Create A Handwritten Signature

How to Make A Handwritten Signature Online

There’s great news for those looking for a reliable and handy way to certify their documents digitally! SignNow provides you with a simple three step solution for creating an original sample of your handwritten signature. The best part is that it looks just as smooth and sharp as if it were produced by your own hand. Electronic signatures generated on the platform are as valid as those made in ink on paper.

With our document generating features, you can easily certify papers online or have them signed by any outside party. There are specific advantages that make handwritten signature popular among corporate clients as well as individuals:

  • Both sender and recipient are able to apply handwritten signature that is generated online using a variety of devices and operating systems
  • All data exchanged between users is encrypted with SOC 2 Type II security standard
  • Users are sent notifications for requested actions (sign, approve, etc.)
  • Users can define roles and permissions for others they wish to collaborate on a document with (contractors, partners, customers, etc.).

Find the option that suits you the best. Run our official app on your phone or tablet, edit your document directly inside a browser. Use a mouse or touchscreen to sign your form manually or scan and upload your handwriting. You can also type in your name and pick one of the samples shown in the icons below. Check the “Make this my signature” bar in case you would like to reuse your sample and add it to another copy later.

Our aim is to rescue our customers from inconvenient paper transactions. Try SignNow and get rid of boring paperwork once and for all!

How to create a handwritten signature online:

  1. Open SignNow in your browser.
  2. Sign into your account or create a new one for free.
  3. Within the app, open an existing document or upload a new one by clicking the blue Upload Document button on the top of the page.
  4. Within the editor, click My Signature. Then click anywhere on the page.
  5. In the new window, specify how you want you signature to be added. Click Type to type in your name and convert it into a handwritten signature. Click Draw to draw a signature using your cursor. Click Upload to attach an image that contains your scanned signature. Click My Signature to reuse a previously saved sample.
  6. Drag the newly created signature field with your mouse and place in anywhere on the page.
  7. Change the size of the field. Click the cross button to delete it and start over.
  8. Click Done to save all changes and go back to the dashboard.
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