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hey this is Taylor with the top-25 keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft PowerPoint that save you the most time when building and editing their slides and to get this list I surveyed over 30,000 professionals asking them what their favorite keyboard shortcuts were as well as click through hundreds of different commands and shortcuts and actually tying myself to figure out which shortcuts actually save the most time when building and editing your slides in the program and I'm not talking about the normal copy paste save undo etcetera keyboard shortcuts alright these keyboard shortcuts dig a little bit deeper and it's keyboard shortcuts like this that is the fastest way that I know of to double your productivity in the program which is why spending just a few extra minutes to learn your keyboard shortcuts like ctrl shift C and ctrl shift V which are super useful and I'll show you how to use those later in this video or setting up the million dollar keyboard shortcut which I'll show you at the end of this video which doesn't even take a few minutes can save you hours of heartache and frustration when building and editing your slides in PowerPoint and to make things easier for you I've included a free PDF cheat sheet of these top 25 shortcuts in the description box below this video as well as additional links the PowerPoint resources to help get you to happier top shortcut number one the hidden slide master jump shortcut the hidden slide master jump shortcut is Shift + the normal icon that you can find at the bottom of your PowerPoint screen now normally you click the normal icon first to get your notes then you'll get your outline view and then you'll get your normal view back with the thumbnails and I'll show you some tricks for working with the notes pane later in this video but watch what happens when I hold a shift and then click the normal icon holding shift and then clicking the normal I con I will jump to the child slide layout I'm now on my slide master you can see the slide master tab open up here and a little shortcut within a shortcut if I hold shift and hit the normal icon again I'm gonna move from my child slide to the parent slide now understanding the difference between what you should do here on your parent slide versus what you should do differently here on your child slide is beyond the scope of this video but if you're interested in learning more about that I recommend checking out Camille's how to build a PowerPoint template here on YouTube but just as a quick example of how much time this can save you if I come back to the normal view let's say that this is my company logo or some design element that I want to add I'm the control X to cut it and I want to add it to all of the slides in my presentation here I have eighteen slides but what if I had 50 or a hundred all I need to do is holding shift jump to the slide master view this is the child slide layout I'll ctrl V to paste that logo icon or design element here on the child slide layout and again make sure you check out Camille's video to understand when you would want to put on your parent slide instead but if I close the slide mash of you you're gonna see that that design element was added to each of my individual slides and it's not editable here just keep in mind that whatever layout you start on when you hold shift and click any normal icon to do that slide master jump is the slide layout or the child slide layout in this case the divider slide that you're first going to jump to top shortcut number two the align and copy shortcut the aligning copy ctrl shift drag keyboard shortcut was one of the top-ranked keyboard shortcuts for professionals who responded to my survey simply because you can select a column of information than just a couple of heartbeats ctrl shift and drag to the right create a new column ctrl shift drag there's a third column of information that you can just edit and notice that those orange lines and arrows on my screen those are my smart guides if you don't see your smart guides just right click on your screen grids and guides and make sure you have a checkbox here to display smart guides when shapes are aligned so this is significantly faster control shift drag than the normal right ctrl C to copy ctrl V to paste which does create a copy of your column but then you have to manually move it somewhere on your slide and you can also obviously do groups of objects let's say I want to create this double column layout there's a double column there's a third column and now I have to do is add or update the people and their titles just a quick note when working with charts with this control shift drag shortcuts sometimes it doesn't work right off the bat so what I recommend doing is just moving your chart then holding the ctrl and shift key to create that perfectly aligned copy which you can then right click Edit your chart or use some of the other charting shortcuts I'll show you later in this video but again if you receive this slide and want to create a duplicate in just a couple of heartbeats ctrl shift drag you can create that copy edit your data and that's how it's gonna save you a ton of time top shortcut number three the duplicate shortcut which has a hidden assur cut within a shortcut right off the bat the ctrl D to duplicate shortcut is twice as fast as your normal ctrl C to copy and ctrl V to paste instead simply hit control D to create the duplicate copies of your objects but the shortcut within a shortcut here and why this saves you so much time is if you select an object controlled you to duplicate it if you then move that object summer on your slide every time you controlled you to duplicate again PowerPoint will move the new object the same distance in the same direction as your last manual movie you can even go to agonal down your slide like that so this saves you a ton of time as you start to knock out your layouts ctrl D to duplicate and you start to fill in your slide layouts but you then can fill in your text and a great example of that is here on slide number two I have a layout of some people they're companies in a company description instead of trying to insert a bunch of text box and do this myself I can control you to duplicate I will move the new duplicate copy down use my smart guys ctrl D D D alright that saves me from having to build each one of these manually I'll do it again ctrl D to duplicate use my smart guides right about there and you can see just how much time is controlled duplicate shortcut will save you top shortcut number 4 the eyedropper shortcut which allows you to I drop anything on your computer screen in PowerPoint 2016 Microsoft add an eyedropper command which also has a cool hidden shortcut associated with first off if you select a shape the way the eyedropper command works drawing tools format tab shape fill let's say that I'm pitching Microsoft alright I can get anything here in the normal view and I want to pick up this Microsoft green I select Microsoft green and that shape fill automatically becomes the green but the shortcut is if you click and drag you can actually get anything that's here on your computer screen for example I come to shape fill eyedropper let's say I want to get that