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How to e-sign a document: development agreement template

So you have written a new song What should you do next? First you need to understand music copyright and publishing and it's a tough nut to crack Copyright is the most important asset you have as a musician and understanding its concepts can turn around your career and make you more money Publishing is the act of commercially leveraging music of composers and songwriters and getting them paid for it. This can be done by writers themselves or by an assigned representative, a publisher There are three basic types of publishers. The first is described as an administrator usually an individual or small company They provide a service for a small commission to the songwriter by handling all aspects of the registration licensing and collection processes However, they do not normally pay advances and usually do not offer any creative services The next level of publishers are called Independents An independent offers the same and administration services as an administrator But also provides creative services and offers competitive advances to songwriters Their client lists would usually be made up of mid-level artists plus talented songwriters and producers Most big stars align themselves with the third type of publisher called a major Major publishers like Universal Warner Chappell, Sony, BMG and EMI pay millions of dollars in advances to the song writers and artists in order to maintain their market share Publishers are incentivized to exploit the works they represent because they receive a share of the copyright or control over it the share attributed to the publisher varies in different domains with a standard in the USA being 50% of the composition and, for example, 33.33% in the Netherlands What does a music publisher actually do? Music publishers are responsible for four basic areas of importance to a songwriter Those areas are: Song Registration Licensing, Royalty Collection and Creative Matters The registration process can sometimes be a boring and tedious job that only a publisher could enjoy The publisher usually informs performance rights organizations about the new song and relays all the relevant information to them Performance rights societies provide a service by monitoring collecting and paying out performance royalties to publishers and songwriters Every country has at least one Performing Rights Society Your publisher also issues licenses for any use of your song so you can later be paid through royalties The royalties you received can be: performance mechanical and synchronization royalties We will be explaining the types of royalties in separate videos Song registration and licensing allows the publisher to collect the proper amount of royalties from all sources Publishers can often spend a large part of their time attempting to pitch the song to advertising agencies music supervisors who work in film and TV and video game producers the creative energies of a publisher can bring untold new opportunities to songwriters both artistically and financially Thank you for watching don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and connect with cover world on Facebook

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Development and publishing agreement

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