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[Music] hi welcome to Hector simplifies I'm Sanjay today today we're going to be talking about software development website development mobile application development engagements and the essential contract terms that you would want to put in place so let's get started so you are going to be putting a services agreement together when you are going to be engaging with a client who is hiring you to develop software or a mobile application or website first thing that you want to start with is define the services itself the service is pretty straightforward you are a developer they're a client they're engaging you for the development of software website or a mobile application - let's talk about the development specifications and the timelines where the deliverables what is it that you're going to be delivering it delivering and for what timelines this is an essential part of the contract because this is where most disputes arise from a developer's perspective you know you have not anticipated certain things and you are unable to meet the timelines because some issues crop up in between or alternative from the client side they're not responding to you in time and not giving you the necessary feedback or the information necessary for the development and the timeline gets missed and the deliverable timeline skids minutes so it's very essential to give the deliverables expectations and the timelines and who is supposed to contribute what within these timelines from the client side and from the developer side this has to be defined and clarified in the agreement 3 let's talk about the compensation compensation how is the developer going to be paid and when this use usually matched with the deliverables and the timelines so based on deliverables being on time according to talents that has been defined in the driven compensation will be made payments will be made to the developer by the client within a certain period of time next is the testing and acceptance of the deliverables who is going to be responsible for the testing will the client with the testing do they have the capabilities of testing and once they test what is considered acceptable and within what timelines within which timeframes are they going to accept the deliverables that the developer would have given this is essential to put in the contract as you don't want any loose end here or an extended period of time because you haven't defined it where the acceptance is not given and without acceptance being there being given by the client the project will not be considered complete so you would want to put certain timelines as to what is within which acceptance has to be given and therefore the project can be closed and if any compensation has to be released will be released within that time period for third-party software and open-source software that might be used as part of the deliverables from a developer's perspective you would want to identify...


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It is very easy to use and works well for what my office is needed to do the job sending clients for their signatures. On top of it, very reasonable price.

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Uploading documents and inserting required fields was a really simple process, as well as editing the details of the person signing. I love the option of being able to set the frequency of reminders as well.

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I like that I can easily send out bulk emails. It is very convenient to connect the documents to box in order to save them once they are signed. It is nice to be able to put out logo on the document when we send it out.

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