PowerPoint red at the top of my ribbon I click with my mouse and I've been dragged to the top and I immediately get that Microsoft or PowerPoint red and where this saves you a bunch of time is if you're pitching a new client are trying to get someone's colors let's say I'm pitching the Microsoft Surface team I can quickly alright she fill eyedropper click and drag over here into a web browser you can click and drag into an office program you can click and drag absolutely in anything I'll do one more let's say I want this Microsoft Surface black to make sure I'm using the correct black alright to quickly fill in or get the colors for my corporate client which will save you a ton of time on working in PowerPoint top shortcut number five and number six the group and ungroup shortcuts and there's a lot of things a PowerPoint you might have never thought that you could ungroup before your grouping and ungrouping shortcuts are controlled jito group and control shift g to ungroup and we'll look at some oddball things you can ungroup here in just a second first off this is my slide layout and as it's just an ungroup set of objects it's very easy for someone to accidentally come in here and move my line shapes text boxes around so what you can do to save a bunch of time you build your graphic and control G to group the individual elements that you know you always want to be part of the same column or if this is one a single graphic control G to group the whole graphic so someone if they move it around alright they're not going to accidentally mess up where it is which is typically pretty easy to do and if you've ever had to do this where someone accidentally you know moved a bunch of stuff around this can take you forever to do so just ctrl G to group things together ctrl shift G controls of G again to ungroup down to the individual objects now a couple cool things you might not have realized you can group here in PowerPoint 2016 your icons are now totally ungroup Abul so the people anything where there's multiple objects here I'll use this keyboard I'll insert those onto my slide they'll start small I'll group them together to resize them as a group another useful feature of the group of command control ship you the ungroup I'll distribute them horizontally and I'll show you how to do that later in this video now right off the bat why this is important and saves you time if I come to the graphics tools format tab graphics Phil let's say I want the guy in the middle to only be read well how am I gonna do that if everybody changes red when I try to format the graphic well if you control shift G once controls of G a second time notice that all of these breakout into PowerPoint shape so editable PowerPoint shapes that you can then fill let's say I want them to be gray with a dark gray outline all right same thing for all of these objects controls of G once yes control shift G a second time allows you to move format align position do whatever you want with these different icon pieces to build the slides that you're looking for and one other cool places you can ungroup things if you've never seen this before you take a bunch of pictures all right you come to the drawing tools format tab picture layout you can actually force those pictures all into a SmartArt graphic which if I just control shift drag to the right my other shortcut just to show you how badass is you can format or crop precise position all those photos controls of G once twice and you can then pull out the standardized photos to use however you want your presentation without having to waste a bunch of time manually cropping them yourself and I see a few other cool smarter and grouping tricks like this check out my four things you didn't know about PowerPoint video in the upper right hand corner top shortcut number seven the new slide shortcut as you're building and editing your presentation you're constantly from the home tab I'm gonna be adding new slides to your presentation which is why the ctrl M keyboard shortcut will save you so much time so for example if I'm typing Microsoft and I want a new slide ctrl M will automatically add a slide layout based on the layout I was just on and the shortcut within a shortcut here is when you first use the ctrl M keyboard shortcut you will always start in the title slide for example if I come back in I'm typing Microsoft ctrl M I can type my title number to control M title number three so it's a fast way to fill in your presentation again whatever slide layout you're on here I'm on a divider slide if I impacted here in the normal view on any control M I'm gonna jump to a new slide and my divider slide title is going to be ready to be filled in the only time this doesn't work just a quick heads-up if you're on the title slide and you hit control M you will never get a duplicate title slide if you're on your title slide you'll always get if I come to my slide layout you'll always get the second slide here in your layout drop-down which is based on how your slide master is set up top shortcuts number eight and number nine your start slideshow shortcuts for slideshow shortcuts you have f5 in my personal favorite shift f5 so shift f5 allows you to see whatever slide you're working on if I hit shift f5 in full-screen presentation mode allowing you to spot check your logos your numbers see exactly what your audience is gonna see on screen in this fullscreen demo when you're done just hit escape to come back to the normal view you can make some edits and just pop back and forth a shift f5 and escape it's probably one of the most frequently shortcuts I use as I'm building my slides I just shift f5 continue to spot check what I'm building to make sure that it's correct and the way that you can use these two shortcuts in combination is f5 will just start your presentation from the beginning you start to practice here's my title here's my divider slide started to dive into your content and again if you see something you need to stop as you're practicing your presentation which is one of the keys that give you a great presentation again you just come in hit escape make your edits and then to continue practicing just hit shift f5 to pick up exactly where you left off and just a quick combination if you throw the Alt key in with either the f5 so alt f5 or alt shift f5 that's going to open up what is called presenters view which is a great bird's eye view of your presentation so if I come back to the normal view I hit alt shift f5 I will launch presenter view from the slide that I was just working on so this is what my audience will see which is just the normal slide you'll see your timings you'll see the next slide you're gonna work on it you'll see whatever notes you have so this is again a great bird's-eye view and a little bonus keyboard combination you can use with your f5 and shift f5 slideshow shortcuts to unlock additional ways you can spot check and practice your presentations top shortcuts number 10 and number 11 the format painter shortcuts the format painter shortcuts are really the pickup styles and apply styles keyboard shortcuts and if I just hit shift f5 if you already know your ctrl C to copy and your ctrl V to paste all you need to do is throw in the shift key to pick up this massive time-saving shortcut