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Creating signatures in Gmail It's easier than you think and more useful than you probably realize today on dottotech Let's do dotto here how the heck you doing this fine day at dottotech We make technology easy so you can do more now If you have not yet subscribed to this channel I encourage you hit that subscribe button and ring the notification bell and let us get on With today's demo today, we're gonna be talking about creating signatures in Gmail now, we do a lot of videos on how to use Gmail here on the channel and one of the most requested Things people ask me is how do I create a signature like yours in my email? I am going to show you how Today, but before we do a quick message from our sponsors in the sponsor in this particular case is moi Did you know that here on dottotech every week? we do a free webinar called webinar Wednesday, and these are tutorial webinars on all aspects of Digital life if you've not yet taken in one of our free webinars I encourage you there will be a link below come visit us take in webinar Wednesday, and if you can't come live Don't worry We have the replay that's available after the webinar is over so you can catch it Even if you aren't available when we are live All right. Let me show you how to create your signatures now now signatures are the Bottom of an email where you add information that you want templated you want to be able to send this information? Every time you send an email, it's a sign off. It's a thank-you. It's perhaps Contact information. It can be a marketing message Whatever you want to put in the bottom of each and every email to sign off your email. That's what goes into your signature I've got a little message. Thanks for being you my fittin handwritten signature and my picture and my name Steve So that's what I've got added to this one That's what the signatures are that you can add Automatically and because it goes on every email you can use this for a variety of different communication marketing and encouragement Purposes this is how you go about creating them though We go under the gear menu into settings and in the settings menu in Gmail You scroll down to the signature area where you've got a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to compose and layout what goes into your signature now the term WYSIWYG stands for what you see is what you Get so we can put anything in here in this little HTML editor we can format it and it will look exactly as we create it here in Our email when we go to send it with new emails when we attach this as a signature so let's add I don't we'll add we'll add a Call to action for...

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