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the moment you've been dreading has finally come it's time to write your letters of intent but you don't know where to start don't worry because today i'll be sharing with you a few tips that will help you write exceptional letters of intent and i'll also be sharing examples of actual letters of intent that i utilize during my residency application process hi i'm dr k welcome to my channel where i help you live your best life by sharing advice and tips on how to grow personally and professionally when it comes to your residency applications having quality letters of intent is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle but it is also one of the most challenging parts of the application process well aside from the interviews of course but i know for myself anyway when it came to writing the letters of intent i struggled and procrastinated to the end so i wanted to share some examples of my own letters of intent to highlight of course portions of the letter but as well show examples and comparisons and how i change those letters to fit specific programs before i dive into actually showing you guys examples of my letters of intent i do want to point out that your letter of intent is meant to be your opportunity to sell yourself of course you want to express your interest in the program but it's really a place where you can highlight things about yourself your accomplishments your leadership roles anything that may not necessarily stand out easily by looking at a cv or reading your letters of recommendation this is your place to do so so don't sell yourself short and not include and highlight the things that really stand out about you and your accomplishments okay we are now looking at examples of letters of intent that i utilized for my pharmacy residency applications i selected two letters that were a bit different because of the type of program that i was applying to and i chose these mainly to highlight how i was able to make changes to my letter of intent to be specific for each program i'm not sure if this is something that i've mentioned already if i have i definitely want to take time to re-enter reiterate this point and that is the importance of making sure that you do have specific letters that are for each program you don't want to send out a blanket letter for all programs because that is obvious and that shows that you are being lazy for one but that also they question whether or not you've done your research and whether or not you truly are interested in their program because you can't speak about specifics that really draw drew in your attention i'm not going to spend a lot of time on the layout itself but more so really addressing the content you can find examples of cvs online that address the layout as far as that's concerned so diving right in to the first paragraph the first line of the paragraph i am expressing my interest in pursuing a pgy1 pharmacy residency on the left side you'll see that i pick it's a pgy1 pharmacy practice residency and i listed the site the name of the location on the right side the program was actually a pgy1 managed care pharmacy residency and again i listed the institution where the residency was located going on to the next sentence i included a brief statement about the research that i did to find out about the program and meeting with anyone at mid-year that i may have met with on the right side i actually did specifically include someone's name that i spoke with at the meeting and that's definitely a good idea to do so if you can if you did interact with someone even if it was via email and you were able to ask questions and engage with them it is important to list that because it does show that you have been intentional about doing your research about the program and that you remembered who you spoke with they may not remember that interaction with you but you do remember interacting with them next i briefly mentioned my career goals which on the left side it was pursuing board certified ambulatory care i'm becoming a board certified ambulatory care pharmacist on the right side i left it a little bit more general than just said board certified clinical pharmacist one thing i do want to point out is with the managed care pharmacy residency it did have a ambulatory care track so that was still my main interest but with it being a managed care pharmacy residency of course that would carry more weight and that would be the predominant portion of the experiences so i didn't want to put ambulatory care there because i didn't want to box myself in or be too specific where they would then question whether or not i was truly interested in the managed care component of the program next i went on to mention what my current interests were so transitions of care medication therapy management and chronic disease state management you'll notice on the right side with the managed care program i made a slight change here by mentioning that i was interested in formulary management as well because that is something that comes more with managed care you'll have those types of experiences in an ambulatory care setting but it's really more of an emphasis in managed hair just because of the type of program it is so i made that small change there to again incorporate components of that residency program so they would know that i was interested in that as well moving on to the next paragraph this paragraph is mainly where i went on to elaborate on why i was interested in pursuing a pharmacy residency and then also why specifically that program the main thing that you want to do here with expressing your interest and why you want to do a residency is truly mentioned your why each one of you have a reason behind why you're desiring to do a residency and you really want to make sure that you express that because that's being true to who you are now i will say if your main reason is i don't want to work in community pharmacy you may not want to put that but dig deeper into really things that and experiences that residency will provide you that are something that drew your interests whether it's the opportunity to advance your clinical skills or advance your presentation skills or get more experience with mentorship and precepting whatever that is really elaborate on that and then also with the specifics of why that program you really want to show that you've done your research so you want to mention to the program what it is specifically that they offer that interest you and how that can tie into helping you reach your career goals