and what this allows you to do is come into a presentation let's say you want to reuse this read you just hit ctrl shift C we'll pick up the color of that rectangle you can then select other rectangles or shapes and ctrl shift V to paste it and why this is better than the normal format painter is once I pick up that green formatting ctrl shift V to paste I can do anything else in my presentation I can click around I can edit text whatever and I'll still keep this green formatting I'll just ctrl shift B to apply it there and I'm gonna keep that green formatting until I go and pick up a new color I'll select the blue ctrl shift C to copy and ctrl shift V to paste so it's allowing you to very quickly pick up formatting from one part of your presentation carry it with you and apply it to other parts of your presentation saving yourself a ton of time and making sure your presentations are sharp clean and consistent top shortcut number 12 the selection pane shortcut the selection pane shortcuts are Alt + f10 so alt of 10 once will open up the selection pane all to have 10 a second time will close it out and the way the selection pane alt f10 saves you a bunch of time it allows you to analyze what's on your slide you can open up groups you can hide things with the eyeball icon you're just making sense out of what you have on your slide you can click in name things you can change the layering by clicking and dragging around so it's basically giving you a bird's eye view of your presentation which in this case is a fairly complicated slide which if I hit shift f5 you can see is actually trigger animations hooked up to these shapes that I've named in the selection pane if you want one how to create a voting block using the selection pane like this just check out my other video here on YouTube another way that the selection pane is useful let's say that I want to format all of these individual icons but I don't want to format the background rectangle notice if I just come to the drawing tools format tab let's say that I want to make them red notice that I lose the icons because they're being filled red with the background rectangle well if I open up the selection pane all to f10 you can see that I can select all right the rectangle and all of the icons you can see them select it highlighted here and this like cm and color in the selection pane there's the rectangle I don't want to format so I'll holding ctrl and select the rectangle which then allows me to graphics just fill those icons red and I'm good to go so that's how the selection pane is gonna save you a ton of time by giving you a bird's-eye view of your slides and allowing you to drill into the individual pieces top shortcuts number 13 and number 14 the bring forward and send backwards keyboard shortcuts a set of keyboard shortcuts that not a lot of people realize exist are the ctrl shift back bracket and control ship forward bracket keyboard shortcuts which you can use to quickly manage the layers of the objects on your slide if I hit alt f10 to open up my selection pane notice here with rectangle seven selected is a hit control shift forward bracket it walks up the layering of my slide thereby blocking out everything else beneath it so whatever is at the top of your selection pane is the most recent things added to your slide using this control shift back bracket keyboard shortcut you can quickly manage where that layering is I'll hit alt f10 to close out of the selection pane and a great example of where you need to be careful of this is let's say I want to create a box to box up or frame these keyboard shortcuts that we'll talk about in just a second like a control-shift Dre it's a creating new copy of that box which then blocks them out I can think he controls shifted back bracket to quickly walk the object back directly for my keyboard to make sure I'm not covering up the shortcuts that I actually want to present during my presentation top shortcut number 15 the animation painter shortcut if you work with lots of animations in PowerPoint here's a keyboard shortcut animations tab animations pane that's gonna save you a ton of time and that is alt shift C so here for example I have a set of animations applied to this blue block and I want to apply those same sets of animations and appear and disappear animation to the red block well instead of having to come to the animations pane add the animation and then select the add add to animation to set up a sequence of animations instead I can simply alt shift C will turn my mouse cursor into a paintbrush I can just click another object to have all of those animations added to the object I can click this one to the logo to apply those same animations once I have those animations set I can simply come into the animations paints with the US red I'm going to from the trigger drop down select to fire those based on when I click the Eastern region so that if I shift f5 right here is the blue region appear and disappear here is that red region appear and disappear all using the animation painter shortcut and again if you want to learn how to create a voting block like this check out my other video here on YouTube top shortcut number 16 the draw straight line shortcut one thing you don't want to end up with in PowerPoint is a bunch of crooked lines in your layout if I hit shift f5 for slideshow mode notice that these lines here on the right are crooked in comparison to these perfectly straight lines on the left crooked crooked and you're going to see a lot of this as people freestyle draw their lines or other objects onto their slide and the way to avoid that and save a bunch of time from having to go back and fix those is from the insert tab open up the shape strap down as you draw your line onto your slide instead of just freestyle drawing an eyeball unit like this what most people do hold the shift key so holding the shift key will draw a perfectly horizontal diagonal or vertical line in any direction you want alright you don't even have to think about it because it just automatically draws that straight line which is save you from having to fix it later on and the same thing works if I come to the insert tab shape drop-down for any of the other shapes like a rectangle you could freestyle draw a rectangle on but if you just hold the shift key you're gonna get a perfect height and width to draw a perfect rectangle right from the bat what you're gonna save you a ton of time from fixing all of the crooked lines and non-proportional shapes top shortcuts number 17 and number 18 the increase and decrease font size shortcuts one thing you'll constantly be doing as you build and edit your slides and PowerPoint is changing the font size to see what works best for your given chart table shape or etc and although you don't want to use too many different font styles and font sizes the control shift right and control shift left caret keyboard shortcuts will let you do that super fast and save you a bunch of time especially if you're on some other tab like the slide sorter tab and you quickly want to just increase the font size by two clicks you just control stuff right caret once twice will increase the font size you can also decrease the font size directly from your keyboard without having to navigate back to the Home tab