and merge that again look that's why I don't like these shortcuts I don't know what they really do but if I go here and a line I can say I want to merge these cells hmm well ctrl a and gadzooks select all this control X copy that out make my box bigger and I could keep putzing so or I could just figure out how to type less so the problem with this tool is I can't really see how big it is right now control-z so what I mentioned what was the other technique text box I go to insert I find the thing called text box I drag a box out onto the sheet I paste in my text right I can now grab the little handle they're called and I've got my text in there okay so two methods either works the one that I did before you just have to know how much you're going to type in and I did a what I did was control a means select all and then I copied control see you can do that same thing just by using your mouse over the area and doing that so if you don't know the short codes that's just how you do it right click what's next on our form oh and then I can take my text box it's selected and I think I can tell my fill color to be not right and I can grab my text and make it bold okay we'll ignore the uppercase here that was just a problem okay now what goes next how are we going to do this area yeah I think I can do component right and this is the old Kia's are under about service code except now we got the problem I think I might put it here okay a just problem category let's see if I can shrink that a little bit so I think I'll make this bold this bowl this bowl this bowl with me on that makes sense okay I'm gonna have to just play with the width so problem gets its own fit again kind of a problem of this here I'm just going to take these and make it one color or none I guess I would say and now what do I do here see okay it's really one column but what is component action to be required how do I connect these just merge them make sense I'll go alignment and I'll hit merge did that work well kind of except you see it thinks it's a whole big box any thoughts oh I could just do these right and merge that that certainly works right and then I could now how do I get this one to move over a little bit ah yeah I can't type in spaces of you but there is this indent button right now what do you think would happen if I fill down yeah well just see what does look at that all separate cells thank Bob viously don't want one drive belts but it just you know now you don't have to type up these words in I'm doing it just so we can kind of see it okay if I want to go further I can just take this fill down right and there's four why don't I have to indent these yeah well actually what happened when I feel down it copied that format so that's another speed ticket trick if you can do it once then you can apply it to all okay now what's happening with oak okay here so it look like it needs a tweak so we'll put that in the middle we'll put a just in the middle I don't know about problem yet we'll just kind of see what that does and category now I'm going to kind of zoom out just a little bit if I take these all in a box let me just pull this down so I just control-d does that look kind of what's over here we can't do the scrollbar abscess there's limits now I'm gonna go up here and I'm gonna pick the thick border boom now we have a thick border around it now I'm gonna pick this and say well what would happen if I got a thick box border there no idea what what if I go here and say all borders boom that's kind of looking like that right so our sheets kind of taking form it's kind of looking like it right how could I get a box around these it looks kind of weird yeah I could just pick that thick border again right and now if I go here that's looking more like it okay things I can't do if you don't like where component is right here push everything over in gradient make a narrow little eight or you can live with it you say well that's close enough okay at this point I only see a little bit different I could maybe fill these down right I could select I don't know maybe these two rows here this is where I don't like not knowing the color cuz now I pick the color and I try and guess what I got it oh now I clobbered my border what does this dotted line and doohickey so that's the end of page so I know I'm fitting within one page right so there we've got it okay make sense you know yeah makes sense and you know you certainly could go back you could right-click here and say insert you could right click here and go insert and you could make a little little line that is gray as well as this well you know leave a tender moment alone I had it right it was so close what happened why is it on two sheets again the a column threw it off right how do i how do I fix this what's it undo and all that is a magic key boom there which is made of four pretty cool we're using border shading merge right and alignment properties okay questions explain a little bit more um just just if there's but yeah they should look like this is filled in yeh you should have the black words there you don't need the numbers in there like twelve eight yeah you're just leaving space for them okay one thing to watch for white is not the same as blank but it kind of is so actually these I could have left blank no fill because if you can see these lines these little grey lines you don't have a fill so the white blocks that out it's seeing it's gonna look the same over here okay yeah so excel pretty powerful tool for making stuff any other questions seem doable yeah yeah and the idea is you know any tool you should just know how to use you shouldn't know only how to go forward with your car she's no forward reverse left-right okay excel you should be able to drive this thing and use the alignment use the border shading okay there's an old term you know there's two terms sizzle sells the state right you know smear some glitter on your face low around your eyes what does it do it just lightens up when people see things that are really looking sharp they pay notice right so you're a little more dressed up for an interview right where you get dressed up for a date because we want to be we want it we want to get noticed so being able to do this in Excel looks like a more serious report than well here I got some numbers scribbled on something so that's kind of it's how we see things right so this is an important tool to understand how to make it look

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