here in this letter i did briefly mention some of the specifics such as the wellness screenings and anticoagulation management and medication use evaluations that were things that were listed that the program would require of you which honestly most residencies are going to do so in some capacity especially with the medication use evaluation now the anticoagulation management was something specific for this program because again it was ambulatory care on the right side i had to elaborate a bit more on the managed care component and what made me interested there so i did say i was interested in ambulatory care i did not shy away from that because again that was my interest and this program did offer an ambulatory care track however i do understand the importance and need for managed care in health care because of the financial crisis and things that we face oh oopsie hold on okay because of the financial crisis and the issues that we face in healthcare when it comes to money and budgets the reality is that is a burden and that is an issue and no matter how great you are as a clinician and no matter what pharmacotherapy that you choose for this patient if they can't afford it then that's a problem and so i wanted to mention that and in my experience as a pharmacist i realized that more than i did as a student and so now it helped spark my interest in this area which really was a true statement one thing i can say that i could have done a bit different or a little better here in expressing my reasons for doing a residency was to be more specific and state some of the goals that i had that i would have wanted to get out of doing a residency i did get questions like that in interviews as far as what my specific goals were and things i wanted to accomplish in residency and i could have included that here in some ways to really make it be more specific than me just saying i want to be a part of an interdisciplinary team and advance my clinical skills of course that was a part of it but one thing that i did desire was to get more opportunity with precepting and mentoring students and so i could have elaborated on that a bit more in this paragraph but i did not do so okay the third paragraph is where i mentioned my clinical skills and the things that i've done and experienced that would help make me a great residency candidate so in my case again i had been working as a pharmacist for a few years at this point and i did elaborate and mention things about that experience in the community setting but then i had also done some teaching at a community college where for the pharmacy technician program so that was something different and unique that many residents or residency candidates may not have also mentioned some of my experience that was very clinical i will say here that this wasn't a paragraph to focus on volunteer service or community service but because that particular community outreach event was very clinical based i did feel like it was appropriate to list that in this paragraph the main key here is you really want to use this to sell yourself and highlight the things that you've accomplished and experience it experienced either on rotations or in clinical practice settings if you are working that will help you become a exceptional resident i did mainly focus on the clinical aspect and then the teaching experience mainly because it did help me grow and evolve and improve my written and verbal communication skills and so i was specific and gave examples of really not only the experiences that i had but what about the experience specifically helped me in something that will be a requirement in residency one thing with residency is that you have to do a lot of presentations you also have to write a what is it called your research paper you like your project you have to do an actual written write-up on that and so plus simple things like writing and documenting in charts so this was a skill that i had experience in that helped me improve in that area i also went on to elaborate again expressing my interest in board certification on the right side i really didn't say a whole lot different there because all of those experiences are the same like this paragraph was me primarily expressing my skills my experiences and how it could help me be a better resident so that's really not going to change much regardless of the type of program that i was applying to one last thing i want to mention about expressing your skills is really think about the task that you'll have to accomplish during residency and what some of the challenges are that you may have to face and align your skills and experiences with that so if one of the challenges is time management what have you experienced that will help you now be able to better manage your time for me it really was the component of communication and verbal presentation skills i knew that was something that would be a requirement in residency and so i wanted to highlight that my experience teaching definitely helped me grow in that area so really try to pair the two together and then the last paragraph i utilized this paragraph mainly to highlight something unique or specific about myself that helped me stand out amongst my peers and other candidates but also it gave an opportunity to highlight a role in leadership and so if you've had an opportunity like that whether it be leadership community service research anything that may be something that could possibly help set you aside or set you apart from someone else you really want to make sure that you address that depending on what it is some may say that you don't have to designate a full paragraph just for that but for me specifically with this example i felt like i needed to because i needed to be able to really explain and show what the impact of that was my cv of course it was listed there but you can't understand the impact and time that was put into that and the long-term benefit that occurred long after i was done being a student that came with that experience so i utilized this paragraph mainly to express that it was something that was a community service event but it was also linked to my role as a leader in snappa it also awarded me a united states public health service award so that was not something small that was actually a public award it wasn't something simple so i wanted to make sure that that was highlighted and i also talked about how long i worked on the project this was something that did go on for a while because it took a lot of time and commitment to see it through and make it be something that was legit the