and come in using this font drop-down so this is a keyboard shortcut I use all the time and it also works in Microsoft Word as well so PowerPoint in Word you can use the control shift left caret keyboard shortcuts you can also use this control right bracket control left bracket PowerPoint got rid of this for a little bit of time but it seems to be back but if you're going to learn a keyboard shortcut for this I recommend the control shift right and control ship left carrots because not only does it work in PowerPoint in word it also works in other software programs to top shortcut number 19 the format chart elements shortcut charts are the most complicated object class across the entire Microsoft Office suite because they can have the most moving pieces totals data labels series error bars axes here I even have hidden series which is the secrets of building a basic waterfall chart using a column chart which if you want to learn how to build this just look for the links in the description box below so because they're so complicated formatting them if you're right-clicking and trying to work your way to the right click menus can take you a lot of time so a fast way to fast-track that is to either double click the chart element you want to format which works most of the time so if I double click the X axes notice I get the format axis dialog box with all of my x axis options but that sometimes doesn't work but what does work the time is control-1 so if you select an item in your chart why they're in PowerPoint Excel or Word you can hit control 1 on your keyboard you're automatically gonna open the dialog box to all of the formatting options for whatever you have selected and don't forget a lot of people forget this you have this little drop-down which allows you to kind of cycle through the different elements of your chart without having to select them with your mouse so this should always open the format option dialog box to what you've selected but if it ever fails you simply select the thing you want to format control 1 on your keyboard will open up the formatting options dialog box for that element which will save you a ton of time when charting in PowerPoint Excel and Word top shortcut number 20 the notes pane shortcut the notes pane shortcut is ctrl shift H which is going to open and or close your notes pane down at the bottom of your screen and here's the way to use it to save a bunch of time so ctrl shift H is going to open up your notes pane and the key here is you can adjust this to any level you want to see your notes set so if you want to open up your notes all the way ctrl shift H will close it control shift H again will open it up so you can actually study your notes and a little thumbnail image again you can adjust this any way you want of your slide now a couple quick points in your notes you can bold you can change the colors of things you won't see it here but you will when you print you control spindle to zoom in or just zoom out to see your notes at whatever level you want and the key here is you can now page down all right you can practice your presentation seeing a thumbnail image of what you want to do what you're working on controls the H will close it out you can make your adjustments you can change something control shift H will open up your notes again you gain can edit any way you want now the other reason that you want to use your notes is if you're using presenter views so alt shift f5 will give you the presenter view of your presentation alright what your audience will see on screen what's coming up next and obviously here are your notes and a little keyboard shortcut here if you hold the control key in the down or up arrow key you can scroll through your notes so notes are useful here if you use the presenter view they're also useful if you want to hit ctrl P to print and share your slides and notes with your audience and you can check out my other video here on YouTube for the best ways to do that with a few sneaky recommendations top shortcut number 21 the create section shortcut which can be super useful when printing your slides so the create section control left KarenT is useful for organizing your presentations on-the-fly rearranging your presentations quickly in printing the specific sections fast so for example let's say that this is my slide deck and I'm responsible for slides one through five and Dan is responsible for everything else so I could hit ctrl left caret to create a section for Dan I'll just rename it dan hit enter and you can see Dan's section right here that I can collapse and expand now note that whenever you create your first section anything above the first section will become the default section I'll right-click that and I'm gonna rename this to tailor so now I've split this deck between myself and my colleague that I can now expand or collapse and/or click and drag to rearrange so maybe Dan section wants to come before my section alright you can do this here in the normal view you can also if you click the slide sorter view alright you're also gonna see these sections also carry over there so this is a fast way I'll just click and put Dan section above mine again to rearrange and manage your presentations on the fly the other cool thing about this is let's say I want to just print my section of slides well with the section shortcuts so ctrl left Karen if you hit ctrl P two prints if you come to print all slides notice that as soon as you create sections like this you also get these little section headers allowing you to additionally save time by just printing a specific section of slides that you want to work on our review top shortcut number 22 the move slide shortcut another common thing you'll do is you'll build and edit your slide just move your slides around within your presentation which you can save a bunch of time with using the control up and control down arrow key shortcuts so if you select a slide from the thumbnail view control up arrow will move the slide up control down arrow will move a slide down quickly allow you to find the best or optimal place for your content and besides working with a single slide if you hold shift and select a group of slides you can also have control down arrow key or control up arrow key move that little small section of slides somewhere different within your presentation and now that you know the section shortcuts so ctrl left caret this is Taylor's section if I scroll down let's say this is control left care at Dan section you can also select a section and control up or control down arrow key to quickly move a section of slides somewhere else within your presentation save you a ton of time from otherwise having to manually reorder your content slide by slide top shortcut number 23 the insert equation shortcut for quickly getting at your powerpoint symbols the fastest way to insert your symbols in PowerPoint is using the alt + equals sign insert equation shortcut but notice here that the sales percent Delta up top doesn't match the sales percent Delta down below so this is a shortcut within a shortcut that not only do you want to use the alt plus equal sign to insert your symbols but you want to use it a second time switch you can re convert your symbols back to the correct font style in this case Bo Dhoni MT black so that all of your font styles stay consistent so let me quickly demonstrate so sales spacebar I want to insert a symbol so I'll hit Alt + equal sign on my keyboard will automatically open the equation tools design tab and here are my basic math symbols so the first little tip here is to open up your symbols and select whatever symbols you use the most so let's say for example I always use the arrows I will select arrows which means that every time I now use a shortcut I'll hit delete space bar all equal sign it will automatically open up to all of my different arrow options so let's say I want to say this is sales going up I will select sales going up and right off the bat notice if I come to the Home tab that is in Cambria math so your equation tool symbols will always come in in Cambria math which is why they'll never match your font style so what you need to do is simply select the symbol that comes out hit the Alt + peak will sign a second time which will default your symbol back to whatever your default font styles are for your template in this case it's Calabrese headings but for this slide I'm using Bo Dhoni so I will just type that hit enter and if I shift f5 notice the slight different this is Cambria math up top this is that bodoni empty black down below same thing here on the left this is percent Delta in Cambria mouth this is percent Delta and bone donee MD blocks so just make sure that as you're using this alt + equal sign keyboard shortcut that you're using it times two and then to the extent that you're using a different font than the font style set in your template that you're actually manually changing that font style so all of your slides stay sharp and clean and consistent top shortcut number 24 the Dayton footer shortcut which is a cool double dipper keyboard shortcut here in PowerPoint so alt shift e is a double dipper keyboard shortcut allow you to get your header footer dialog box or your date and time dialog box to paint on what you're doing so if you're on a slide and you're not clicked into anything so I'm not clicked into a shape text box or anything like that alt shift e will automatically open up your header and footer dialog box which is the secret to getting that your slide numbers footers in date and time and just as a quick heads-up just because you add a slide number properly to your slide master does not mean I'll click apply to all that it automatically will show up here in the normal view of your presentation which is again why you'll probably be going all shifty a lot depending on whose slide deck you're working with and how they have it set up and if you need help with your slide numbers and get in the show up properly or removing them check out my other video here on YouTube so that's the first place where alt shifty will save you a ton of time the second place that will save you a ton of time is if you actually click into an object let's say this is a shortcut internal training that I perform once a week instead of trying to type the date here I can hit alt shift D to open up the date and time dialog box which not only gives you a bunch of different formats for inserting your date let's say I want Saturday September 15 2018 you can also select you up date that date automatically this will insert a date that will update every time you open this presentation based on and this is super important based on your computer's and date and time s tting so if your computer's date and time setting is off this date and time setting will be off but assuming that I've now inserted this to update automatically the next Saturday that I hold this training and open the stack this will show up as September 22nd automatically saving me a ton of time from having to edit my slide each and every time I give this presentation top shortcut number 25 the alignment tool shortcut which is the million dollar PowerPoint shortcut and the one you'll use the most as soon as you have this set up properly so the single most important or a million dollar keyboard shortcut to PowerPoint is alt one plus the direction eye first off we want you to notice that these are commas these are not plus signs so this keyboard shortcut does not require you to hold the keys down and what we're gonna do this takes a couple of seconds to set up once it's set up the alignment tool in the first position of our Q 80 which is going to turn all our alignment options into hotkeys which will save you so much time in PowerPoint it's ridiculous do you first have to set it up so let's do that so here in PowerPoint just follow along and trust me on this from the Home tab navigate over to the arrange tool drop-down and right click the alignment tool at the group level you can watch this video again if this doesn't make sense and you're gonna see that the alignment tool is added here to your qat and your qat might be up top the next step is you want to click the downward facing arrow you do this once and you can use it forever more commands come and find the align objects tool and just click it all the way to the top I don't care what you have here on your qet you want to click it all the way to the top and click OK and what that now has allowed you to do if i come to slide number two where i have a slide where all the alignments are pretty messed up is alright i'll hit and let go of the alt key i don't need to hold it down notice there's a 1 key there i'll hit 1 on my keyboard and then i have all of the different alignment directions set as hot keys on my keyboard so i could alt 1 t for top i could alt 1 h4 distribute horizontally and all of my obvious distribute horizontally on my slide i can knock this one to the right all want are for right i can select these let me see I'll just alt 1b for bottom alright now this is using the concept of relative alignment and positioning to align your objects alt 1 h4 distribute horizontally alright moving things from the Anchor shapes the left and right this one I think I have I'll control spin wheel out alt 1b for bottom I'm gonna set this one all in L for left alt 1c for Center you can see how fast it starts to go these ones I can all to18 for this trip horizontally and on top of that if you go back to the grouping shortcut so ctrl G to group ctrl G to group all right ctrl G to group you also have this other cool feature here which if I just kind of move these in let's say these are all not aligned properly if I select an object all to one notice you have aligned to slide and align to selected object if you select align to slide and you select a group of objects you can alter one each for this shape your horizontally and all of those Auggie's will push across your slide in perfect formation just make sure that you alt one move back to selected objects because as of right now if I do an all to one T for top those are gonna pops the top of my screen which is probably not what I want so those are the top 25 keyboard shortcuts that will save you the most time and PowerPoint which is the fast so enough to double your productivity within the program if you missed one of those shortcuts or want to grab the PDF cheat sheets just look for the additional resources directly beneath this YouTube video this is teh left nuts-and-bolts speed training and I'll see you at happy hour