last part of the paragraph i wrap up by saying that i'm fortunate to be able to now experience and see where students are still able to go to the clinic and volunteer and hone their clinical skills and have those interdisciplinary interactions and of course the patients are being cared for and treated and how that's something that's lasted well beyond me and that initial impact that i had with starting that the key here as i mentioned before regardless of what it is specifically that you've accomplished or had experiences in you want to make sure that you take a time to highlight that and express that in a clear way and elaborate on things that may not be very clear and obvious just by looking at your cv okay and then lastly you just want to include a paragraph that basically just summarizes everything that was said and brings it all together expressing your interest thanking them for reviewing your application and hoping that you will get invited for an on-site interview of course close the letter with your sincerely or whatever salutation you use and your name one recommendation that i did find while i was researching and preparing for this any for this um i almost said interview preparing for this video was that some people in some references would recommend that you leave a space for you to actually sign your name so you would physically put your signature and then of course go in and scan the document to be able to upload it i did not do that i can't really say whether it makes or breaks your application or if it's an absolute must but i suggest that you do your own research and find what information you can on that and do what feels right and what you think is best for you okay so now that we have reviewed examples of my letters of intent i do hope that that really helped you guys and really gave some behind the scenes examples of ways that you can make changes to your letters so that they will be unique for each specific program that you apply to just to wrap the video up again i want to remind you that your letters of intent are meant to be your opportunity to sell yourself so please make sure that you do so and articulate yourself well with that being said sell yourself but don't come across cocky there's a fine line there you don't want to tread on the wrong side of their line aside from your letters of intent being your opportunity to sell yourself your letters of intent are also your opportunity to express your writing skills and display that because of that i definitely encourage you to seek out all the people that you can to proofread those letters professors mentors friends family anybody that you can that is willing and capable of course to read the letter and give you feedback on things that you can do differently content wise layout wise grammatical errors sentence structure whole nine get as many eyes on it as you possibly can alright that's all i have for you guys today i hope that you found this video useful if so please make sure you give me a thumbs up and also share this video with someone else that may find the information i shared today beneficial if you have not already and you like the channel please make sure you subscribe and hit the notification bell so you won't miss out when i upload new videos also check out the playlist where there are other videos related to the pharmacy residency application process i share a bit of my story and also give other tips and advice to help you guys along the way and until next time peace

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(A: You need to be a registered user of Adobe Acrobat in order to create pdf forms on my account. Please sign in here and click the sign in link. You need to be a registered user of Adobe Acrobat in order to create pdf forms on my account.)A: Thank you.Q: Do you have any other questions regarding the application process? A: YesQ: Thank you so much for your time! It has been great working with you. You have done a wonderful job!I have sent a pdf copy of my application to the State Department with the following information attached: Name: Name on the passport: Birth date: Age at time of application (if age is over 21): Citizenship: Address in the USA: Phone number (for US embassy): Email address(es): (For USA embassy address, the email must contain a direct link to this website.)A: Thank you for your letter of request for this application form. It seems to me that I should now submit the form electronically as per our instructions.Q: How is this form different from the form you have sent to me a few months ago? (A: See below. )Q: What is new? (A: The above form is now submitted online as part of the application. You will also have to print the form and then cut it out. The above form is now submitted online as part of the application. You will also have to print the form and then cut it out.Q: Thank you so much for doing this for me!A: This is an exceptional case. Your application is extremely compelling. I am happy to answer any questions you have. This emai...

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Answer : Title cada tres comcadet, una sega poca fotografia que tengo cada una de las cosas que son una aproximadamente una comunidad.Question 21: How does a coder use a comercial code on a web page? Answer: A comercial code is the same thing as the title that a commercial company uses.Question 22: What is the name "Comerical Code" on a website? Answer: "Comercial Code" is on most of the Web pages of this website.Question 23: What are the advantages of using Comercial Code? Answer: The advantage of using Comercial Code on your website is that it protects the copyright of your commercial web pages.Question 24: What happens if there is no copyright protection of the website? Answer: You may use a copyright of the commercial web page, and use it however you want.Question 25: Is there a specific procedure to use Comercial Code? Answer: Yes, there is a specific set of steps that must be followed in order to use Comercial Code. In addition to the process of using Comercial Code, you will have to pay the cost of this copyright protection.Question 26: What will be the consequences if the copyright protection cannot be found on the commercial site? Answer: The consequences will be the same as if the protection did not exist.Question 27: What will happen if Comercial Code is found on the commercial site and it is unclear whether it was used without the authorization of the copyright owners? Answer: You will need to pay the copyright owners for every instan...

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