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Our user reviews speak for themselves

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Kodi-Marie Evans
Director of NetSuite Operations at Xerox
airSlate SignNow provides us with the flexibility needed to get the right signatures on the right documents, in the right formats, based on our integration with NetSuite.
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Samantha Jo
Enterprise Client Partner at Yelp
airSlate SignNow has made life easier for me. It has been huge to have the ability to sign contracts on-the-go! It is now less stressful to get things done efficiently and promptly.
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Megan Bond
Digital marketing management at Electrolux
This software has added to our business value. I have got rid of the repetitive tasks. I am capable of creating the mobile native web forms. Now I can easily make payment contracts through a fair channel and their management is very easy.
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Award-winning eSignature solution

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  • Best ROI. Our customers achieve an average 7x ROI within the first six months.
  • Scales with your use cases. From SMBs to mid-market, airSlate SignNow delivers results for businesses of all sizes.
  • Intuitive UI and API. Sign and send documents from your apps in minutes.

A smarter way to work: —how to industry sign banking integrate

Make your signing experience more convenient and hassle-free. Boost your workflow with a smart eSignature solution.

How to sign & fill out a document online How to sign & fill out a document online

How to sign & fill out a document online

Document management isn't an easy task. The only thing that makes working with documents simple in today's world, is a comprehensive workflow solution. Signing and editing documents, and filling out forms is a simple task for those who utilize eSignature services. Businesses that have found reliable solutions to industry sign banking mississippi ppt free don't need to spend their valuable time and effort on routine and monotonous actions.

Use airSlate SignNow and industry sign banking mississippi ppt free online hassle-free today:

  1. Create your airSlate SignNow profile or use your Google account to sign up.
  2. Upload a document.
  3. Work on it; sign it, edit it and add fillable fields to it.
  4. Select Done and export the sample: send it or save it to your device.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated about filling out and signing documents when you have the right tool. Our advanced editor is great for getting forms and contracts exactly how you want/need them. It has a user-friendly interface and total comprehensibility, supplying you with complete control. Register right now and begin increasing your eSign workflows with powerful tools to industry sign banking mississippi ppt free online.

How to sign and fill documents in Google Chrome How to sign and fill documents in Google Chrome

How to sign and fill documents in Google Chrome

Google Chrome can solve more problems than you can even imagine using powerful tools called 'extensions'. There are thousands you can easily add right to your browser called ‘add-ons’ and each has a unique ability to enhance your workflow. For example, industry sign banking mississippi ppt free and edit docs with airSlate SignNow.

To add the airSlate SignNow extension for Google Chrome, follow the next steps:

  1. Go to Chrome Web Store, type in 'airSlate SignNow' and press enter. Then, hit the Add to Chrome button and wait a few seconds while it installs.
  2. Find a document that you need to sign, right click it and select airSlate SignNow.
  3. Edit and sign your document.
  4. Save your new file to your profile, the cloud or your device.

With the help of this extension, you prevent wasting time and effort on monotonous activities like downloading the document and importing it to an eSignature solution’s library. Everything is close at hand, so you can quickly and conveniently industry sign banking mississippi ppt free.

How to sign documents in Gmail How to sign documents in Gmail

How to sign documents in Gmail

Gmail is probably the most popular mail service utilized by millions of people all across the world. Most likely, you and your clients also use it for personal and business communication. However, the question on a lot of people’s minds is: how can I industry sign banking mississippi ppt free a document that was emailed to me in Gmail? Something amazing has happened that is changing the way business is done. airSlate SignNow and Google have created an impactful add on that lets you industry sign banking mississippi ppt free, edit, set signing orders and much more without leaving your inbox.

Boost your workflow with a revolutionary Gmail add on from airSlate SignNow:

  1. Find the airSlate SignNow extension for Gmail from the Chrome Web Store and install it.
  2. Go to your inbox and open the email that contains the attachment that needs signing.
  3. Click the airSlate SignNow icon found in the right-hand toolbar.
  4. Work on your document; edit it, add fillable fields and even sign it yourself.
  5. Click Done and email the executed document to the respective parties.

With helpful extensions, manipulations to industry sign banking mississippi ppt free various forms are easy. The less time you spend switching browser windows, opening many profiles and scrolling through your internal samples seeking a template is more time to you for other important tasks.

How to securely sign documents in a mobile browser How to securely sign documents in a mobile browser

How to securely sign documents in a mobile browser

Are you one of the business professionals who’ve decided to go 100% mobile in 2020? If yes, then you really need to make sure you have an effective solution for managing your document workflows from your phone, e.g., industry sign banking mississippi ppt free, and edit forms in real time. airSlate SignNow has one of the most exciting tools for mobile users. A web-based application. industry sign banking mississippi ppt free instantly from anywhere.

How to securely sign documents in a mobile browser

  1. Create an airSlate SignNow profile or log in using any web browser on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Upload a document from the cloud or internal storage.
  3. Fill out and sign the sample.
  4. Tap Done.
  5. Do anything you need right from your account.

airSlate SignNow takes pride in protecting customer data. Be confident that anything you upload to your profile is secured with industry-leading encryption. Automated logging out will protect your account from unwanted access. industry sign banking mississippi ppt free out of your phone or your friend’s mobile phone. Security is key to our success and yours to mobile workflows.

How to electronically sign a PDF on an iPhone How to electronically sign a PDF on an iPhone

How to electronically sign a PDF on an iPhone

The iPhone and iPad are powerful gadgets that allow you to work not only from the office but from anywhere in the world. For example, you can finalize and sign documents or industry sign banking mississippi ppt free directly on your phone or tablet at the office, at home or even on the beach. iOS offers native features like the Markup tool, though it’s limiting and doesn’t have any automation. Though the airSlate SignNow application for Apple is packed with everything you need for upgrading your document workflow. industry sign banking mississippi ppt free, fill out and sign forms on your phone in minutes.

How to sign a PDF on an iPhone

  1. Go to the AppStore, find the airSlate SignNow app and download it.
  2. Open the application, log in or create a profile.
  3. Select + to upload a document from your device or import it from the cloud.
  4. Fill out the sample and create your electronic signature.
  5. Click Done to finish the editing and signing session.

When you have this application installed, you don't need to upload a file each time you get it for signing. Just open the document on your iPhone, click the Share icon and select the Sign with airSlate SignNow option. Your doc will be opened in the app. industry sign banking mississippi ppt free anything. Additionally, making use of one service for all of your document management demands, things are quicker, better and cheaper Download the app today!

How to sign a PDF on an Android How to sign a PDF on an Android

How to sign a PDF on an Android

What’s the number one rule for handling document workflows in 2020? Avoid paper chaos. Get rid of the printers, scanners and bundlers curriers. All of it! Take a new approach and manage, industry sign banking mississippi ppt free, and organize your records 100% paperless and 100% mobile. You only need three things; a phone/tablet, internet connection and the airSlate SignNow app for Android. Using the app, create, industry sign banking mississippi ppt free and execute documents right from your smartphone or tablet.

How to sign a PDF on an Android

  1. In the Google Play Market, search for and install the airSlate SignNow application.
  2. Open the program and log into your account or make one if you don’t have one already.
  3. Upload a document from the cloud or your device.
  4. Click on the opened document and start working on it. Edit it, add fillable fields and signature fields.
  5. Once you’ve finished, click Done and send the document to the other parties involved or download it to the cloud or your device.

airSlate SignNow allows you to sign documents and manage tasks like industry sign banking mississippi ppt free with ease. In addition, the safety of the data is priority. File encryption and private servers can be used as implementing the most recent functions in information compliance measures. Get the airSlate SignNow mobile experience and operate more efficiently.

Trusted esignature solution— what our customers are saying

Explore how the airSlate SignNow eSignature platform helps businesses succeed. Hear from real users and what they like most about electronic signing.

Very nice product, featurefull and easy to use
Consultant in Facilities Services

What do you like best?

The platform seem to offer all we need to satisfy our business requirements

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Simple and easy digital signatures!
Dan Tomaszewski

What do you like best?

If you are looking for a simple and easy way to digitally sign documents, then you have looked in the right place with airSlate SignNow! I like how easy it is to upload a document and add the fields. Send an email to your client to get the document signed.

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airSlate SignNow is the best for the price!
Nathaniel Bruno

What do you like best?

I love that you can easily create a signing link to email or text to a client. My clients are constantly missing the email notifications so it is essential to be able to send them a signing URL link directly to them. It works easily for my clients on mobile too! Their customer service support and billing support has been very responsive and fast (even on the weekends!)

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Get legally-binding signatures now!

Frequently asked questions

Learn everything you need to know to use airSlate SignNow eSignatures like a pro.

How do you make a document that has an electronic signature?

How do you make this information that was not in a digital format a computer-readable document for the user? " "So the question is not only how can you get to an individual from an individual, but how can you get to an individual with a group of individuals. How do you get from one location and say let's go to this location and say let's go to that location. How do you get from, you know, some of the more traditional forms of information that you are used to seeing in a document or other forms. The ability to do that in a digital medium has been a huge challenge. I think we've done it, but there's some work that we have to do on the security side of that. And of course, there's the question of how do you protect it from being read by people that you're not intending to be able to actually read it? " When asked to describe what he means by a "user-centric" approach to security, Bensley responds that "you're still in a situation where you are still talking about a lot of the security that is done by individuals, but we've done a very good job of making it a user-centric process. You're not going to be able to create a document or something on your own that you can give to an individual. You can't just open and copy over and then give it to somebody else. You still have to do the work of the document being created in the first place and the work of the document being delivered in a secure manner."

How do i add an electronic signature to a pdf?

I'm not sure if this is how to do it for my setup, but if that's what your using you can probably find a tutorial for this on the net. EDIT: I'm trying to use a .pdf and have the pdf open and have an image open but I can't read the image. What is the way to use the file extension to indicate it's an image? I'm not sure if this is how to do it for my setup, but if that's what your using you can probably find a tutorial for this on the :I'm trying to use a .pdf and have the pdf open and have an image open but I can't read the image. What is the way to use the file extension to indicate it's an image? Post Extras: Quote: TheDukeofDunk said: Post Extras: I'm pretty sure that this should work for the file type of your choice, I think I'll try out something small. I can't read it, I'm a mac user so can't make use of the native pdf readers. Is there a tool for the mac os that should let me do that kind of thing? Thanks! Edited by TheDukeofDunk (01/12/12 08:41 AM) Post Extras: Quote: TheDukeofDunk said: Post Extras: Oh, I found this link. There are some things I haven't been able to figure out (I have downloaded the program myself but didn't have any success), but I will take what I can from this. Here's the link I'm sure that it will work! I just have not found a way to do it, but I found that there was a forum thread about something similar that worked for me. I don't have that software, so I'm not sure I'm even qualified to offer anything...

How can i send electronic signature?

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